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Poynt for BlackBerry updated to version 1.8.6, brings gas prices to Canada and menus to the US

Poynt for BlackBerry
By Jared DiPane on 15 Mar 2012 02:34 pm EDT

The extremely popular BlackBerry application Poynt has yet again received an update bringing a couple of new features to the table. Lately we have seen them expanding around the world and adding new features, and this update to version 1.8.6 doesn't fall short. Poynt has done a nice job of not only rolling out new features to specific areas, but continuing to expand the areas they support as well. They have added the following changes in this build.

  • WhatGas(UK): timestamp on updated prices now representated by elapsed time instead of date.
  • Table booking functionality for France and Spain
  • Gas prices now available in Canada
  • Offers integrated into Restaurant Section
  • Online menus and food ordering - US only.

If you are a current Poynt user, or someone looking to try it out, simply hit the link below and grab a copy for yourself!

More information and to download Poynt for BlackBerry 



UK - I've got Poynt 1.8.5 on my 9900, and the problem is it will not update most of the petrol/diesel prices - I cannot find a way to force a refresh. It finds my location very quickly using BB GPS so some sort of refresh must be happening. Current cheapest prices are dated from January 2012 (it is now the middle of March!)

My friends have GasBuddy (& other similar apps) on their iPhones/Androids and the prices update as soon as they open the apps....

Anybody else got this issue? Anybody know what the workaround is? Is this just a UK thing?


In App World hold alt and press RST it will refreash your App World and you should get promt to update :)


i still dodnt see gas options


I just checked their web site and the gas options are for US and UK... not Canada!

from their site:
Never run out of gas again!
When you’re running on empty, Poynt’s Gas feature will help you easily find the closest pump with the cheapest prices (US and UK only).


You're right, no gas prices for Canada in this version. But is it really needed since pretty much all gas stations have the same price?


It is needed if you are kind of person who travel outside in rural areas.


Wait - it does say gas prices for Canada !


well that sucks i thought this update brought gas feauture to canada


I downloaded this new version as well. I currently live in Canada as well. I thought this version sates it works for Canada Gas prices.

When i launch it there is no Gas pump logo for me to select. What gives??


Still no gas in Canada!? Grr! *kicks rocks*


The GasBuddy app for BB has prices for both the USA and Canada.


i emailed support for the same gas question and they said "we have not annouced the release date and are wondering where I had heard it was coming in 1.8.6. I replied in the upgrade details it mentioned it. Nothing back yet folks


I downloaded this app for gas prices but its not there. But this app has other useful stuff.


Nope! No listing of gas prices in my area. >:(


Any idea when they will fix the playbook app? Hasn't worked right since 2.0 came out.


Playbook app seems to work fine for me. What isn't working right for you?


damn, i was excited for gas prices in Canada :(


This app is awesome!

I just wish it would connect to BBM.. says it does but it's always pending.. don't they test these things before releasing them..


We don't need to know about gas prices.. we all know it costs to much for it..


Poynt is one of the best apps out there. I look forward to the day they get gas prices for Canada. Currently using gas buddy which works wonderfully but having only one application that can do so much is great!!


No gas prices for me. Bold 9900 on Telus, located near Brantford, ON. Maybe only certain locations (major cities) get gas prices? I'll ask my friends in the big cities what's up with theirs..

Jake Storm

I downloaded the update just for the gas prices.
Why would they say gas prices for Canada in the update log if it's not there? :(






L I E !

Poynt Team

Thank you for your interest in the Poynt app. Please stay tuned for an update on the Canada Gas feature as it is coming soon!

Thanks, The Poynt Team


No Canadian gas prices ... very disappointed ... If I knew there were no Canadian gas prices, I would not have upgraded to this version ... I feel deceived ... Poor marketing for Poynt ...


Alrighty! They FINALLY made the gas price option happen for Canada at last! As of today.