[Pre]defined Theme for 83xx/88xx Devices - 50 Free Copies

By Jared DiPane on 27 Nov 2009 09:12 am EST

Are you a big fan of the Palm WebOS look and feel, but not quite ready to put down your BlackBerry to convert just yet? Over at BerryWorx they have made it possible for you to have the best of both worlds on your device. [Pre]defined offers users a crisp set of Palm Pre icons, along with a very nice overall rounded feel to the theme, much like the Palm Pre device offers. The navigation of the theme is rather basic, with a simple bottom dock with 5 user defined icons, which replicates the actual device rather nicely. The menus are very easy to read with a great color combination to add a very unique look to this theme. This theme is available for your 83xx and 88xx BlackBerry devices running OS 4.5 only, so sadly only those that are still holding on to older device can get in on this one. If you enjoy to theme your BlackBerry as another device, this theme is something you will want to check out.

Contest: We have 50 copies of [Pre]defined to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.

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[Pre]defined Theme for 83xx/88xx Devices - 50 Free Copies


Hey I was still rockin my 8310 till about a week ago! Well I'm going to be giving my berry away as a gift so this would be a lovely addition! Please, pick me, thank you!

Glad to see that being on the bleeding edge is not always a good thing. Being behind the Curve (sorry 'bout that, just had to do it :) can pay off nicely, especially if I win a copy of this theme.

I have the 8330 um is this an older BB cause heard ppl on here talk like it is. I just got mine the other day at my local Verizon store. Anyhoo, enter me these look ahhh-mazin

idc what they say about my device being out dated its still the best selling blackberry out there so i wants this theme

Hey there is nothing wrong with those of us who are frugal and chssoe to keep using our 8330's. as staed before a refresh of an older device is always appreciated.

absolutely nice theme for my 8330. what a way to define my bb. okay not the greatest joke but i would like to win a free copy of it.

Wow!! That would be awesome -- I wanted the PALMPRE so much but I decided to go with a blackberry because of how small the PALMPRE keyboard is! I hope I win!

Yes, I am still devoted to my trusty curve 8330 and since I don't plan on updating my phone to a Palm Pre, why not try to get a theme that looks like that phone, and here you are on Thanksgiving no less to give away this awesome theme. Please put me down as someone who would be priviledged to have your theme on my curve!

Have a good Thanksgiving holiday, and "thanks for giving" away your theme. (I know it's a bad joke and I should probably be charged for the theme now:-)) have a good day.

I have sprint and I looked at the Pre. Loved the look and feel but rather have a blackberry instead. Pre can never replace a blackberry, only the theme. Love it.

I like this theme, don't know much about the Pre but it looks good. Best part is a just recently got a Curve 8330!!

I am one of those that "are still holding on to older device" such as the 8330. It is nice to see that someone out there is still making themes for these relics. Anyway, I would love a copy of the [pre]defined theme.


Waiting to download to OS 5.0 would pay off?! This would be pretty cool to get and use. Hopefully I'll be one of the select few to get one.

I've had my BB Curve for quite some time and while I have considered updating my phone, I still haven't taken the plunge. A nice change in theme should make me happy enough to hang on to my phone for a bit longer. I am as guilty as the next person in wanting the "latest and greatest" but shouldn't we try to be more environmentally responsible and not "dispose" of our phones so quickly?

I would just love to be picked for one of the free theme. Pick me pleasssse, I need a change on my 8830 :-].

I have a Curve 8310. The tract ball quit rolling. Is this a common problem with this phone? Other than that I love my phone. I do not like my carrier. They are a rip-off.

I wouldn't mind having a clean theme like the one pictured with the stones, especially with the clean-looking icons. Im currently using 3-d themes, because the standard themes were too generic and most customized ones are too gaudy...this theme is just right, like baby bears porridge, rocking chair, and bed and my curve is Goldilocks.

I was a die-hard Palm user on Alltel. I was using a 755p until we switched to Verizon. We converted to BB and it has been great.

I used to have the Palm Pre, and even after getting my blackberry there were things I had missed...just not enough to ever leave a BB! It would be awesome to win this though, nostalgia has taken over me!


I'm new to the world of blackberry, and loving my BB Tour. The guy that sold me the phone, pointed me towards crackberry. What an awesome site. I switched from a Motorola Droid, after owning it for just over a week, and I'm so glad I did. This theme looks like it would really dress up my Tour nicely.

I would love to have this Pre theme. The Palm Pre icons are very sharp and they would look great on my Sprint Blackberry 8330. Please pick me!

I'm only a few months into my BB8330 after trying all kinds of phones--other than a Blackberry. Now I have NO idea why I was so hesitant to switch--I LOVE IT!!
Only problem is finding icons that I can tell at a glance what they are--these looks so crisp!
Pick me, pretty please!! (I'm surley not giving up the BB and going to the Pre for them!)
Thank you for your consideration!

Just got my 8350 to replace the 7100. Would be great to have a theme that matches the wifes phone. Thanks CrackBerry!