Poynt updated with some new tweaks and BlackBerry 6 support

By Adam Zeis on 7 Sep 2010 01:19 pm EDT
Poynt for BlackBerry

Poynt has been updated to version 1.6 and includes some minor tweaks/fixes as well as support for BlackBerry 6. Updates mostly include fixes for the Torch version to keep things running smooth like trackpad and touchscreen problems. New updates in this version come in the form of Universal Search integration, weather improvements and more that make it spiffy as always and available on all devices. The new version is available for download from BlackBerry App World.

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Poynt updated with some new tweaks and BlackBerry 6 support


This has not been updated. Just went to the link and there website and it deffiently hasn't been updated writing this from the torch

I went into App World (not thru link tho), searched for Poynt, and got the updated version

One of my favorite free apps fo sure

if you go on your pc it will show the latest version in app world. but when you go from your bb it may not show for all devices. just those that are running 6.0 os (ie the torch) as my 9780 bold doesn't show it yet either as its not a official device yet so they don't support it yet.

People having trouble seeing new vers in CrapWorld

do: ALT+RST while in appworld & it'll restart appworld...then it'll appear w/ new vers

Two versions ago, Poynt was so fast at locking location. The last version and now this one take FOREVER!!!
It used to be so fast at knowing when I was indoors and had to get cell tower location. I've been waiting for over 1 miinute with it on my desk and I still can't search for anything.

Is it me, or are you all noticing this as well.

I was sent notification that the up date was available didn't have to look for it I guess you have to have the app first so ppl that are new to it will have to look for it in app world

POYNT must be slow on the rollout for those who have the app already. I haven't received notification that an upgrade was available. Found out by checking here at CB.

The high quality movie trailers still won't play on my Bold 9650. No problem with the low or med setting, but the high just gives an error.

Has anyone else had problems with the new version? I downloaded it and everytime I try to start using it, my phone (8530I Curve) reboots itself. I ended up deleting the new version and can't find the old version to replace it with.


Same thing is happening on my 8350. I updated to the newest version and every time it automatically re boots my device. Haven't got to my pc yet but hopefully I can downgrade from DM

Edit: go to poynt mobile site the old version is available

I had update sent to my phone as well. I noticed a little icon next to my battery. Went to my inbox & there was a message saying I had an update for poynt waiting. Clicked on that & I was brought to BB App World & given an option to download updated version. I'm assuming if you had it in your phone, eventually everybody will get the notification & given an option to upgrade.

As I don't have a bis plan, I get an error insufficient network coverage under cellular. If I run it under wifi it works properly.

I'm on Fido, anyone else have this issue?


Nice look and feel! For those of you that can't update wonder it its due to u not having OS6.0? Won't like a breeze for me. Usesd the link from CB and it replaced my old version. Thanx for keeping me up to date CB.com! (-;

Does anyone else notice that the reverse lookup option that comes with this (while you're in the phone app) doesn't work with the torch?

this is the most useful app I have been able to download and use. I recommend it to anyone with a blackberry

updated app works pretty well for Torch. only thing not working is the reverse look up in the call log. still gives an error message

BB BOLD 9650 OS, Platform
Poynt Version Reverse Lookup gives error message. Other than that, I am really impressed with this app; and the new menu is awesome. Poynt is a must have application.