Power Tools updated with LED for BBM contacts, tile view and more

By Alicia Erlich on 19 Mar 2014 09:59 am EDT

For all of the Power Tools users out there, the features list is about to get a little bit more robust. This latest update not only brings with it the option to toggle the icon layout between tile and list view, but the ability to set custom LED and ringtones for any BBM contact. You read that correctly — it is the first LED application to support individual BBM contacts and is one feature I know I have been waiting for. 

Be sure to check out the change log and all of the fixes and changes that go along with it. 

Power Tools v3.1 Change log 

  • Added Tile icon layout.  You can switch between List or Tile view by selecting the icon on the main screen
  • Modified the Manage LED screen to include Apps, BBM and Messages
  • Finally LED for individual BBM Contacts.  Set custom LED and Ringtone for any BBM Contact. Power Tools is the first and only LED application that supports BBM Contacts. You can not manually setup BBM Contacts. You will get a Hub notification when a new BBM Contact or Channel sends you a BBM message. You then open the Hub message and follow the instructions. To turn ON and  OFF Hub notification for Applications and BBM Contacts go to the Application Settings screen and select App and BBM Notifications
  • Added System Information screen. Here you can get information about the Battery, Hardware and CPU. The Battery screen is now moved to here. The CPU screen shows Processor type, MIPS etc. and the Hardware screen shows detail information about the Processor, CPU Speed, Memory etc.
  • Added the Settings screen and separated each into it's own preference screen
  • Added disabling Geofencing in the General preferences. This is good if you do not want Geofencing to waste battery
  • Fixed The Wave.  Before you must have the Flip and Hush enabled
  • Fixed Repeat bug where it blinks on reset. If you continue to have this problem just delete the _reminder.dat file in the PowerTools folder in the Misc folder on the Device
  • Fixed the SMS and Email scheduler. It was not getting the Phone number of SMS and Email the CC field not automatically populated

This well constructed all-in-one utility application supports BlackBerry 10 for $3.99, though available features vary by OS version. This update requires OS 10.2.1.

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Power Tools updated with LED for BBM contacts, tile view and more


Nice!!! When will TILT update??? To show msgs from the HUB etc

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There is a forum thread on this very topic

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers [/URL]

Haven't used PowerTools but I moved to Hubb++ from BeBuzz and I don't regret it. Bottom line is BeBuzz is unreliable. Have been lots of issues with led not working since going headless. Even prior to update, i had issues with contacts being deleted randomly and backup / restore feature. So they have 95% of same functionality, BeBuzz may have slightly cleaner ui, but if it doesn't work, it doesn't serve it's purpose. Hub++ has worked 100% for me through 3 days.

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Just having the phone vibrate when connecting/disconnecting a call makes this app worth every penny for me.

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Have been able to cancel many a accidental call just because my phone first vibrates when initiating a call.

The GeoFencing to change my Sound Profile when at home, work, meetings... is also a very cool feature.

This is the #1 MUST have app for BB10. It's like 5-6 different apps all rolled into one package. From the customized sounds, to the wallpaper changer, to the custom LED's...you simply can't go wrong. You can't even compare this app to BeBuzz, because it does 100 things more. Not to mention the fact the dev is super-responsive and attentive to your questions or issues. You won't go wrong with this one.

Out of all of the "free" apps that BlackBerry gave away at the end of last year..... I've deleted all of them.

Really wish BlackBerry would choose a few really key apps like this one to offer users to show they power of BB10 devices.

Haven't used BeBuzz since they went Headless, I couldn't wait any longer and went with Power Tools. It is lacking a little in the notification area with a more limit number of LED choices.... but who can remember what all those blinking colors mean.

Because it is too awesome. Sultan Alzoos (if I got his name right) is probably busy with other projects.

I wish it were available on BB10 too.

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One little extra bonus would be the weather showing like wallpaper changer. This app just keeps getting better and better.

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Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers [/URL]

I love this app but the blinking LEDs are irritating at times as they blink in quick succession. If only they would blink with a 1 second interval similar to the red default LED. Any way to correct the blink speed?



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Best headless app for our devices
All in one without problems
Thank you dev for supporting blackberry
Keep going

P.s I have asked it again, but if you please can make the battery percent to be shown near the battery icon you would be perfect .
I don't want to swipe all the time to see the battery percentage
Please make it happen

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This part confused me a bit: "You can not manually setup BBM Contacts. You will get a Hub notification when a new BBM Contact or Channel sends you a BBM message. You then open the Hub message and follow the instructions."

I'm sooo close to getting this app now that VzW has finally graced us Z30 owners with 10.2.1 and setting custom LED colors for my BBM contacts is at the top of the list (making Power Tools my only choice, if I'm reading this correctly). However after reading the part I quoted above, I'm wondering if I need to jump through some hoops to set custom LED colors for my BBM contacts: it doesn't seem straight-forward as I assumed it would be. Maybe I'm misinterpreting this?

What it means you can't just open the LED screen and manually add a new BBM Contact.
You will need to wait for a contact to send you a BBM message and then you can open the Hub message and add the contact to the BBM contact database.

When you add a new BBM Contact do not use the Link button unless you want to link the new BBM contact with an existing BBM Contact that you already have a LED for.

Just purchased the app after reading the comments here as well as the reviews in BBW. Hope it's worth it!

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I just updated my os to 10.2.1 and re-downloaded now that I have headless ability. I'm liking the app now and will experiment with it before I rate in BlackBerry World.

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Great app, I only miss one thing now: wi-fi on/of in geofencing, or as a start maybe if for example I connect to my car through blue tooth it also turns the wife off ;-)

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Has anyone had a problem with the holster option...? Mine works in the vibe mode for approximately two weeks then It just rings in holster so I have to uninstall and then download again for it to work asked the developer and he's not much help just said that's strange.

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I got Hub ++ and was not as impressed. Not so user friendly. I got Power Tools today. It is much more user friendly! And it has INDIVIDUAL Contacts you can set alerts for. I like Power Tools much better.

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