Powering down your BlackBerry - Turn Off vs. Full Power Off

Powering Down BlackBerry
By John Yester on 19 Sep 2011 01:02 pm EDT

BlackBerry devices have a lot of options and settings to be configured to each users liking, but sometimes these settings can be very cumbersome. You're not sure which is the correct option to choose let alone how the device will function after making a change. Recently I have been seeing a lot of questions pop up in the forums from users asking "Should I turn my device off using the Turn Off selection or Full Power Off?" Hopefully we can quickly clear up the differences between the two. Here is the official RIM response:

The BlackBerry has two power-management modes:

  • If you use the Power button, and select Turn Off, your BlackBerry will turn itself on again when the alarm activates it or when it is set to turn on automatically.
  • If you use the Power button, then select Full Power Off, your BlackBerry will not turn on again until you press the Power button. All alarms, notifications will not activate. (You will never see this option if you have alarm set to off or device auto on/off disabled)

So if you choose Turn Full Power Off and set an alarm to get to work in the morning, keep in mind it will not wake you up!

Now of course many of us would ask why the device even has a power button (since we never turn them off),  but for those who may want to use this power function, the option is there for you to choose.

Reader comments

Powering down your BlackBerry - Turn Off vs. Full Power Off


As far as power to the device yes. But if you mean reseting the device. No a BlackBerry battery pull (Reset) is different.

oh i was referring to the Reset option. Just moved from Torch 9800 to Torch 9860 and really miss the ctr+shift+del keys :(

I use bedside mode to mute the LED, because my BB is my only phone, my mom actually called me at 2am Sunday morning to take her to the hospital, so i need my phone on at all times for things like that.

I found out this OPTION drains battery, cause it constantly activate in BG, when to turn off and on.
so in my opinion is better to put in a cradle shut down the LED form a set hours and also all alerts but leave on only for call's and you are set(BED SIDE MODE), it will dim at night and beside that you have a clock in your room + a pone.

It would be nice if you mentioned what OS version you are talking about as the seems to be an OS7 option only.

I only get the options if I use the Power Off icon not the Power button as stated in the article. If I press the Power button I get the Turning off device, next on time: XXX, press any key to abort message.

This is a great battery-saving feature. If you forget to plug in your phone overnight, this will turn it off for you and save your battery so you're ready to go in the morning. I set mine to off between 2am-7am.

To answer the other question, no, it does not replace a battery pull or alt-shift-del! It's ONLY to save battery overnight

In my opinion, this is no better than turning off all radios and just holstering your Blackberry.....still goes to sleep regardless

Finally!.. I've always wondered for years what the difference was haha thank-you so much :)
Loving my VZW 9850 btw

I have a 9810 - whether I use the power button or the power off icon - I only get the following message: "Turning device off Press any key to abort"

Is the option mentioned in the OP something that must be configured?

Correction- doesn't work if using red end call button. Does work if you open menu find the power off symbol and select it.

i always turn my BB off at night before i go to bed and just do a turn off not a full power down it extends your battery life up to an additional day on my usage

This article is a good refresher - thank you!!!

My old 8220 (sim and phone number only known to family) uses auto alarm on/off - and sometimes I need to 'turn off' that phone using this method.

My 9700 doesn't give that option unless I have an alarm set ..... as per the author's comments.

so is this only for os7 phone or for os6 to cause i didnt know u can fully turn off the phone... i thought there was only power off and battery pull to reset or alt + ctl(aA) + del