PowerMat Wirelessly Charges Almost Any Device - Enter to Win a PowerMat Combo!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Dec 2009 11:55 am EST

The PowerMat sets out to solve your charging dilemas. If you have multiple devices and chargers running rampant, you can hook up the PowerMat and "cut the cord". The wireless charging solution charges up to 3 devices at a time, all without the need for conventional wired chargers. You simply place down the PowerMat, plug it in (ironic right?), choose your weapon (aka wireless receiver or "PowerCube") and charge away. The PowerMat feature and array of wireless receivers (battery doors) for various devices that you simply snap on and you're done. Place the device on the PowerMat and it charges. Included is a PowerCube with multiple adapters for devices such as iPods, Nintendo DS and mirco USB. The PowerMat Portable Mat folds up into a neat travel case allowing you to take it anywhere, while the cleaner Home and Office Mat looks a bit nicer but isn't built for portability.

After playing around with the PowerMat for a few weeks, I honestly think it is more of a novelty for BlackBerry users than anything. Using a BlackBerry Charging Pod (at 1/4 of the cost) is a much easier solution with no additional accessories involved. The PowerMat requires either the PowerCube and adapter (which ultimately is the same as just plugging in your device) or a wireless receiver that will run you another $30 on top of the PowerMat price. That said, it is pretty cool. :)

Contest: We have one PowerMat Portable Mat bundle to give away. The bundle includes the portable mat, wireless receivers for the Bold 9000, Curve 8900 and Curve 83xx and the PowerCube with adapters. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. This contest will run through Sunday December 20th. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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PowerMat Wirelessly Charges Almost Any Device - Enter to Win a PowerMat Combo!



You have to change the battery door which makes the phone thicker. He said he would only use that door for charging. Seems inserting a cable would be just as easy. Plus if they don't have an adapter then you have the plug in a cable. Which if I am not mistaken is the whole point of the powermat in the first place. What a waste of technology. Pointless. Please do not let me win this one.

Not really sure how this gives much of a benefit as you must have either a special battery door or you need to use connectors.

With the connectors you have to plug the phone in anyway... might as well just use your charger.

This seems soo convenient, especially because i'm going all the way to Taiwan in a week. The travel case would be perfect! PLEASE give me one! :D

Yee Haw... I knew this was coming eventually but its cool to see. The future of electronics, wireless power! Please enter me into the draw, I definitely want one of these!

This is a freebie I would just love to add to my BB arsenal. Oh Crackberry Clause all I want for X-mas is a PowerMat!

Woo hoooooooo!

Please let me win a bundle..I've wanted this thing forever but I think its ridiculously expensive please help me out :)

This would be pretty cool to have. i wish their was a better way to charge the storm 9530 than use the usb adapter though. it really is no better than just having an extra battery at that point

...I'm not sure I'd drop the $140 to buy one (mat + receiver), but if you're giving one away, sure I'm in!! :)

The name reminds me of the Nintendo Power Glove
Power Mat "Now your playing with power Crackberry power" sweet would love to have this Crackberry as always thanks for all these aesome contests

I have a whole family who all have BB's so this would sure clear up the clutter of charging devices.

I saw this advertised on TV the other day and decided this was a must have for me. With the PSP, DS, DSi, 2 blackberries, cell phone and other electronics my night stand looks like someone spilled a bowl of spaghetti all over it. This would get rid of at least 3 of those cords hanging around.

Would be great especially with a newborn running around!

I asked for one for Christmas because it's a great idea, but still a bit too expensive for my budget. Hope i win!

So this is basically useless since you need to carry the powermat AND the pod around to charge the 9550. Easier to just carry the travel charger.
(yes, i know that this will likely make me NOT win the prize)

Its a wonderful way to powerup ones handheld devices and thus going wirefree and look cool.Would love to have one and show off!!!


Its a revolutionary way to charge up stuffs and to show off as well.Would love to be a part of the revolution.....

Filled out a survey from PowerMat and they are sending me a receiver for my iPod Touch. Now I just need a mat! LOL!