Poynt arrives for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 1 May 2013 06:32 pm EDT

Poynt was always one of my favorite apps on BlackBerry OS and for a while there, I was really beginning to wonder if they'd make the jump over to BlackBerry 10. Luckily, I don't have to wonder any more as the app has now arrived  in BlackBerry World via an Android port. If you're not familiar with Poynt, then you may not know exactly how valuable of an app it can be at times or the features it offers so here's a run down of its offerings for you.

  • Movies – search by theater, movie, top 10 or genre; add theaters to favorites; sort by name or rating; view trailers; view Rotten Tomatoes rankings; add to calendar; send details to contacts; buy movie tickets
  • Restaurants – Search by name, cuisine type or nearby; click-to-call; get directions; view website; view hours and prices; reserve a table
  • Gas Prices (US/UK/Canada ONLY) – view best prices by grade or stations nearby; click-to-call; get directions; view station amenities; send details to contacts
  • Events – search by category, venue, performer, event or nearby; get directions; send details to contacts; add events to calendar
  • People – lookup by name or reverse lookup by phone number or address; click-to-call; get directions; send details to contacts
  • Businesses – search by name; get directions; click to call; add  details to contacts - Offers (US ONLY)- Find Offers nearby or by keyword

As you can see, it's a pretty feature packed app and best of all, it's a free download. Hopefully, in the near future they'll be working on a native app but for now the Android version is working out just fine. You can grab it via the link below to get started. Keep in mind, it's a regional app and not available everywhere. Poynt is free and available in India, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Australia and Germany.

Download Poynt for BlackBerry 10

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Poynt arrives for BlackBerry 10


How are they still functioning when they went bankrupt? I'm going to have to look into it. I lost a lot of money on that "Investment" :(

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Awesome, love this app! I also met a man on the weekend who bought the Z10 to use only as a camera, said he wouldn't activate it unless they got Poynt (and a few financial apps). Big win.

And when everyone downloads it and politely poynts (couldn't resist) out how much better it would be with native BB10 functionality, Poynt devs say to themselves "Hey, that's worth my time to develop!".

Sweet, the sideload had gps issues. Looks like they fixed it.
Yellow Pages has a native app if all you want to do is search for things, but poynt is far more advanced

I didn't have to side load this. I loaded direct from BlackBerry world to my z10. So far everything seems to be functioning fine.

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The android port is smooth as butter....with fewer calories--works really well, as of today. LOL--gosh did I say I love this app...and it is FREE for both PB and OS10 ;-)

So again another app that needs access to your contacts?? Can someone explain as to why poynt needs access to my contacts?? Getting quite fed up of these apps wanting permission to literally everything on my phone.

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+1 to this! Just dl'd & saw a screen saying access to everything was required but I could change the settings later. Installed & went to change settings, guess what - you can't. >(
I really liked this app w/ previous OS's, but will delete if I am unable to change these settings. They don't need all my personal info. Full stop!

That's so you can add to your contacts from businesses, restaurants, or people you look up in the app. It needs access to the contact list to do that.

BTW, it's always done that even in previous BB versions, so this is not new.

Where did the link disappear too? Im in the UK and BB World is saying that Poynt does not exist when using the on device BB World but is there on the web version.

Thanks. I was just pointing out that there is supposed to be a link in the article but BlaIze misplaced it (probably under that hat of his).

looks like I will be adding another app to my Z10. I am slowly getting back all the apps that I had on my 9900. I'm luvin' it!

I didn't even know Poynt was available for Android. Just found out the hard way... it's a nice enough app, but I wish it were native. Poynt was one of my favorite apps on my older BlackBerrys

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Well, I went for it and installed in BBWorld and it crashed so it may have been pulled from the link. Dunno. If you want to try it, search in BBWorld

To be honest I can understand those who are into their apps needing Android ports but every one for me so far has been laggy, buggy and slow compared to a native one. So, thanks Poynt for trying, not knocking you and I understand that this is a new OS and you are trying to attract users of what is a minority OS due to its age (3 months? )at as little cost as possible but, not for me thanks. Might be for you though! As I said, not knocking Poynt for getting something out there...

