PowerMat Wirelessly Charges Almost Any Device - Enter to Win a PowerMat Combo!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Dec 2009 11:55 am EST

The PowerMat sets out to solve your charging dilemas. If you have multiple devices and chargers running rampant, you can hook up the PowerMat and "cut the cord". The wireless charging solution charges up to 3 devices at a time, all without the need for conventional wired chargers. You simply place down the PowerMat, plug it in (ironic right?), choose your weapon (aka wireless receiver or "PowerCube") and charge away. The PowerMat feature and array of wireless receivers (battery doors) for various devices that you simply snap on and you're done. Place the device on the PowerMat and it charges. Included is a PowerCube with multiple adapters for devices such as iPods, Nintendo DS and mirco USB. The PowerMat Portable Mat folds up into a neat travel case allowing you to take it anywhere, while the cleaner Home and Office Mat looks a bit nicer but isn't built for portability.

After playing around with the PowerMat for a few weeks, I honestly think it is more of a novelty for BlackBerry users than anything. Using a BlackBerry Charging Pod (at 1/4 of the cost) is a much easier solution with no additional accessories involved. The PowerMat requires either the PowerCube and adapter (which ultimately is the same as just plugging in your device) or a wireless receiver that will run you another $30 on top of the PowerMat price. That said, it is pretty cool. :)

Contest: We have one PowerMat Portable Mat bundle to give away. The bundle includes the portable mat, wireless receivers for the Bold 9000, Curve 8900 and Curve 83xx and the PowerCube with adapters. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. This contest will run through Sunday December 20th. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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PowerMat Wirelessly Charges Almost Any Device - Enter to Win a PowerMat Combo!



I have been contemplating picking up a PowerMat for awhile now.

This would be a fantastic win!!!

Thanks guy's!!

We sell these at work but they're so darned expensive. I would love to have one though! Would work great for my Bold 9000!

Only thing I see with this is that I sometimes use my phone while charging. I would be able to work through that though. Especially if I won it!!!

No matter what the reviewer said, it's still nice to have one. And for free to boost. :)

Count me in please. Please oh please pick me as the winner. Thx a lot.

I think this is a gerat item for all, NO cords to fumble with! In the middle of the night or in the morning BEFORE my 1st cup of coffee. ~ : )

I've been waiting for This contest. I got to see a Powermat in person and it is one delectable dish of delicious digital devastation. Here's hoping.

i saw a review on this the other day on a news channel. pretty nice device. the ELLEN show gave some away too....

i would love this.. it would sure solve the problem of always finding a charger for my families blackberries... pick me!!

This to me looks like it is more work then just plugging your phone into the charger. I wouldn't keep that battery door on all the time, so I would have to change my battery door, then put it on the charger. The charging pod is the way to go.

Although I would like to win anything from CrackBerry, I have to agree with the article that says that Desktop Charging Pod is a much easier solution. I really don't understand the idea of the powermat - it is supposed to be wireless charging, but you need to plug in the mat (which already defeats the purpose; why not just plug in the actual phone charger) and then, unless you have a Bold 9000 or Curve 8300/89000, you need to plug that in, too. Am I missing something? Why would anyone spend $97 for this?

My wife NEVER wants to plug in her 8330, then complains when the phone is about to die! "What! Why won't this last more than 2 days on a charge!"

This would save me endless amounts of headaches!

I have been eyeing this sustem for some time and was on my list of gifts to myself! Hopefully i get it.


This looks so cool. It would be very handy to charge my ipod and phone at the same time. Would love to win this!

Here is my entry. I could really use this. I have cables running everywhere to charge my blackberrys and accesories.

You have no idea how bad I need one of these. My phone is used so MUCH, Thanks for tha chance to win one.

I would like one of these to put our phones and my kids' DS on... Hope the come up with adapters for more blackberry models (9530 please)

anyway, include me in the contest, thank you

I hope I win this powemat because I got a Bold 9700, Curve 8900, and a Pearl 8120 and I also got a psp and a ipod touch so this would be good for me cause ive lost some chargers

This would be perfect for mƺ because I'm almost never hømƺ but wƺñ I Ðø go hømƺ I always forget to plug in mý fone, so with this I ©ãÑ jü§t walk in place mý fone on top n continue with wãt I gotta Ðø. =]

This is pretty legit. I don't know what I would rather have, this or the charging cradle, which is pretty cool also. I wouldn't mind winning this though lol

Let's hope the 9700 battery door is a little less bulky.

Count me in! I would love to have this for the family and all our devices.. :D! Pick me Pick me!

Thanks for all theses great giveaways crackberry! You're the best!

this is a great constest, hope i can finally win. its hard to charge a 9700, 9000, 8310 and an ipod touch all together. this would help. pick me

A power mat, oh yeah, count me in!!! I could use one of those, it would be good for all my travels that I do for work ...

It would be nice to have only one cord coming from the wall up to my night stand. It would eliminate chasing my cords that fall behind it when not being used. They need some more receivers though to eliminate the cube.