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CrackBerry Idol - Brittany
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jul 2010 06:39 pm EDT


Review of Poynt for BlackBerry Smartphones

Poynt is definitely an essential when it comes to your BlackBerry. This app truly connects you to the world around you. You can use Poynt to find movies, restaurants, people, businesses and gas prices. Poynt uses your GPS location and puts the desired venues you are looking for in an easy to read list including the distance from your current location. As you select the certain venue it will pull up a menu that enables you to call the location directly or even map out the route. The many features of this app makes it one of the best utility apps offered by BlackBerry. If I haven't convinced you to download this app yet, keep reading!

Poynt for BlackBerry reviewPoynt for BlackBerry review

I have never had a problem with this application. I have always been completely satisfied with the way it runs and how easy it is to get all the information you need within seconds! You will be impressed the second you open the application. Even starting up the app runs completely flawless. Poynt automatically uses your GPS location to set the startup screen to the time of day and checks the weather!

Poynt for BlackBerry review  Poynt for BlackBerry review

When you‘re ready to begin looking for a desired venue, the easy to scroll menu will glide you through the six tabs to help you locate the best place to search for that desired venue. After you select a tab it will bring up a menu that allows you to search. Each tab has it's own different search settings. For example, in the movies tab it lets you search by which movies and theaters are near you, the top 10 movies, movie genres and of course by movie title. After you select the way you would like to search, it will pull up a menu of movies (or theaters) for you to choose from. This app also allows you to purchase tickets and watch a movie trailer(for those who are unsure).

Poynt for BlackBerry review

Each tab, which includes people, businesses, gas prices, restaurants, movies, and a mapping tab, is brightly colored and easy to access. This app has so many features, but is easy to use no matter how long you have been a BlackBerry user. Not only can you search what is around you currently, you can search from any address! You can also save addresses and venue information, which makes finding your favorite places easy. The mapping feature is one of my favorite features. You can run the mapping feature from either BlackBerry Maps or Google Maps (if you have it installed). You can also send venue information to any of your contacts,

While asking some friends about how they feel about this application I was flooded with positive feedback, but of course with that also came some negative feedback as well. I found that in the UK the "people" search doesn‘t function, which can be a downer, but this app has so many other features, you wouldn't even know the difference. Also I found that in Canada, the app does not feature the gas prices. Poynt uses 3 different ways to locate you and one of them is cell-site triangulation, for non-GPS enabled devices and locations where GPS is unavailable, which can sometimes be slightly off. Of course every application has its bugs, but like I said Poynt's others features out weigh most of it's problems.

This app has some of the best design I have ever seen on a BlackBerry. As I mentioned before the UI is clean and crisp, and also presents the information in the exact way it should be. This app is definitely worth checking out! Plus it's free! If you find yourself having to switch from several different applications to find where you‘re going, then Poynt is the app for you!

** This review was written as part of the CrackBerry Idol 2010 competition. Click for details. **

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Poynt for BlackBerry Review


Kevin (aka Ryan Seacrest): Lol @ the outfit there Brittany. Great way to respond to the CrackBerry commenters from your audition video in a tactful and fun way. Very clever. Now let's see what the judges think of your review!

CrackBerry Idol Judges

Dieter: Solid review and great (and funny) video - totally understand the app, how it works, and why I would want it. Great use of screenshots too - you chose the right screens to show us. Just remember you're a reviewer and not a salesperson, dawg, it does come off as a little too effusive at times. You should be a lock for the next round.

Georgia: Really enjoyed the outfit you were wearing at the beginning, made me laugh out loud and you captured my attention right away, bravo! One point, when you are speaking try to keep use of "absolutely" in check. You went through most of the features of the application but I would have liked to know bit more about the cons of the application as well. You have great camera presence! For the written review, the grammar could have been cleaned up a bit. The pros and cons section would have been a nice thing to have added in the review as I feel readers appreciate a quick way to check out a application. Enjoyed it and I hope you continue on with us!

Craig: It looks like you proved that after your initial cute audition video, you can deliver the goods. Great video that really showed off this application. A bit too much thumb movement in the zoomed up shots made my eyes cross a little, but overall a great video review. The blog post was also very well written addressing the app good points, and its bad. You seemed very excited about this app and it showed in your writing. Some people can take this as you being biased, but you did round off by mentioning its weaknesses which shows that you were keeping a level head about the app. Brittany, I hope to see you in the next round.

Hey judges! Thanks for the awesome feedback!! I would love to hear more from everyone (both positive and negative feedback!) I really appreciate it. once again thanks you!

