Poynt takes a turn in the latest BlackBerry App World commercial

By Adam Zeis on 28 Jan 2011 09:08 am EST

In the latest BlackBerry App World commercial, Poynt takes its turn in the spotlight. What is perhaps the epitome of a "super app", Poynt is deeply integrated with the BlackBerry experience. The latest spot shows a couple using the app to get things done. I kind of enjoy seeing these commercials in the midst of my primetime TV viewing but I'll admit they are a bit cheesy. Carry on RIM :-)

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Poynt takes a turn in the latest BlackBerry App World commercial


One of the nest apps on BB. It does so much more than movies too bad these commercials are so short.

I've been using Poynt for a long time now...it is an amazing application. Its the first app I download whenever I buy a new BB...

Poynt is great but it is not "Only at Blackberry App World". It's available for iPhone and Androids. RIM paying for a commercial to highlight Poynt is like Samsung running a Captivate ad to highlight Google Maps. It doesn't make any sense to show off an app, on your brand of device, that runs on them all.
Maybe Poynt paid for it. IDK.

I love poynt don't get me wrong, but when did it become a super app? I've been using it for a year and a half on my 9530. Is my phone a super phone now too! Too funny haha!!

The commercial says its a BB super app, I don't know how that makes it better than the app on the other platforms but I think that's the marketing behind it, yes its on other phones but is it a "super app" on other phones

Yes it is super on other platforms. I had it on BB and now have it on my Incredible.
so it is great on any platform that offers it

Does it integrate with Caledar and all that crap with android? Not sure just trying to figure out the super app thing.

I guess the only real difference bb could claim is if these apps used push notification features or bbm.

Anyway I think the commercials are good because I think the subliminal line is really

Not just Apps, useful Apps.

Thank you for clearing that up, I wasnt sure but I thought it was something like that. So it doesnt do all that on other platforms? I have no idea

I love reading the comments! Anyway, I love poynt... Have only been using it for about a month (I'm always behind lol) I dunno what I did before being poynted in the right direction! Two thumbs up!

I love Poynt. I've been using it for some time now. Had it on my Curve, and I now have it on my new Torch

Thanks for sharing our latest video with everyone, Adam – it's Alex from RIM.

It’s great to see the positive reaction to Poynt (http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/844). It has one of the highest review scores on BlackBerry App World, and it’s one of my favorites. We’re seeing more and more apps being submitted to App World, including those for the BlackBerry PlayBook. We recently rolled out the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK (http://devblog.blackberry.com/2011/01/blackberry-webworks-sdk/), which allows developers to create apps for both PlayBook and BlackBerry smartphones, and Adobe AIR for the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK (http://us.blackberry.com/developers/tablet/adobe.jsp?IID=DEVTAB01182011), which gives developers the option to create PlayBook apps in the framework of their choice, including Adobe Flash and AIR, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. We feel that offering developers a choice of programming languages will deliver the widest possible range of compelling apps for the PlayBook launch and beyond.

As always, you can learn the latest about app development at our Inside BlackBerry Blog (http://devblog.blackberry.com/).