PowerMat Wirelessly Charges Almost Any Device - Enter to Win a PowerMat Combo!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Dec 2009 11:55 am EST

The PowerMat sets out to solve your charging dilemas. If you have multiple devices and chargers running rampant, you can hook up the PowerMat and "cut the cord". The wireless charging solution charges up to 3 devices at a time, all without the need for conventional wired chargers. You simply place down the PowerMat, plug it in (ironic right?), choose your weapon (aka wireless receiver or "PowerCube") and charge away. The PowerMat feature and array of wireless receivers (battery doors) for various devices that you simply snap on and you're done. Place the device on the PowerMat and it charges. Included is a PowerCube with multiple adapters for devices such as iPods, Nintendo DS and mirco USB. The PowerMat Portable Mat folds up into a neat travel case allowing you to take it anywhere, while the cleaner Home and Office Mat looks a bit nicer but isn't built for portability.

After playing around with the PowerMat for a few weeks, I honestly think it is more of a novelty for BlackBerry users than anything. Using a BlackBerry Charging Pod (at 1/4 of the cost) is a much easier solution with no additional accessories involved. The PowerMat requires either the PowerCube and adapter (which ultimately is the same as just plugging in your device) or a wireless receiver that will run you another $30 on top of the PowerMat price. That said, it is pretty cool. :)

Contest: We have one PowerMat Portable Mat bundle to give away. The bundle includes the portable mat, wireless receivers for the Bold 9000, Curve 8900 and Curve 83xx and the PowerCube with adapters. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. This contest will run through Sunday December 20th. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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PowerMat Wirelessly Charges Almost Any Device - Enter to Win a PowerMat Combo!



That said I am really looking forward to when this is included in the default battery doors from RIM.

I just had to leave a comment about how much I like the noises this thing makes. WICKED. lol.

Nice video Adam. Now you need to keep doing up vids like these all the time. :)

I will not argue that it is a cool piece of electronics, I would much rather have my charging pod for my Bold 9700, way less fuss. Now if I were to win this somehow I know a friend that would love to have it.

Whats the point of the PowerCube? After all the connections, you might as well just plug it in with the standard plug... Cool technology, but needs to be refined.

That would be perfect for my house with 3 cell phones. All 3 phones had low battery one day: one in the charging pod (only one pod in the house), one plugged into the computer, and the other one plugged in another room(missed a few important phone calls). This would be great have.

I always thought this was a nifty idea... Too expensive for what its worth though that is for sure. Getting it free would be awesome!

I have 3 Phones in my place. My PSP and my DS and my little brothers DS all charging in the same household. This would be cool because I only have two outlets in my room and the other stuff gets charged in the living room. i ould love to have this. I could leave this by the bed and charge everything in one place. This looks great. Please Pick Me!!

I will wear a I heart Glenn Beck, or Rush Shirt to San Francisco's Bay to Breakers Race next year, and attempt to get on to Camera with Art Mann and his AMP show. :-D

I've been drooling over this since I first saw it at Best Buy! This sure would be a nice contest to win... Please, CrackBerry Contest Gods, make your winning light shine on me!

WOW! I could really benefit from one of these since we have 4 devices that take up too much space, not counting the all of the wires.

I have been meaning to get one but if i can win it here, this would be really really cool. either way good luck to everyone.

I have been tracking this thing since before it came out, I neeeed to get my hands on one of these powermats! So here is my contest entry :)

Sure why not, free is good. What about extended life batteries (Storm 1) and the custom doors that go with them?

This would make everything so much more simple at the house when charging phones...i was going to buy one for christmas, but let me try and win one first...

Oh mah Damn! I want one of these so bad. Thought the duracell "mygrid" seems to be just as nice and a bit cheaper. Both products have ups and downs but as for asthetics the Power Mat gets my vote!

Wow! Merry Christmas indeed... Congrats to the winner of this great gift, and thank you crackberry. I could really use something like this.

Since there are three Blackberries in my family and several other devices that might be able to use on this would be a welcome improvement to all of the cords through out the house.

I wish they would come out with a bold 2 case> I'll take it anyways if its being offered and just wait until said case shows up I guess.

wow, what redundant device. If you're having to plug things in, replace battery doors, etc - there no new real benefit.

I keep getting zapped with the wires on my kitchen counter and what's worse, so is my wife. If I don't get something soon I think me and all my charges are going to be shown the proverbial door. Problem is I spend money on a Powermat then I'll get he boot! See? Lose-lose situation for me! Please support my plight and let m win one!:-)

would be great for some of my devices that has it's charger port broken! just place it on the mat and use it again! sounds great

This is the greatest invention in the world for someone with a dozen gadgets strewn around the house. I have more plugs than outlets...

This would be a dream solution.

I have been looking at something like this for a while. Would make the decision much easier if I won it!