Pre-order the BlackBerry 9720 from Expansys

Pre-order the BlackBerry 9720 from Expansys
By DJ Reyes on 17 Aug 2013 08:07 am EDT

With the BlackBerry 9720 now official, many retailers and carriers will start to release pricing details on the newest addition to the BlackBerry 7 family. Many people still question why such a device is needed but I can see many markets where this will certainly sell well, especially in the areas it is being targeted - EMEA, Asia and Latin America.

If you're an individual still loving BlackBerry 7 and looking to purchase the BlackBerry 9720, Expansys has the device available for pre-order. There is no release date mentioned as of yet but it is priced at £179.99 (around $281). 

BlackBerry 9720 specs recap:

  • System: BlackBerry 7 OS
  • Processor: 800 MHz / Single Core / Tavor MG1
  • Memory: Internal: 512 MB / RAM: 512 MB / Slot type: microSD / Max. slot capacity: 32 GB
  • Display: 2.8" / LCD / Resolution: 480 x 360 pixels / 215 ppi
  • Keyboard: QWERTY
  • Camera: 5 Mpixels / Flash: LED
  • Network: 3G: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz / GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • microSIM
  • Wireless: Bluetooth: 2.1+EDR / Wifi: IEEE 802.11 b/g
  • Connection: Jack 3.5 mm / micro USB
  • GPS: aGPS
  • Sensors: Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity sensor
  • Battery: 1450 mAh
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Dimensions: 114 x 66 x 12 mm

You can also check out the official BlackBerry 9720 here, showcasing its newest features. We've seen a few hands-on videos make their way on the web before, showing the new additions to the BlackBerry 7 OS. I would like to see something like Multicast make it's way onto BlackBerry 10.

For me, personally, it's not a device I'd get but I know a few people still hanging on to their beloved BlackBerry OS devices and BIS. In parts of Asia, the Curve 9320/9220 models are still popular so I can see the demand for it. It's not meant for everyone, it's there for the markets BlackBerry are targeting. There's plenty of discussion in the forums and you can join in on them too.

Pre-order BlackBerry 9720 from Expansys
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Pre-order the BlackBerry 9720 from Expansys


yeah sure, BlackBerry is trying to fool us again. Look the PlayBook!, it costs $149 USD, the 16gb version, with 1gb of ram and so on, THAT is a low end version of BB10. Nothing else.

You should not compare a device with only wifi connectivity with one that has both wifi and cellular, it is like me trying to compare the iPod with the iPhone with regards to the price

Posted via Z10

32GB iPhone 4S -$599
16Gb iPhone 5-$699
32GB iPod 5th generation -$299

iPad 4th generation 16GB with cell -$629
IPad 4th generation 16GB wifi -$479

16GB Nexus 4 -$425
16GB Nexus 7 tablet -$249

Just examples with iOS and Android
You'd get the same results looking at windows 8 devices

Posted via Z10

I'm sure price that is charged does not accurately reflect the actual production cost ratio between a wifi iPod and an iPhone. A cellular radio isn't that expensive I'm sure.

It's more than people think. The QA structure also gets grossly expensive.

Posted via CB from my LE

IPod makes calls and texts just so you know. So with a BlackBerry hot spot it's technically an iphone

Posted Via My Most Used BlackBerry App

I can tell you that Latin America is not interested in BBOS. They're dropping them for iPhone & Samsung. It just like in the US two years ago. Even with this hindsight, BlackBerry is making the same mistake now with "emerging markets". Ppl in Ecuador for example, where BlackBerry has been king, don't care if data plans are expensive. They realize that the experience is better on an iOS or Android phone. BlackBerry could have staved off another exodus, but I bet they're gonna lose a lot of BlackBerry faithful in S. America when they see the same old BBOS.

Posted via CB10

But BB10 handsets are available in Ecuador:

It's not like BlackBerry said, BB10 is too good for emerging markets... we won't release it there.

