Poynt Updated To Include Support For Pearl 3G, Telmap, VZ Navigator 5.0

By Bla1ze on 28 Apr 2010 10:10 am EDT
Poynt Updated To Include Support For Pearl 3G, Telmap, VZ Navigator 5.0

Here is a good showing of developers who were ready for the BlackBerry Pearl 3G. Poynt, developed by Multiplied media has made available version of their popular application. In addition to having both the 9100 and 9105 supported even before release, they have also integrated the use of Telmap and VZW Navigator 5.0. Other items addressed in the application include better battery life as well as utilizing GPS information more efficiently. You can download Poynt from BlackBerry App World or by visiting the Poynt website.

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Poynt Updated To Include Support For Pearl 3G, Telmap, VZ Navigator 5.0


So, reading between the lines, anyone else get the feeling this points to a 91xx device being announced soon for Verizon? Perhaps a 9150?

How about support for the Garmin nav app? I love poynt, but find it annoying that I can't set it up to use Garmin to navigate.

I wrote Poynt support a while back about supporting Garmin. I guess integrating with Garmin was a no go.

Lots of love for poynt and I heart my blackberry but there's a problem! Poynt does actually recognize telmap under the navigation options (where you can choose what app to navigate with)

But, should you actually select "map route" of any location, all that happens is telmap loads and does absolutely nothing! I have a feeling this has something to do with Telmap recently upgrading.

I've communicated this to Poynt and hope it gets fixed quick, anyone with the same issue?


to load with poynt but like Bozed says, it just opens telmap, it does not map the route or offer Nav options. I'm using the BB 9000

I have a similar problem with Poynt on Bold 9000, but trying to use it with AT&T Navigator - "Map Route" will launch ATTNAV the first time, but NAV says "Can not find the address". However, if you manually enter the address into NAV, it finds it just fine.

And, after the first launch of NAV, "Map Route" will not even launch NAV until you power down/power up the device.

I have sent numerous emails to Poynt support about this - not even a response - I realize Poynt is a free app, but if they claim to support another third party app and are having problems, they should at least acknowledge a user who contacts their tech support.

telmap and poynt does not work for north america. look up other blogs on google for this. it has been implemented for EUROPE only.

i'm a fan of this app, too! just upgraded to the torch and found poynt does not respond to the track pad at all! so selecting something or scrolling through things must be done via the touch screen. that's okay but i'm fat fingered and rarely tap the right thing the first (or second) time! am hoping an upgrade is in the works!

and, if it turns out i'm the issue, someone please tell me and tell me how to fix it!