Don't let the negative comments get you down. It took a lot of bravery to do what you've done so far. I admire you for that.

Plus a cute girl who is a CrackBerry addict is sexy, even in a bunch of winter clothes

I gotta say, I have had Poynt as a mainstay on my phone since I bought my Storm 1 over a year and a half ago and still now, with my upgrade to my Storm 2. I love almost everything about it. However, I definitely think they need to find a new provider for the local business search function, Superpages is by far THE WORST results list I have dealt with.

As an example we have a tiny little hotel called the Village Inn here in my town, it is a dump in a pretty bad neighborhood. Poynt/Superpages lists it as the Village Inn family restaurant that is fairly popular in the south. I sent an email to Poynt trying to let them know this, and I got a canned response saying they were not responsible for any of those listings since Superpages provides them. I will continue to use the program, but not trust Superpages results at all.

Service is currently ONLY available for the U.S., U.K., Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Canada.

I thought the beginning of your video was cute, as well... :)

The only points I though were missing was (from the video) showing the restaurants can have reviews and some have the ability to make reservations.

The written review should have the Pros and Cons sections, as well as the file size.

Other than that - good review!

Great job Brittany!

I agree we need to have content parity across all countries in addition to being available in more countries. Stay tuned...

Love the feedback, keep it coming as this plays a major part in what we do next.

May be biased though you have my vote.

Happy Poynting!


Great for you for setting the record right for those that may have questioned your abilities. You have some real style.

Great app you picked. To me it showed your level of want and drive for the contest. It's a solid and not a simple app to show quickly with it's many options. I actually payed attention to the end of the video vs other videos where I may have lost interest and didn't watch the full review.

I found it funny because I didn't notice thumbs. Though I was wondering how well it works on a Bold or if it's available on the Bold. That will be solved once I click a few times after typing this.

It's brilliant, this contest is showing BlackBerry is suited for all types of people and not just for the typical business type use. My hat is off to the folks at CrackBerry and the other people who have style (brit) who are enabling new views and reviews which happen to be located on the Best BlackBerry site around.

This is an amazing app...one of the best I have ever downloaded on my Curve 8900, I can view trailers of films I would like to see with crystal clear sound and picture, then get the address of a nearby restaurant for a meal after the movie. Highly recommended. Thanks again.

Brit! How cool; I was just browsing App World yesterday and said to my hubby, "what do you know about Poynt?" He said "what?" I knew I had heard of it but didn't know a thing about it. Before I even had time to look up more info, you come in with a very informative review about it. I'm off to download it right now!

i commented on this app already and now after using it for a few hours i can awesome job on this app and awesome job on the review it was right to the point and nice outfit at the beginning i thought that was funny lol

Out of all the app review vids so far, Brittany's was my favorite. She was a dork with her outfit which was loveable and she showed enthusiasm. I didn't feel myself falling asleep at the end of the review. I always said, "nah, I don't need Poynt", but after the review, I'm definitely downloading it. Great job, Brittany. I wasn't sure about you on your audition video, but you sold me on this one :)

Joseph here; just wanted to say nice job on the review. It intrigued me enough to actually download the app. This is one where I wasn't sure sure of the app's usefulness. After using it for a bit, I can say Poynt is very user-friendly and quite helpful, especially when visiting a new city. One quibble I have is that it won't directly map directions if (like me) you don't have BlackBerry maps installed. But all in all, pretty sweet product.

Good job on the review and nice video.

I loved the review and i think Brittany is a natural when it comes to this sort of thing but, did she really have to say 'perverts' and 'cleavage'? It kinda made me feel awkward, she could have just dressed more modestly and not said anything.

In no way am i dissing her. I still think it was funny. Besides, i'm downloading Poynt right now because of the review.

I have seen them all so far, this was the best one I've seen. But from the audition tapes, I think there is a couople people who seem pretty clever.
The only thing I wasn't sure about is why you just posted directions from a specific ihop right to your bedroom, even turn by turn for the 1.6 miles. Lol.

Pretty good review. You did seem a bit too eager but you got most of the important information across well. You are one of the younger contestants and it shows...not a bad thing, but it does make me question whether BlackBerry is just a fad with to you at this point. Best of luck in the contest!

I don't know if I am being particular or what, but I am getting annoyed by the display of amateurism in these CB Idol video reviews. From the ums and ahs, to the kissing up to the judges or barking at the community for your audition tape reaction, I just think that you guys did what you had to do get your audition accepted by the CB team and now it's time to act like you belong. Showcase your skills and let the best reveiwer win.