I'm sure they did market research before developing the 9720. We can always second-guess what they are doing. But apparently they've concluded there is still demand for cheaper handsets that run BBOS.

the Z10 was already released in Ecuador so it's not like they don't have a choice. As a person who regularly travels over there, the majority of people will always use BB OS. Lots of people got android or ios but that's not the trend over there.

That would be terrible! It would be all over the news and it would surely mean BB10 was a flop (although some already argue that it has been anyways).

I hope that doesn't happen :(

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

Because it's a blackberry people actually use for something other than emails :D


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How is this phone any different/better than a curve 9360?(except for the screen size) We're doomed.

Bigger battery, touch screen, and probably better keyboard. Also new OS7 features which may or may not come to other models. Still think it's priced higher than it should be, though.

I don't know why, but I thought this would have Q10 specs..!? My mistake.

Not sure if this will do better than the curve - which I guess it is.

But hey, good for the bbos 7 crowd - hope it does well!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Why would they release a new phone with the same low specs like before, I don't know about other parts of the world but that's why a lot of people left blackberry in my area. 5 MP camera? And half a gig of ram... c'mon BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

The specs are fine if the price point was a lot lower... should be at least $100 USD cheaper

Sent via Z10 on Verizon running .1047 thru CB10

Should not have been made, they should have just kept selling the existing OS7 fleet at reduced margins

Posted via Z10

What the crap. The torch 9810 en bold 9900 / 9790 has way better specs. Why did they release this....

IMO. They can't get. A bb10 cellular device that cheap.

And someone at bbry figures they can make more in sales than the cost to create this phone.

The problem with those folks, is they never properly calculate support and warranty costs. And, more risky, they always forget there is a finite customer base. So they think these are new sales --- when really the person was going to buy a BlackBerry phone of some sort. So they end up just stealing sales from themselves.

That's why the 50 models method fails so miserably and why the one iPhone model works so well.

Posted via CB from my LE

There was obviously demand and interest for this phone. I have to trust BlackBerry's judgment on this one even though a lot of us are puzzled

Posted via CB10

You go ahead and do that... because they have shown that the have their finger on the pulse of the smartphone market?

Posted via CB10

Agreed. BlackBerry has shown repeatedly that they lack good judgement and foresight.

I don't know why but they just keep shooting themselves in the foot for what appears to be no reason.

OS 6 phones didn't have hardware graphics. Lagged like crazy, couldn't be upgraded to OS 7

OS 7 phones were a strange mess. You had a flagship phone with a fixed focus camera. An all touch phone with no NFC and half the user memory. The 9810 should have had a bigger screen. Some weird all touch curve that had NFC

Then they go and slap together an OS and release the Playbook while working on the real next generation OS separately. They think they will get BlackBerry 10 done in time so that no one will miss native PIM apps on the Playbook, but of course that didn't happen. So they develop Mail, contacts and calendar apps separately for the Playbook that obviously diverted resources from BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry 10 seems like it was developed mostly without the Playbook in mind at all since it's designed for portrait orientation and works really poorly in landscape. Heck, the OS fights with you to stay in portrait and doesn't even like to switch. I've lost count of the number of times I've put my phone down on my desk in sleep mode in the BlackBerry flip case in landscape and the clock stays in portrait.

But at least they were forward thinking with BlackBerry 10 right? I mean they designed the phones with the features they had in mind for the OS. Of course they didn't. I mean there is no possible way the features in BlackBerry 10.2 haven't been roadmapped internally since the design phase for the BlackBerry 10 phones. But, they cheaped out on the Z10 and used a WiFi chip that does not support miracast. Now I don't want to argue whether miracast is a useful feature or not, but the point is, BlackBerry knew they were going to introduce it and purposely made their flagship phone with a chip that doesn't support it. It's the 9860 w/o NFC all over again.

BlackBerry's ONLY problem is BlackBerry. They aren't forward thinking. The hardware and software teams don't talk to each other at all. The ports on all BlackBerry 10 phones are on the side and the OS works like crap in landscape orientation. They don't have a singular focus. They have a mashup of half baked ideas that they throw together. Their poor judgement is what has scared away consumers. It's the fear of getting stuck with a phone that will not be upgradable or will lack features that lower end BlackBerry's will get that keeps people from buying.

