Poynt Updated Now With White Pages Integration

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Jun 2009 09:09 am EDT
Poynt Updated!

While at WES we had the chance to speak with some reps from Multiplied Media and they described to us some of the new features coming to their already-great application, Poynt. A few weeks later, the time has now come where we can put some of these new features to use!

Poynt has been updated and now includes WhitePages integration which allows you to do reverse phone number look ups as well as reverse address look ups. More features are still on their way to Poynt, but in the meantime you can grab version from BlackBerry App World or direct from your BlackBerry's web browser.

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Poynt Updated Now With White Pages Integration


Why do i need this app if BB Maps can look up businesses and provide their GPS location, and Viigo does movie listings?

For one, I've found Poynt to be way more accurate and owning more listings. Also, it's one program rather than two. The fact that you can view movie trailers sweetens the deal, IMO.

Poynt drives me nuts though. It doesn't include all the theatres around me ALL the time. One day it will have the one 2km away listed, the next it won't. For the longest time it didn't have the second closest theatre to me listed, I emailed them two updates ago, it just showed up in this update. As I said though I now have the second theatre but the first one is gone again. I still like the interface though.

Point is faster than blackberry maps when just looking up locations, plus it pulls in movie theatres and such, but, when you are ready to see it visually it attaches itself to BB maps or google maps. Your choice.

Poynt is a pretty sexy application. Viigo has it's issues and so does BB Maps. I just downloaded this and the movie listing part of things is really nice. I think I'll probably keep it this time!

I'll tell you why, DBC17:

1. One single app, integrated. Poynt allows search and mapping/directions, all in one. No need to hop around to different apps.

2. Movie trailers. This may not matter to some, but once you use it, you'll dig it. Poynt will stream movie trailers right to your device (yes, just like those annoying ads for the iPhone that go on and on about that capability).

3. The app itself. I found Viigo to be a resource hog on my device so I booted it. Poynt doesn't to do the same. Clean; simple.

Give it a shot and you might like it (no I don't work for Poynt - I just really like their app).

If it cannot get a GPS fix, it'll use the nearest cell tower for location, convenient when indoors. Google maps does this too, but Poynt is lighter weight and more concise unless I need directions.


Thanks for your response.

1) I see you point (no pun intended) with the single integrated app. However, i'm seldom looking for BOTH movie listing and some other search at the same time. i.e. I only have to open one app, BB Maps or Viigo based on what i'm looking for.

2) Movie Trailers does sound cool, and may be the selling point (pun intended) for me.

3) Yes Viigo is a mem hog, but i'm not about to delete it because it offers so much information compared to any other app. It's a must have in my opinion.

Um... I updated yesterday, and I went back just now... but App World does *not* have the version mentioned in the article. It did have an update (for me) but it did not and does not (at the time of my comment) have the version.

Just a heads up... you apparently need to hit the OTA link from Poynt's mobile site.

I've been using Poynt now for a couple of weeks and REALLY love it. I don't know why it's free, but I am very very glad it is!!! If you need a yellow pages app, or one that shows you movies and times...this is for you. Very easy to use.