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I really like this app and it still offers more than most. In mid March, the app was not linking to movie times or offering movie trailers in either its native PlayBook version or the side-loaded android port on my OS 10. They must have ponied up some $$$, as it all works really well now!
You can find my review and info on side-loading here (I'm getting an error trying to get it off BBW):

POYNT Native App for BlackBerry Playbook and Android App for Z10


Working good on my Z10.......almost forgot about Poynt after getting the Z......glad to see it show up! Downloaded & works pretty smooth for a port.

I see a third of the functionality is still missing if you are not one of the anointed in North America. The People and offers functions are missing and oddly the petrol function as well as its supposed to be working in the UK.

On the old BBOS version I believe you could dictate which maps the app used (BlackBerry or Google). This one only uses Google and opens the browser to do so. Not horrible, but I'd prefer it use the BlackBerry Maps app so navigation would be easier.

It'll offer you Web, "Maps", or Waze if you have them installed. And by "Maps" I mean sideloaded Google nav etc...

I used Poynt all the time on my 9300... let's hope this means they're thinking native in the future!

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Awesome! Downloaded it. Works great. I missed not having it from when I had my Storm 2. My only want would be that it integrates with native maps and not Google maps so we can get turn by turn nav. But I'm not complaining. I'm just really happy that it's here.

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Why wait? This seems to work well, at least did for 10 minutes of playing around.

You can always delete it if you don't like...

The insta-bias against properly ported Android apps is staggering sometimes.

Free app, tons of features. The end.

This is how you CB10, son!

I'm really happy to hear Poynt has made it, even if it is an Android port.

Poynt has always been one of my must-haves, and I was really nervous when they declared bankruptcy.

The addition of Poynt made my day! I use it so much I often grab my PlayBook solely for that purpose.

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Wow! Was an app that I was definitely missing. Had android version sideloaded but hoping this works better!

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Nice to have a real port instead of the sideloaded one. Though I wonder why The gaz price category doesn't show up. I live in Canada, and I had it on my previous BB 9900. Too bad since I was using it.

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If you have Google maps side loaded you can invoke the app through poynt rather than having to use the browser which is cool.

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DL'd from App World and it works smoothly. I just discovered that Stryper will opening for Vince Neil at Summerfest here in Milwaukee. Thanks Poynt!!

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Nice to see that the Poynt app is finally available for BlackBerry 10. Hopefully they eventually make the app native for BlackBerry 10 though.

Thanks, got it. Been waiting for this one. Seems to work pretty well. Keep them coming!

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I just downloaded it and I am finding that the business search, deals search and restaurant search portions keep coming back as nothing found. The people search isn't much better.

The gas, weather, movies and events seem to be functioning Ok.

That's because it includes features that do something covered by those permissions, for example adding a search result to your Contacts.

It's not data mining...

This is how you CB10, son!

I was having some serious Poynt withdrawal. So this was great news. Running great on my Z with all functions a go!

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I'd never used it before, downloaded it and discovered we have a thai restaurant in town I never knew about. Lol. I'll have to check it out.

Don't like the 'device identifying' permission. The contacts and files I can understand but I can never understand why an app needs my device identifying info. Also wish it opened the BlackBerry native maps.

Al in all very smooth though.

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Too bad it isn't "Native" like on my 9650. Maybe just pass the middle man and go Android all the way; just kidding. Come on Poynt go native.

Hmmm... me too.

You can set the date if you look at Theaters Nearby instead of Movies Nearby, but then it errors out as if you hadn't set the date.

Maybe a glitch on the server side?
Hopefully resolves itself!

This is how you CB10, son!

I loaded it on my Z10 running but when I add to address book it only adds the phone number no name or address ... :/

Anyone else seeing that?

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Loaded and it started up fine. Tried to update my location... as well as did a location search, it froze solid. Going to delete and try again. As for lag there is an option for speeding up the animation in the settings. Still not sure about this port as I did find there was still lag that was noticeable.
[on the Rogers network and have the latest update for the Z10]

*edit- deleted and reinstalled. Poynt won't even launch now. Frustrating as I used this app a lot on my old 9800. Will come back to it once there is an update to it :(

I love Poynt; wonderful to see it on BB10. It works great on my Z.