Now, for the review feedback. I thought you did a decent job. Your close up review of the app menus was easy to follow. Good choice of a good app for the CB blog reader to check out. I agree with the judges that your thumb at times was little distracting in your video. That could be because you're using a touchscreen device with an app that has lot of different menus. Your written review was very good and showed us what we needed to know. Good use of identifying location-specific problems with the app and providing some insight on other potential flaws. I think that a quick summary that includes pros and cons would be helpful. Overall, I liked your review and I look forward to your next review.

if she had been non-partial. She came off trying to "sell" the app instead of reviewing it. Aside from a couple of errors, the written review was good & the writing seemed to flow easily. I was a bit put off by the video however. She could have left off her little monologue at the beginning to show she could behave like an adult. Also, what was with the whole hands waving at the beginning? Her outfit alone was distracting, didn't need to see her hands flying around. Try to grow up a little ok?

Again, the written review was good but the video left me with a sour taste...

I seem to be the only one, apologies if I'm not, who noticed that one can now change measurements from meters to kilometers...of course I know that was just a slip of the tongue...unless its true and my American self is unaware of it.

On the "amateur" comment raised by trjnberry, I must say that I don't find it amateurish, I find it a product of trying something new. So let us all cut the challengers a little bit of slack in that regard, the joke was tastefully done and was actually funny. As adelineeleanor noted, humor (minus the second u for us Americans) is something she does have, and something that would be welcomed in more video reviews to come. Everyone should try and channel the UK Top Gear formula, funny yet extremely informative...but don't all turn into Jeremy Clarkson's either.

I said it every early in this contest that anything goes in a Crackberry contest. You don't know who is going to win. We got to pick somebody to win this thing. It's not Dieter, Georgia, and Craig's call to pick the winner. It's our call. How do we choose? There have been some excellent reviews. How do you choose the winner? At what point in this competition is it going to come to down to you having to choose between two or more favorites? How do you make that choice? Critical feedback is a bear to listen to, but you learn what your weaknesses are, so you get better. So, you win more votes when the battle lines are drawn between favorites.

I do not know any of the contestants. It doesn't matter to me who wins, what matters to me is that the person who wins has the skills and the professionalism to do the job. The person who wins should be one that we all can feel worthy of the title, even if our favorite didn't win.

There was no professionalism in this video. She acted her age & it showed. There were a lot of verbal pauses in her video which leads me to believe she needs a script more often then not. I liked her written but in all honesty the others so far have been better & without any gimmicks (except the male contestant who is using a female in his videos to gain male votes) or "outfits".

I'm still reserving judgment until all reviews are posted but so far Brittany wouldn't make my top 10. That's only my opinion & I don't mean any disrespect.

great product crappy reviewer. I think she should go back to colour her colouring book. Her ability to review is as great as her ability to pick up a guy at a lesibian bar. Which for all of you who can tell it's next to nill.

She might qualify for another chance maybe in six years when she:

1) grows up
2) learns what sells
3) learns how to talk
4) learns how to follow a script
5) learns how to operate without the need of a script
6) begs for a second chance after 6 years

I find that insulting any of your fans is unprofessional to say the least (yes, I am referring to calling some of us as perverts), and that to me looks like a huge red flag leading towards how she would treat the rest of the website if she was to become the Crackberry Idol.

honestly i think you need to check yourself and your logic here.. in the way she said some people are perverts i would expect only the people that are themselves perverts to be offended.. just my opinion..

Completely worthless application, can't give correct gas prices or find cheapest stations, can't find local restaurants.

Don't waste time with it.

Can't rate the review much better, cute girl, bad review.

you guys are dinks. Crackberry users, generally are pervs.

Females can't have CB forum display pics of THEMSELVES witout being hounded. Go ahead. Check their "visitor count" when they DO have one.

I think most of you are being a little hard on both the App and the Reviewer. XS11E, your phone must be rubbish because all of that stuff you just said (I'm going to consider it whining) works on my phone.

Anyway, the reviwer may be young, but you're going to call her UNPROFESSIONAL because of a lack of fluidity on her FIRST review? Or because you feel castigated that she called you a pervert (because you really are)?

In conclusion, I liked the review, but maybe I'm biased as I have loved this application since I had my Storm 9530. One thing that I use the MOST that I wish you included in your video was the reverse lookup outside of the app. In your call menu, go to a number that may or may not be in your contacts, press the BB button and Poynt embeds "Reverse Lookup" in the menu. Great tool!

