Poynt Now Available For Curve 8900 And Pearl Flip 8220!

By Bla1ze on 11 Jan 2009 08:24 am EST
Poynt Now Available For Curve 8900 And Pearl Flip 8220!

We have covered this great application before, even giving it a thorough review to let you all know what it's about. Personally, I have no qualms in saying this is one of my favorite applications for my BlackBerry. After having got my 8900 though I was rather disappointed Poynt didn't work on it. No worries though, as Poynt has now been updated to accomodate BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 devices... time to grab it. If you have never used Poynt before, it's worth having a look.

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Is there any point to having this and google maps...or just one or the other cause I have google maps on my curve and I love it. It seems like they do the same thing except for the movie thing....wich should I have on my phone


it looks like google maps and mypoynt have the same functionality & user friendliness. i'm a big fan of google apps so i'll stick to google.


Actually, the two work together beautifully. You search for a business in Poynt and it brings up anything related to what you searched, within a specified radius of the location you entered (it also supports GPS, so it can bring up results within a specified radius to where you're standing).

Then, your options are to look at the business' webpage, call them, map their location using Google maps, send the info about the business to a friend, etc. It's true that you can do the same type of search using Google alone, but the Poynt interface is very clean, user friendly, and IMHO it's MUCH faster than using Google maps alone. The Movie showtimes and ticket buying seal the deal for me. I use Poynt all the time and have never felt like using both Poynt and Google maps is redundant. They compliment each other nicely.


I can't wait until it's released for the Storm :D

Sinternet Jr.

Is this program better than Tellme?


I love the H2O theme thanks for the give away! it looks awesome, keep em coming! haha thanks again


Hey Corry, thanks for a great contest! I'm a new blackberry user and haven't decided on a theme yet...it would be awesome to win one!


its much more friendlier than googlemaps, time to hide googlemaps!


I want this for my storm please.......


Go to the website....I think it says when you select your device that while it's not officially supported there have been reports of it working. I know it said that for my bold and it's been working great!


Can't wait to see this come to the Storm!


I used to have this app on my ancient curve and I loved it. Sure hope it's coming out for the Storm soon.


I downloaded the poynt to my Pearl 8120, but it can't locate my GPS location. Does this work for the 8120?