Poynt Updated To For BlackBerry 8xxx, Bold, Storm

By Bla1ze on 8 Mar 2009 09:42 am EDT
Poynt Updated To  For BlackBerry 8xxx,Bold, Storm!!

Here is one of those cases where an already great application has just gotten even better. Poynt, which was recently updated to version comes with a slew of new changes all of which just make the application that much better. Aside from the noticeable UI changes, which are amazing, there is a lot more going on under the hood which makes this update so good. Have a look after the break and you'll see what I mean.


  • Fixed no results found errors popping up when a cell-site location was found.
  • Improved touch list performance.
  • Search speed and data improvements.
  • Improved saved locations mechanism
  • Allowed search radius as small as 5 km

Bold/Curve 8900/Curve 83xx/Pearl/Pearl Flip:

  • Improved UI, re-written from the ground up to increase performance.
  • Inertial scrolling on result lists to enhance visual feedback.
  • Fixed BB Maps crashing issues.
  • Cell-Site GPS - Fast and reasonably accurate initial locates while your GPS chipset is warming up and scanning the sky for true satellite GPS locks. 
  • Improved GPS speeds. Note to Verizon Customers: Full GPS is still unavailable for these devices, but the new Cell-Site GPS feature is available. It is automatic, so no additional configuration is required.
  • Improved network module. Poynt’s network heuristics provide a seamless and fast user experience in a variety of different network scenarios.
  • Improved location lookup service (click on the search location bar at the top and select new search location). 
  • Non-intrusive auto-complete mechanism for typing in previous search terms. 
  • Add to Calendar feature for movie showtimes
  • Improved data storage system to minimize memory footprint on the device.

As you can tell from the huge list a lot of stuff has been corrected and most importantly all these new changes including the new UI are designed to minimize the amount of memory the application uses, which we all know is precious on our BlackBerry smartphones. One thing to note though is that all versions aside from the Storms must be uninstalled before this new version can be loaded. If you don't uninstall first, the download of the updated version will fail.

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Poynt Updated To For BlackBerry 8xxx, Bold, Storm


I'll give it another go, and see if they've fixed the battery drain issue I noticed when I had it last on my Storm.

I had the same issue. Battery draining on the storm. I'll probably try it out but still a little hesitant.

OOH, I love Poynt! I use it quite often to find restaurants while I'm out; works great with google maps!
I've never had any battery issues on my Storm and I'm always using it (.109 with .29 poynt)
Great App!

I love this app especially for the movie showtimes portion. I have had Poynt since it first came out for the storm and I haven't had any battery issues.

Hmm for some odd reason it wont find the theater in my town anymore, I have tried using GPS and just inserting my location, I have send in feedback to Poynt I hope they can solve my issue

Anyone care to comment on which app is better? I just downloaded where and plan on testing it against the updated poynt.

I think that overall Poynt is the better app. A few folks seem to have issues with Where. Your mileage of course will vary

Having tried both, I believe Poynt is a faster, cleaner, more user-friendly app - particularly because it doesn't have to wait for GPS to find you like Where seems to.

I don't now why but every time i download Poynt I can't get full screen it's seems like it's set up for the curve or pearl It worked fine for my last storm but not for my replacement does anyone now why?????

Great app! I've been using Poynt for the last couple of months and it works great. It's fast and the info has always been accurate.

I love this app...tho i've always had an issue with the GPS not working... i hope it's fixed this time around

Compared to the old version, this one ROCKS!! Especially since Verizon has released the GPS for my STORM and Google Maps! :-) Definitely worth the download... A+++