Power User Must Have: Fuel Case for the BlackBerry Bold

Need more battery life on your Bold? Give it some FUEL!
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 May 2009 08:24 am EDT

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The Fuel/Bold combination is beefy, but gives you a LOT of juice.

Charge Fuel and your Bold at the same time via Fuel's Mini USB port; On/Off switch provides added control. The holster itself is well built, durable, provides an added level of protection and holds Bold securely.
Hands-On Look at the Case-Mate Fuel Case for the BlackBerry Bold

Power user? BlackBerry Bold not making it through the day? You need to pour some FUEL into it! What you're looking at in the photos above is a new carrying / charging solution from the folks at Case-Mate that will power your BlackBerry Bold for a long, long time without adding any size or bulk to the actual smartphone you hold in your hand.

The Case-Mate Fuel Case for the BlackBerry Bold serves as a protective case, carrying solution and extended battery all in one. The standard BlackBerry Bold battery offers 1550mAh of power, and Fuel adds another 2300mAh of charge, over doubling the OEM capacity.

Case-Mate Features and Specs

  • Talk time: up to 7 additional hours beyond standard BlackBerry Bold battery life
  • Stand by time: up to 20 additional days beyond standard BlackBerry Bold battery life
  • Power on/off button makes more efficient usage of the fuel by only engaging when you decide to
  • Fully ratcheting 180-degree belt clip

I've been using Fuel for the past few days and can really appreciate the convenience it offers. For hardcore power users, Fuel will be a much-loved everyday solution. For others, it may not be a daily-use accessory but definitely is one to keep in your accessory drawer as it will come in very handy on occassion. For example, back at WES in Orlando this month I was rocking the Bold and to make it through the day had to carry around a (charged) spare battery at all times (heavy 3G usage was draining my battery quick). And while carrying spare batteries can get a heavy user through the day, it also means buying/carrying around a spare battery charger and remembering to always charge the spare battery. Having dead spare batteries doesn't do one much good (been there, done that). Having Fuel for WES this year simply would have been awesome.

Fuel doesn't have a sleeper magnet, but because it's charging contacts make contact with the Bold's charging contacts it does put the device into standby when in holster. The holster itself really holds onto the Bold securely. All in all, this is a good accessory - one that I'm looking forward to spending a lot more time using (will report back down the road with longer term findings). It's not exactly cheap to buy, but with a retail price of $79.95 (you can get it for less at ShopCrackBerry.com) you technically are getting a spare battery, spare battery charger and a holster which all summed up would be more expensive than Fuel but without the added level of convenience. It's definitely a creative option that true BlackBerry power users will want to check out. If you've already put Fuel to use, be sure to let us know your thoughts of it in the comments!


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Power User Must Have: Fuel Case for the BlackBerry Bold


I bought this as soon as I saw it on case-mate! I love this thing! I no longer have to have a charger with me everywhere I go, looking like an idiot trying to find a plug when my phone is running low! LOL!

It's too bad there won't be a Storm version since the Storm doesn't have charge contacts. Seems RIM is leaving behind the concept of charge contacts on recent models.

Well, I guess you COULD have one for the Storm, but it would have to have a short micro USB cable coming out the side to plug into the Storm's charge port. Blech!

They could make one for the storm actually. They could just make a holster where you slide the phone in sideways, with the charger plugging into the micro usb on the phone. Could it work? Yes. Will it happen? Most likely not...

What current regulations would limit that? I want to buy this but traveling by air would be one of the reasons I would need it...

I'm pretty sure gasoline is a big no no on airplanes.... just a guess...


I wouldnt think that there is anything wrong for it really. Just like an extended battery.

what an excellent idea.

dont know if it can be used as a 'charger' too- but itd be cool to be able to use the holster to charge the phone with stored power.

I think there should be some sort of disclaimer on that particular pic, because I'm sure there's going to be some uninformed, non-technical person who will bug their IT guy to get the "gas powered holster" for his device. That may be funny to us, but I'm betting it happens.

Yeah... like me. I saw just the headline and the picture and i thought to myself, so does it make noise like a lawnmower? haha, i thought it was going to be the stupidest thing, but i actually lovee the idea. I'd buy one if it were possible to make one for the storm

I got one for one bold when I first saw it and it is the best item that i have for my bold. I only wish they made one for the storm so i could have one for both my phones. Great holster.

So, I gotta be honest I'm laughing to myself right now because at first i really did think it took gasoline. I got done writing a long post about how stupid and dangerous that is, and then i thought to myself there's no way in hell they have a gas powered holster so I looked on another website and realized my error. Needless to say I feel really dumb right now.

"you can get it for less at ShopCrackBerry.com"
not if you live in Canada :(
$30 for shipping really sucks!! Won't evey buy anything off CB for that reason!!

Please get cheaper shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the best idea ever.

i always laughed at those ppl that had that AA looking battery thing hanging from their phone, lol

awesome invention

The fact that it's sold out on Case-Mate's site is pretty telling. I like the fact that you can turn it off and power on when needed.

Be great to see something like this released for the 9530, but I wouldn't hold my breath...

I bought this when I first saw it too. Got it a week ago Wednesday and can't get it working. I can't get anyone at Case-mate to get back to me. I emailed them that night and got a canned reply. Nothing since. Called them earlier this week and got a voice mail box. Left a detailed message. No reply yet. Not happy and ready to send it back. Bad customer service.

Not sure if this is your issue or not, but you have to hold the power button down for around 5 seconds to get it to turn on or off. The packaging this thing came with was very nice, but the instructions really were sub-par.

I am heading over to get one. I bought a new heavy duty battery for my bold and hate the bulk and the weight. This is the answer to my prayers

Does the Bold have the same battery life problems as the Storm? I can't get my Storm 9530 to stay on for a full day, unless I leave it at home/in my car while I'm at work.

I've been waiting for this review ever since Case-Mate sent me the email. I will be traveling this summer and I definitely need this instead of carrying my charger everywhere I go :)

Got mine directly from CAse Mate (Sorry CB App store but CM had it in stock now, free shipping). So far this is exactly what I was looking for. The instructions are horrible, however. If you need help I'd fo to the CB forums.

I won one from Crackberry (thank you Zombanger Adam!). Even if you just used it as a clip case, it's damn nice. And for those heavy use days what a bonus! After a full charge I still have 50% left in the Fuel (it has a flashing LED indicator to show the state of charge). I'm impressed.

This is a great idea and it does what it says as far as keeping the Bold fully powered. However Casemate has an issue with the clip that holds the bold in the case.

I have lost my Bold twice and I am on my 5th case since August '09. Thanks to very good Samaritans my Bold was returned to me, once it fell out of the case in a cab in Times Square New York. It has a load ring tone for certain callers and a lady returned it to the cab driver who answered it and brought it to me. The other time it fell on the floor as I got out of a chair.

I am as I stated on my 5th case since Aug. '09 as the clip material has broken on each and every case. The folks at CaseMate have been great at replacing the unit after it fails but it is getting old and I am really considering another option for battery life.

This is just the COOLEST idea I have seen for a very long time! It's a must have for any BB user

Anyone know if they will make one of these for the 9650? Or any BB with the old 83xx, 88xx type charging contacts?

so you can't physically use the phone while its in the charger/cradle? It looks like it mounts in reverse. So you can only charge when not using. You can't drain the cradle's juice while using the phone? Is this correct?