OS 6 customers totally got shafted thanks to poor foresight and no dedicated hardware graphics at a time when Android and iOS had dedicated graphics standard. OS 7 customers got shafted no matter what phone they bought. Either have a crap camera and a great keyboard, or a big touchscreen with half the memory and no NFC. Or buy a torch that looked identical to its predecessor and get a decent but small screen and have a bulge in your pocket due to the thickness of the device.

Then came BlackBerry 10. The new page. The fresh start. The Platform that would take the bad taste out of peoples mouths. Oh wait, it's still the same old BlackBerry. No BB10 on the Playbook. No miracast on the Z10. The Z30 is as far behind the times in hardware as ever.

It wasn't the competitive nature of the tablet market that killed the Playbook. It was BlackBerry that killed the Playbook by being BlackBerry. They should have designed BlackBerry 10 for the Playbook from the start. They didn't. They think consumer don't care how many times BlackBerry screws them.

Same with BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry is actively working to cause it's failure.

Thorsten Heins hasn't fixed the problems at BlackBerry. He hasn't unified the company under a single vision. He just fired allot of people to cut costs. The corporate structure and the way things are done at BlackBerry clearly hasn't changed.

There is no more time to fix things, so now they want some one to swoop in and rescue them. The thing is, anyone who might have been interested in the idea of buying a new platform a few years ago has already placed their bets somewhere else by now.

If someone buys BlackBerry then BlackBerry 10 is finished. The company will be broken up and the new owner will use BlackBerry patents to bolster their own interests. If the BlackBerry brand continues to exist at all after the company is purchased, it will be akin to Polaroid or RCA. It will be a brand slapped on cheap generic (likely Android) hardware to milk whatever value the new owners think it has left.

QNX likely won't be part of a BlackBerry acquisition and will either be hacked off as an independent company or sold separately to some one else (maybe maybe Panasonic or Garmin). No one want's BlackBerry 10 so no need for QNX to be part of the sale. The good news in that case is that business at QNX will pretty much continue as usual.

That's how I see it anyway.

Agree about the OS7 lineup being a mess, especially the tradeoffs you have to make between the 9900 and 9790. Should have had 9900 with AF and better battery and wifi.

Was the lack of gpu the reason OS6 wasn't updated? Lots of OS7 phones just use the same pxa930 SoC as the 9780 I believe, which doesn't have a gpu. It's just clocked a little higher. I often wonder if it really was a hardware limitation that prevented them from being upgradeable or if they just wanted more incentive for people to upgrade their phones.

Haha yeah funny cause it is true. I don't even know what to say I just agree with everthing. The big shame is they do( or used to) a lot of great things but their poor decisions over shadow everything else. I would love to sit a bar with BlackBerry staff get them drunk ask them who is the idiot that cause it and watch the finger pointing begin.

Spot on. If we can get it, why the management team can't.

It looks like they are looking to sale, it would make sense why QNX wasn't fully integrated in BlackBerry.

Integration would be the natural step if BlackBerry management was looking into the future, with all technologies communicating seamlessly.

Your phone would be a part of the system.

Look how Ubuntu is working towards a unified concept.

BlackBerry is way behind in the ecosystem compared with competition, Apple, Android and Microsoft offer a wide range of products (tablets, smartphone, computers, consoles) but they are not integrated.

BlackBerry could explore that.

Posted via CB10

Who's gonna buy this crap when one can buy an android device with quadcore, 8mp camera @ same price.

What android device are you talking about? This device is priced too high, but you can't get any android device with a quad core for 280 off contract

Posted via Z10

The Multicast feature
It existed back on OS6, it was included in the app named "Social Feeds". You could post with one click to twitter, foursquare, facebook and BBM. For bb10 there will be the Polarbear app for that (currently in open beta). It has been reviewed by CrackBerry Richard recently.