Cheers scumbags

I got your point with the perverts and all, but for the rest of the reviews are you really going to wear that outfit--covering yourself up on purpose?
Don't let the perverted comments force you to wear something that looks off, and that whole outfit did not make sense. Maybe for this one only because you're trying to make a point.
People usually say, be yourself, and that applies here. Wear what makes you comfortable even if it means taking perverted criticism from the comments. Bottom line: be yourself!!!

Your written review could have been faster--trim the fat out of the sentences or eliminate unnecessary words. When trying to review an app, try and stay in the middle and don't appear biased. Users need to see what's wrong with the app as well.
For your next app, I recommend asking yourself what's wrong with the app, what annoys you with the app, and how it could be improved. The positives will be easier to write about.

Overall, good job with the hands-on device review. Stay commanding with your camera presence, and again...be YOURSELF!
Good job!

you give someone a spot where they clearly are not capable of it. She is... her age. In this case it is not a good thing. As a reviwer we require someone who is capable of being mature, capable of reviewer a product without odd pauses, and someone who fits in well, she does neither.

Good luck in the future but a crackberry reviewer is not in her deck of cards.

you can call me harash as much as you want but i am being very blunt and i'm not afraid to say it about a woman. This child has alot of growing up to do before she can even consider such a position.

Brittany, your review and video was biased. I think that while this was your first review, I'm sure with a few more reviews that are more polished, you are going to be a strong contender.

c`mon people, how wrong is it to say someones immature when in the last podcast it was filled with them messing about with the vuvuzela app!! (nothing wrong with that btw).

maybe the mature people are the ones basing their views around the reviews, not peoples looks or age.

Kevin, Bla1Ze, Adam and Craig are proven experts on the Blackberry. Kevin was having fun with a Blackberry app, showcasing it while the World Cup is happening, where the annoying app is based on a feature of the World Cup celebrations. That's hardly being immature. That's being creative. It actually sounded funny because he was using it to cut off the other speakers. He is often teased by the other speakers as being one that wants to talk all time.

I think it may be a challenge for Brittany to find a way to make her youthful personality creative rather than coming across as immature.

Age isn't a huge concern, but maturity is. The guys messing around with some app is not the same as someone who is just generally not mature enough to be a reviewer. Unless the forums are malfunctioning, the only posts she has ever made on crackberry are along the lines of "looking for friends, no creepers please". The use of the word "creeper", or claiming that anyone in her audience are perverts shows enough immaturity for me without even getting into the problems with the review.

I still wish her good luck, but unless she refines her review style, and adopts a more mature personality, I won't be voting for her.

Thanks for reminding me about POYNT and how to correctly use the features! Right after your video, I fired up my BB, made the proper settings . . . and searched for "breakfast" places! Thanks again!

Excelent app> I have been useing it for a few months now and love it. I downloaded it through BlackBerry App World for free. You mentioned something about the search radius units being available in meters and kilometers when actualy its miles and kilometers. Other than that, I enjoyed your review. Nice job!!! Looking forward to your next one.

Brittany its Dustin. I just want to say i loved your review on Poynt i think you have a great personality and that you bring alot to the crackberry table. i downloaded it last night. thanks for all your hard work in bringing blackberry users together! keep up that great work. i look forward to seeing you in the next round.

Brittany, sorry but this app isn't one that really needed a review. The BlackBerry has GPS with maps, or you can get Google Maps, and it shows you exactly how to go there. I also use yellow pages to find out phone numbers, make reservations, etc. You use too many "As I said before's" in your text and "also" a lot of "alsos." You are cute but fall a bit short of a good reporter. Sorry. :(

I love this app already - found it reliable, very easy to use and have recommended to all my Crackberry buds!

This is a must have app for your BB and it's free! It should come stock because everyone should have this on their device. RIM should disable all devices that don't have this installed. Yes, it's that serious!

She does sound like an amateur. She said "umm..." about a thousand times. But she has every right to cover herself up from you crackberry pervs lol. And if you get offended, she's talking about you!

Poynt is a very good LBS App. Another one that I use is BTSidekick. Both have their strengths so I have both installed :)

how about this for covering herself up? she can drop out and keep cover off youtube. Noone told her to apply. But at the same time it is not professional to call your whole audiance perverts. I don't know about your generation but in mine we respect everyone something Brit falls short on.

Gr8 review girl! but the service is not available in my country...i wish i was the BlackBerry in ur display picture :)

I have been using this apps for the past month and have found it useful. It was useful in Atlanta, GA as it was in Corbin, KY. So my take on this is...the reviewer did a great job on reviewing the apps. Hope you get to the next round Brittany..

Brittany, well done. I was unsure at first, but you gave a solid review. I also hope you make it to the next round!