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PowerMat Wirelessly Charges Almost Any Device - Enter to Win a PowerMat Combo!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Dec 2009 11:55 am EST

The PowerMat sets out to solve your charging dilemas. If you have multiple devices and chargers running rampant, you can hook up the PowerMat and "cut the cord". The wireless charging solution charges up to 3 devices at a time, all without the need for conventional wired chargers. You simply place down the PowerMat, plug it in (ironic right?), choose your weapon (aka wireless receiver or "PowerCube") and charge away. The PowerMat feature and array of wireless receivers (battery doors) for various devices that you simply snap on and you're done. Place the device on the PowerMat and it charges. Included is a PowerCube with multiple adapters for devices such as iPods, Nintendo DS and mirco USB. The PowerMat Portable Mat folds up into a neat travel case allowing you to take it anywhere, while the cleaner Home and Office Mat looks a bit nicer but isn't built for portability.

After playing around with the PowerMat for a few weeks, I honestly think it is more of a novelty for BlackBerry users than anything. Using a BlackBerry Charging Pod (at 1/4 of the cost) is a much easier solution with no additional accessories involved. The PowerMat requires either the PowerCube and adapter (which ultimately is the same as just plugging in your device) or a wireless receiver that will run you another $30 on top of the PowerMat price. That said, it is pretty cool. :)

Contest: We have one PowerMat Portable Mat bundle to give away. The bundle includes the portable mat, wireless receivers for the Bold 9000, Curve 8900 and Curve 83xx and the PowerCube with adapters. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. This contest will run through Sunday December 20th. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

Reader comments

PowerMat Wirelessly Charges Almost Any Device - Enter to Win a PowerMat Combo!


I use to think this was a great idea till I went to the store to check it out. You cant even use your device as it's charging.. As soon as you pick it up it's not charging anymore.. I'd rather stick to my cord.. Atleast I can use it while it's on the charger... Anybody Agree or Disagree??

I was looking at this solution yesterday it looks interesting but I would need the adapters for other items I wanted to charge...

well i have 5 kids and a wife. 3 of my kids have phones besides myself and my wife who have blackberries. i can not say it enough what a great idea this would be for my house since im going out every week buying cords for my kids.

Need I say more? This is a commuter's dream. I nominate myself, and hope that by this exemplary democratic feat, I shall win.

This looks like it's very handy to have........would be nice to show off at the next Linux convention. :-)

I fix blackberrys all day long at work and this is the greatest product ever! I want one for home use and I recomend everyone pick one up!

This would be way cool for myself an my girlfriend. She has an iPhone (hey, I love her anyway) and we have two chargers next to the bed. This would be awesome!!

This is definitely an interesting idea, not having to carry around different types of chargers for my various devices. I just hope they come out with receivers for the storm and tour.

Wow, I never thought it could be done. Must be awesome charging your phone wireless. Count me in! I'd love to have one of these for my 8900 :)

That would actually come in handy! If I don't win it from this contest, I think I'll probably just have to pick it up anyway. :)

We are always searching for our chargers(phone, ipod, ds, etc....) and grabbing the wrong one. Trying to find the kids charger and ours can be an hour long endevor at times. Unfortunately none of the devices take the same plug. This would be a great family gift. Please pick us. Happy Holidays :)Thank you.

My brother has the office model (non folding) and it works great. I agree with the video though about not leaving the back on all the time.

I have been wanting one of these, maybe this entry will win it for me!! Fa la la la la Merry Christmas to me !!!

this looks really nice. I would like one please.

Kind of wish it didn't need receivers but that will come with time.

Now this would be a nice present to myself. :). And the first contest I ever won. I hope so at least.

Now this would be a nice present to myself. :). And the first contest I ever won. I hope so at least.

Now this would be a nice present to myself. :). And the first contest I ever won. I hope so at least.

this would be great to eliminate the clutter on the counter with my kids' nintendo ds' (they have a charging option for these) and my Storm2!

I would love to win this. We have so many cords and plugs! Two blackberrys, one palm, one itouch, two ipods, two motorolla phones, and that doesn't even include laptops and handheld games! It would be awesome to be able to charge some of these in one place. Thanks!

This would be neat to have. One day (probably not in my lifetime) we'll have wireless everything, including electricity.

This is just proof.

haven't won one yet but its cool that all you have to do is comment...this would def. be cool to win!

haven't won one yet but its cool that all you have to do is comment...this would def. be cool to win!

OMG!!! I have SO been waiting for this one. I don't care if it doesn't have the adapters for all the Berrys yet, I'd use the cube for my 9700 & 8520 til they do!!!! ANYTHING to help reduce the wires I have in my life. This is like a dream come true.

I have even asked Santa for it!!!
I have been a very good girl this year, and it was hard to be so good!!! ;)


This would be awesome, there are some kinks to work out like allowing seamless integration with anything that uses a battery for power but induction is the wave of the future. Imagine one day buying a desk where the entire top is induction capable... laptops, mice, tables, blackberries, mp3 players, cameras all charged without wires!!!

I have been wanting one of these for a while. Registered for every Powermat contest I can find and have not won. Pick me :)