PowerMat Wirelessly Charges Almost Any Device - Enter to Win a PowerMat Combo!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Dec 2009 11:55 am EST

The PowerMat sets out to solve your charging dilemas. If you have multiple devices and chargers running rampant, you can hook up the PowerMat and "cut the cord". The wireless charging solution charges up to 3 devices at a time, all without the need for conventional wired chargers. You simply place down the PowerMat, plug it in (ironic right?), choose your weapon (aka wireless receiver or "PowerCube") and charge away. The PowerMat feature and array of wireless receivers (battery doors) for various devices that you simply snap on and you're done. Place the device on the PowerMat and it charges. Included is a PowerCube with multiple adapters for devices such as iPods, Nintendo DS and mirco USB. The PowerMat Portable Mat folds up into a neat travel case allowing you to take it anywhere, while the cleaner Home and Office Mat looks a bit nicer but isn't built for portability.

After playing around with the PowerMat for a few weeks, I honestly think it is more of a novelty for BlackBerry users than anything. Using a BlackBerry Charging Pod (at 1/4 of the cost) is a much easier solution with no additional accessories involved. The PowerMat requires either the PowerCube and adapter (which ultimately is the same as just plugging in your device) or a wireless receiver that will run you another $30 on top of the PowerMat price. That said, it is pretty cool. :)

Contest: We have one PowerMat Portable Mat bundle to give away. The bundle includes the portable mat, wireless receivers for the Bold 9000, Curve 8900 and Curve 83xx and the PowerCube with adapters. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. This contest will run through Sunday December 20th. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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PowerMat Wirelessly Charges Almost Any Device - Enter to Win a PowerMat Combo!



would love to see how this well this works...a little pricy, so winning one would be ideal! thanks crackberry!

Well, we're still a long way from "true" wireless charging, but we're one step closer...

All we need now is to extend the range and we'll have the perfect charging solution!

This looks like an absolutely fantastic solution to simple, yet effective charging of mutiple devices :) ...

Wow, the PowerMat seems like such a neat solution to charging. It's definitely a technological move in the right direction for all wireless devices.

That is pretty darn awesome, I can deffinitely see many uses in different locations.

not to mention the wireless cvapability,I love technology!

Thank YOU for the opportunity to win this !! I would LOVE to give it to my dad for Christmas !! He is a Blackberry , Crackberry addict !! I call him Whackberry :-)

I have been dreaming of getting my hands on this for a while now...hopefully win this contest. Thank you Crackberry for giving us this chance....

Would love one of these.....im constantly fumbling around 87585 different charging devices and this will cure me.


Would be so convenient to just keep plugged in in the living room for anyone to charge their phone when needed, and I wouldn't always have to go get my charger from the bedroom....Things that help to make you lazier are the best :D

This would be so awesome to have. I have about 39 miles of cords in about 2 square feet of area.

I saw this a month ago, and was so close to buying... i hope i made the right decision, and win a free one..

I think this is the best multi charging device out. With the power cube you can pretty much charge any device without buying the battery doors.

I've been seeing ads for these, but thanks for finally explaining how it all works. Oh yeah....Pick Me..LOL

To be frank whats the purpose? I see only one benefit is to it will charge 3 devices at one time! Thats it! Whats the use you are plugging the Mat to the power source and then using the Power mat adapter to be placed on the power mat and then the mini USB wire goes into the Blackberry for charging! Why all the circling around....it takes me less then 2 seconds to put my BlackBerry on the charging stand...which is cheap and comes for less then $20...

I feel its all hyped....no use for me for sure....

Besides the fact that you can charge multiple devices at one time, in my case the storm 1 (when made applicable) and ipod touch, what good is this charger? I thought this would charge wirelessly, meaning you could walk, charge, and talk at once. If I win one, then I'd use it. But I don't think I'd buy one on my own.

gonna need this to charge my girl friend and my blackberry together! That's all i want to xmas!

Please send me the powermat as it is the first step in my plan to take over the world. (diabolical laughter)

With all the devices and charging cables I have, I needed to get a power bar. This powermat sounds like a great product. Sure would save me the hassle.

With Christmas right around the corner I can not think of any gift better than this. Stocking stuffer all star.


I am a student journalist that runs off multiple blackberries. I literally am up 20 hours a day building our publciation, I created out site which now gets hundreads of thousands of daily hits (not to bad for a high school huh?), have been the only high schooler into major events (like being the only high school student in america to have national press credentials to the inauguration) and constantly update my streams and site through my crackberries. Please please please look at me as a choice and if ur interested in our site check out khsprairienews.com

I have been watching the development of the powermat for years now since initial launch. This is sick. I could really use a free one of these. Thanks guys.

Really neat alternative to charging... I would definately use it. Soon enough that replacement door won't even be noticable.