Poynt Adds Local Restaurant Search

By Adam Zeis on 25 Aug 2009 11:16 am EDT

Location based Poynt announced today that they have added a much needed expanded restaurant search function to their popular application. Poynt features searches for movie times, retailers, businesses, driving directions and more. The new restaurant search capability allows users to search enhanced listings of restaurants, read reviews and book reservations. You can search by location, name or cuisine, and even get driving directions or add reservations to your BlackBerry calendar. Poynt is free - just head over to m.mypoynt.com from your device to download. Check out the full press release here.

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Poynt Adds Local Restaurant Search


upgraded on Storm. Now the Cell-Site Location doesn't seem to work anymore. Not good, hope theres a solution

Just installed the update to a Storm, found my location faster than before even the basement where I work

OK, WTF? Why would they remove the cell site location capabilities? That's just stupid!!! Now you can't use it on non-GPS capable BBs. Dumbass move guys! Put it back in! Not only that, but if you're inside, cell site location before would help you get at least a general location fix so you could look stuff up. Now it's isht!

PUT CELL SITE LOCATION BACK IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just downloaded. First it finds your cellsite location, then in less than 10 seconds, even when indoors I get a GPS lock.

Verizon 9630 Tour user here.

This is a great app!

This program is even better now works absolutely fantastic! This is definitely the best program for the storm.

yeah, it kills me too. i use apps like this every so often, so I want them archived. you can only archive with the blackberry store. if an update comes out, I end up doing it from an OTA link, then have it archived and installed. what a hassle. then, when the update finally makes it to app world, i have to delete and install all over again after 73 reboots. arggggg!

Doesn't work on my Bold. Opens fine, but any search and I get an error for "insufficient coverage". Previous version worked fine on this OS, I don't think my OS is the issue.

This great application just became greater!

Just installed the latest Poynt version and it does seem to acquire the gps location quicker. Local restaurant search is a great feature as well.

I think due to this, I'm going to stop installing apps via App World. App World is good for newbs. I don't think I'm a newb anymore.

What I don't like about Poynt is when you use the Movie feature (which I use a lot), it gives you options for trailers and when I click it, it goes to a TELUS website using BB browser and then says "not supported" or something to that effect.

a) Why have that option when the BB browser doesnt support flash?
b) See a.

I'm on Verizon here in the states and I watch movie trailers all the time. Not a device issue. Must be your carrier or some settings related to your carrier?