About this new OS7 phone, have you noticed that it is not in a regular BBOS Series? Not a Curve, Not a Bold, Not a Torch? It only has a number.

The difference I see with the 9360 are:
- new ugly raised buttons
- new OS (obviously...)
- Q5 keyboard (straight not curved)
- no FM radio antenna
- very cheap
- probably a different battery capacity

$ 280 for outdated OS and crappy specs wow...

with $ 280 you can buy much better phone, with dual core processor, 1 GB Ram, 480 x 800 screen resolution, and minimum 4GB storage from android (samsung galaxy S3 mini, LG Optimus L9, Lenovo P770, etc) or Lumia series (620)

big fail, and DOA Phone from Blackberry

It's a low-end handset. Not going to have amazing specs.

You can't buy phones "from Android". You can buy phones with Android *on* them. A lot of Android phones are garbage though.

Not for me at that price when a regular Curve 9320 costs only 100GB pounds or less. That's a lot of extra money to spend for a slightly better touch-screen and camera specs. The BlackBerry pricing strategy is what's driven me to get a Windows Phone (a Lumia 620) for far less than the price of a 9720 and that came with a Windows 8 DVD thrown in! Ideally I'd like a Q5 or Z10, but the price points for those devices are also too high IMHO ... the asking price for the 9720 (179.99 pounds) should be the normal price of the Q5!!!

I totally agree with you, they should adopt the agressif prices of Nokia just to get bb10 sell and forget about os7 device. Only support for the current os 5-6-7 for another 1.5 years max is understandable. Now they will have to support this crappie phone (my opinion, sorry) for another 2 years or face criticism. I wanto know who had this idea smh

Posted via CB10

You wouldn't and this phone is not designed for you but customers that cannot afford a BB10 but still want a new device. You obviously missed the purpose of releasing this device.

Posted via CB10

And you totally missed the concept of upgrade, refresh, new platform.

If you are releasing new devices on an old platform in markets where you claim to have growth, why on earth would you not subsidize the price of the phone to get people to upgrade for lower costs. BlackBerry is already popular there use this as a hook to lure then in to bb10.

They really are their own worst enemy. There is no logical argument for releasing this device that doesn't end well.

Posted via CB10

What makes you think BB10 can't handle Gmail?

In any case if I were you I'd dump Gmail, not BB10. Go with a company that has more respect for your privacy than Google.

Jeez, "developing markets" might as well buy the 9900... MUCH better (and cheaper).

I hope after this the BBOS team will start winding down to just small updates and support rather than active development on 7. We need more manpower for BB10!

Posted via CB10

I have to agree. Waste of resources imo, since the Bold is still a great device and priced right.

Posted via CB10

This is obviously created for low end BBOS market in the transition when BlackBerry tries to push BB10 to everyo, except this new device is (in true BlackBerry tradition) priced beyond the target market. Let's hope special deals with emerging markets will make it available cheaper than cited now.

Posted via CB10

This is ridiculously overpriced. BlackBerry remains clueless. Maybe Thorsten's in too much of a hurry to get his big payout to care any more. Maybe he never did.

I don't know why they even release this thing at this price point. Maybe it would've been interesting around 2011/2012, but it is the year 2013 now and the competition has advanced. IMO already the known Curve models have a fairly difficult position on the market right now, let alone this new 9720.

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10

$281 for such a device. I am sure Blackberry Team has gone off their heads and have no basic business knowledge. You get 1,2 GHZ Quad Core Android phones with 8 MP camera and far better Android OS as compared to BB7 OS. Most stupid people on earth are the people who decided the strategy on launching this phone and essentially pricing it so high in its category of low cost phones. Ideally including Blackberry premium this should not have been more than $175 or max $200

I think you are missing something that the BlackBerry tops clearly understand. So what that there are other Android devices offering same or somewhat better specs for a lower price if there are many people that just simply want a BlackBerry. Or will not switch h to a full touchscreen. Your opinion is very near sighted.

