Poynt for BlackBerry updated to v1.8.3

By Michelle Haag on 20 Oct 2011 03:28 am EDT
Poynt for BlackBerry

One of the most popular free applications for BlackBerry, Poynt, received an update today. Though not a huge jump in version number (v1.8.1 to v1.8.3), there are a few notable additions to the application. The first is the option of opting out of the Child Search feature. This was a program that was rolled out back in September, where Poynt joined forces with the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) to assist in the fight against child abduction. The second change has to do with offers, which you can now search by keyword and by your location to find nearby deals. They have also added a new section which features daily deals and mobile coupons for local businesses and restaurants.

If you already have Poynt installed on your BlackBerry, head over to App World and download the update. If you don't have it installed, you can grab it from the link below. 

More information and to download Poynt

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Poynt for BlackBerry updated to v1.8.3


try alt + r s t r s t in the front page of app world or just alt + r s t from my world in app world. it will refresh app world.

Amber alerts shouldn't be something that you can opt out of. If anything, we should be looking for more ways to get such messages out to the public. Who amongst us hasn't been a child, terrified because we were separated from our parents at a mall, or public gathering, even if it was only for a few minutes? I can't imagine the fear a child might experience if they were abducted.

Why isn't law enforcement working with wireless carriers, Facebook, Twitter to spread Amber alerts? Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter could send us automatic alerts. They know where we are, we've told them were we live, they can access our phone's GPS/cell tower data as well. Wireless carriers know where we live, they also know where we are based on cell tower location. They could send us all SMS/MMS alerts automatically as well.

Honestly, are we all so selfish, that we can't be bothered to at least be aware of a missing child? No one is being asked to be a detective here.

I agree that it is imortant to get notifications, BUT, i already get notifications through Facebook and through SMS (Canadian carriers offer FREE notifications) so i don't think that I need to be notified 3 times.

The problem of dupes is a hurdle, no doubt. Perhaps manufacturers, carriers, social media outlets, and law enforcement could come together for the greater good to create, or use an existing standard to avoid duplicate notifications. This isn't Beta vs VHS here, they should be able to find common ground.

Example: when registering an email address in BBM to allow contact list backups, you receive an email, but the email disappears because the phone/app intercepts it for its own purposes. You don't need to see the email, it was just a verification for the app.

If the principal players could agree to a message header or something else unique, then maybe it would work. In the meantime, I'm willing to put up with a couple dupes if it might help me spot a kid in need.

Does this work on anyone else’s 9850? The convenience key does not seem to register with the application on mine.

Will this work on my iPhone?


Must be a slow news day... I mean, its only devcon americas going on... Nothing to see here, move along...

Thanks...have this app on my Playbook too!! :)

I not a techie but is there any easier way to get the same apps on BB phone & the Playbook without having to do it 2x...sorry if a dumb question. lol

Make Poynt a theme. Could you imagine your home screen looking like point with the weather, spin scroll contacts, apps, media ect,. Rim should look into this...