I'd love to see Shazam available too

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Understanding why the permissions are needed alleviates the instant paranoia. Nothing sneaky, diabolic, or nefarious with the app.

Downloaded it for my Z but the movie section isn't working for some reason. Anyone else experiencing this?

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I loved using Poynt on my BB 9810 and downloaded the app for z10 immediately and deleted it immediately! Once installed, it disabled all buttons that would allow me to revoke app permissions. Why does Poynt want access to my contacts?

Here is my rule, perhaps unrealistic, but a hard rule no less: Any app that wants access to my Z10 and asks for irrelevant permissions, is not coming into my Z10. I regret that I have to live without the Poynt!


Great app. But no no -- asking for all phone info. That won't work. Who can guarantee that the info will not end up in their servers? Deleted it.

Have the side loaded one though. It is not as nosy.

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Sadly, it shows no movie information for today. Says information is available for tomorrow, but if I search for movie times for tomorrow, it gives me the same error. It's not as useful as it used to be if it can only display movie information on limited days.

I actually deleted it from my Note 2 because of this and started relying on Google Now instead. Hopefully, they get their data issues fixed, or another option (that works) becomes available for BB10.

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Crash and burn. POYNT. By far the best app ever. Along with SHAZAM. Great now I have one of two apps I lived by. Sweet. Gonna get it now

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Seems you don't give a flab about developers work. Soon you won't have any apps if you don't encourage them to make native ones. Sucks to be you!

Ok so here's a q for you folks. On my 9900 poynt had a great interface and integrated nicely into my system. So if i wanted to find out who called it was easy doing a reverse lookup. Anyone figured that part on the z10?

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Is there a way to differentiate an Android port from an app built for BlackBerry? Thanks.

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After the app is opened swipe down from the top bezel. If you see choices at the bottom of your screen, chances are it's a port

I don't like the idea of downloading android port apps because it might give the developers the wrong idea...that they don't need to have support for BlackBerry devices because by having BlackBerry users download these ports they are killing two birds with one stone. Just my opinion.

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BlackBerry should hurry up and acquisition Poynt.
Poynt has been pretty loyal to RIM for years. It is such a good app, it would be great to see it integrated into the core of BB10 and see it combat Google Now. Integrating it with BB10, it would be good to see it notify us when we are near locations etc etc etc etc.

Has anyone else thought this? Or am I just crazy????

Blackberry Faithful

Smart thinking actually!

Services integration is currently where it's at in the smartphone space.

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Poynt was bought out by Intertainment and Avenza. Only reason Poynt had money issues was payroll was $600,000+. To many hands in the cookie jar. App never stopped working and works fine on all my devices.

"Hopefully in the near future they'll release a native app..."
WTF! They've had 3 mths to do that! If some young developer in West Africa, Dubai, India etc can do this in half the time, then Poynt has no excuse; just laziness!

Not downloading, not needing it until native is released.

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Intertainment Media (v.int) bought Poynt when it filed for Chapter 11, as they owed INT somewhere around 1.5 million. It was cheaper for them to take it over then to loose everything. They are just starting to get it back on board.

I used Poynt all the time on my old Torch and it was one of the first apps that I looked to download when I got my Z10 on launch day.
Fantastic that it is now available, it is such a handy app, used it all the time.

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I should have read the reviews and CB comments before wasted my time installing the app. There is no way that I am giving an app unrestricted access to my contacts, files including pictures etc on this device, cloud etc.
They need to fix this before I will reinstall it.
Really hope they can fix this as a very handy app.

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Contacts access is needed to integrate it. What else is the app supposed to do if you want to add recent locations? Shared files is to CACHE INFORMATION that poynt uses. THEY DO NOT mine data. Why be so paranoid? Seriously?

People these days. Just appreciate the fact that we EVEN HAVE APPS. Who cares if it's a damn port. Gheesus.

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