Posted via CB10

Sure, there are die-hard BlackBerry people out there. But guess what? They already own a 9900 or a 9810, or (more likely) have moved on to a Z10 or Q10. They're not a market for this phone.

Totally agree....diehard blackberry fans have already moved to bb10, and those that cant afford it will be saving up for it, keeping there torches and 9900s, NOT and i repeat NOT.. buying this ridiculously expensive crap. The only reason i would be in those emerging markets and buy one of those is... 1) sheer stupidity, 2) love of bbm. And bbm makes its way to Android and ios dis summer!!! So WHY the heck would i buy that!!

Posted via CB10

Huge mistake on the pricing. They should aggressively price this like the low-priced Nokia handsets. No more than $130 USD

Posted via CB10

Completely against this, my humble opinion is that staying with BBOS does nothing in advantage for BLACKBERRY 10 and the moving forward experience!!

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #KeepMoving #TeamBlackberry #BBMCrossPlatform

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Worse still, Thorsten Heins as COO was in charge of Hardware for RIM for years before being promoted to CEO. He as demonstrated an unparalleled lack of talent at that role that continues to impact BlackBerry negatively.

No BlackBerry 10 for Playbook
No foresight in designing BlackBerry 10 phones to support BlackBerry 10 features like Miracast on the Z10
The Z30 is as behind the times as ever for a BlackBerry phone.

Heins has demonstrated absolutely no foresight into the mobile industry. He has no vision and doesn't see where the industry is trending. Thus, he can't keep up.

Actually your abit wrong here,
1- its not Heins's fault there no bb10 for playbook, he dint limit the memory on it to an idiotic 1gb now did he? blame the former execs for that - bunch of old men

2- He has delivered bb10 on 3 devices now hasnt he, and you love your bb10 device - I know you do!!

3- Miracast - totally blame him and his team. Yea everybody makes mistakes but this wasnt the time for such.

4- so the COO of hardware he was, was he supposed to pack a quad core processor into your 9900 when the os totally can't take it. Or go against the general design plan because hardware section feels differently. Or its now suddenly his sole fault dat former blackberry devices were lackin in the hardware department.

5- the so called "z30", you havent seen or used, dev versions are all dats available and you have concluded thats its already crap and behind the competition. Really!!!. Please, what hardware specs would you like to see in d "z30" regardless of if the phone needs it or not, and ofcourse you want amazing battery life dont you.

Posted via CB10

Waste of time and resources.

Again pricing policy is madness when there are cheaper better products. Would it hurt to look at Nokia...

I guess Mr heins has 56 million reasons

Posted via CB10

Ya really. 9320 is not far behind in specs/functionality and it's $150 all in. This should be $175 or $199 tops. not pushing $300. would have loved to see this as an update to the top end OS7 devices.. not somewhere closest to the worst spec'd curves. too bad. Nice looking device IMO, but that's as far as it goes.

No no non et non le but est de développer et amener les clients vers OS10 et non à les ramener sur une plate-forme obsolète qui ont déjà connu on veut du changement de l'innovation

Posted via CB10

Why in gods name would Blackberry go backward??????????? For the lone gaming app 3D Rollercoaster Rush Jurassic 2? Or for the hundreds of thousands of other OS7 apps?

BlackBerry can't move forward so they think that going backward will help keep them afloat until some one buys and guts the company.

BlackBerry has no vision and no ability to execute. They can't even keep up with the industry. They don't have a plan.

You can question the wisdom of launching this device at all, but I do not understand how people can say that it should be sold at less than half the price. I don't know how much these phones cost BlackBerry to make, but I am guessing neither does anyone else on this site. If the margins on their sales as a whole is any indication, selling it for half the price would be at a steep loss. BlackBerry does not have the time or the cash to preserve market share by losing money on each sale. $3.1 billion doesn't last long if your margins are negative.

Posted via CB10

Customers don't care how much it costs BBRY to make it or whether they're making any money on it. All that matters is how much they have to pay and what else they could get for the same money. BBRY has to find a way to sell it at a competitive price or else just forget it.

Miracast is just the latest in a very long string of failures.

OS 6 launched around the same time dedicated hardware graphics was becoming standard in smartphones. But, RIM left that out on all the OS 6 phones leaving them without an upgrade path to OS 7.

OS 7 saw some weird mix of phones that no matter what you bought you had to sacrifice something. Want that great 9900 keyboard? Sure, but you get stuck with a fixed focus camera. Want that big touchscreen on the 9860? Sure, but you get half the memory and no NFC. No matter what you chose there was trade offs.

BlackBerry 10 just continues that proud legacy of not thinking ahead and screwing the consumer.

That is lame, there is no market for that device, people can purchase a Samsung S3 for 300$.

Useless device

Posted via CB10

I can totally understand why they manufactured the phone to attract a certain niche for those who find the transition from BB7 os to BB10 Os and there's definitely still a hype for the BB7 Os for some people as for me I made the transition albeit I wasn't fond of it due to actually lack of understanding on how to use the phone with the new Os give it a shot and you'll love it i'll tell I fell in love and Apple and Android have a lot to learn from blackberry I hope all the best for blackberry with all the speculations and rumors going on I can't say in what's going to happen in my opinion I wish they didn't manufacture the Following phone latching to the previous Os and keep moving with the BB10 which by the way is there slogan there move really speaks contrary to what they aim at much but ill support them .

Posted via CB10

I would love to buy one for my work phone. I'm paranoid about beating the crap out of my z10

Posted via CB10

People don't care if device expensive but they need a satisfied and nice experience and good spec. BlackBerry don't do a research about this, why people in emerging markets still use BlackBerry? Because of BBM service for contacting and social media. But now many messaging app are coming to each part of the world. Please la BlackBerry make your device power spec for heavy user and gaming user. Please do research what age currently top using BlackBerry, for me for sure young people are number one user. In Asia, Africa or even in BlackBerry call their country of BBM Indonesia most of people use BlackBerry for social networking and messaging their friends, this is young people age 40 below. People now need better device for daily used and gaming experience for their daily time.

Posted via CB10

I have to get get rid of my Q10, personal reasons which have nothing to do with the phone, and imma grab the 9720 when it comes out, cnt buy a BB10 phone again, too expensive, £180 is just about in my price range so imma get the 9720, cnt wait, think its gna be a nice all round device thats gna work well and last long

Posted via CB10

As much as I love BB10 and the HUB, it has become evident each that BlackBerry is headed for a sale just for its QNX, because as we can see they have no clue on running a business and trying to get ahead.

Posted via CB10

It appears that most posters fail to grasp the fact that BIS is huge selling point in many emerging markets. In these countries, cell phones are communication device first and media consumption devices second. BBOS is still probably the nost able communication OS available. Not even BB10 is yet able to match it.

Already pre-ordered mine. Together with a C64 & one of those new... - what are they called? Ah, right - VCRs.

Posted via CB10

Let's wait and be patient, If they released this phone there is some reason behind it. I don't agree with it, but I don't run the company. Let us post constructive opinions and use this forum to help BlackBerry; not to join the bashers out there. If you don't agree with how they are managing things voice your opinions in a constructive way. I hope that somebody from BlackBerry is looking at this forum and Crackberry.

Posted via CB10

"I can see many markets where this will certainly sell well"
"I can see the demand for it."

Sharp vision. I wish I could have the one.

I am interested only fresh BBOS and I hope so that will be availble for other device with BBOS...

1 device for all?? I think not. Those of us in the "west" will have our BB10 devices..and those in areas where spending 750CAD on a phone is completely unthinkable...will go for this legacy device.

$750 today buys a pretty decent such, this is what our "phones" have become...completely autonomous Computing devices.

You want a 2gB phone w/dual-quad core..then you pay. You simply want calls/text/maybe e-mail...then you dont pay as much.


DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

I'm struggling to understand blackberry's marketing and sales strategies.

Just doesn't make sense pushing an OS you want your customers to transition from.

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