The power of BlackBerry 10 - from QNX

By James Richardson on 20 May 2013 05:35 am EDT

Chances are that if you have been an avid follower of BlackBerry over the past couple of years you will be well aware that the Canadian company purchased QNX some time ago and that was the building block for BlackBerry 10.

However, if you are new to BlackBerry 10 I can pretty much guarantee you that the above video will give you the 'WOW' factor. As you will see - QNX has been around for a long time and the software is responsible for some of the most high tech things we have in the world - from air traffic control to space technology, just to name a couple.

With the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 now available, maybe checking out the video will push you towards making the switch to BlackBerry if it is something you have been contemplating? As BlackBerry have said "BlackBerry 10 is a mobile computing system" - and from where I'm sitting I'm not sure there is another competitor with so much potential?

Please let us have your thoughts in the comments and also a big thanks to Joey Cardamone for the tip off.

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Brandon Mc Kechnie

BB10 is brilliant... love my Z10

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I think that's one of the best BB commercials I've seen...


I concur

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jojo beaconsfield

this should have been on tv yesterday !!!awesome!!!

jojo beaconsfield

actually there is ,a somewhat similar commercial, on youtube,I just checked it out. The new Blackberry Z10 Commercial. It has been edited and the sound track is terrible,some guy moaning,Who screwed this piece of perfection up.granted they had to cut several seconds out to get to 53 seconds.


Most definitely!

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I agree... this needs to be on TV!


hell. if i had the money id put the ad on TV myself. I don t think there would be any complaints.



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Sigh, will they put this on TV?
These are the type of ads that will actually WOW people....


This ad is sensible, impressive and even invokes some emotion (pride) so, no.

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Russell Durose

QNX is great for a platform

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Awesome ad. This should play on TV all the time...

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Love it

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Awesome Awesome Awesome

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This would make a wonderful TV advertisement.

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Awesome ! The people, anyway, do not commonly know about the meaning of RTOS....but the video it's indeed great, and somehow it captures the essential...reliability of a RTOS.


Great video! Short, yet very clear message delivered. Totally going to share this. As a BlackBerry10 user, I think is our duty to educate some out there who are still sceptical with BlackBerry product.

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VOTE +1 to put this on TV


Tweet @BlackBerry to air this

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After watching this video, my heart swells with pride.....I am a Z10 owner.....soon to be Q10 too.....!


Some of this but in a more mind-blowing and in-depth manner is what was missing from BB Live if you ask me... (show us how the passenger will interact in the train for instance... show us a scenario (new one) of mobile computing at work... ;)

Very nice video!


Very cool commercial. Will tweet and post it!

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This should be the ad running during the NBA finals... least once per game get the word out BlackBerry

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Why am I not seeing this on TV everyday? So sick of the corny music quick commercials that show you none of the amazing phones amazing features. This doesnt show any of them either, but at least it gets your attention and doesnt make you want to change the commercial. It has a real intrigue appeal, you want to watch the whole commercial to see what they are talking about. BB big wigs take note! BB advertising has been one of the most embarrassing parts of the BB10 rollout so far.

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Imho, the bb10 phones features right now dont really stand that much apart from other phones so even if blackberry create an ad showing the current bb10 phone features, it wont really catch viewers attention. But this ad here shows how potent qnx and bb10 is. I absolutely love this commercial...gave me chills. I agree, this would have been an awesome super bowl ad.


I posted this on the forum the day this video was released and CB doesn't even give credit? :(
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I saw this commercial a few weeks ago or something similar. Great inspirational video but it could do damage to the QNX brand. I mean, users who see an app crash on their phone might link it to the OS and then say "this is what nuclear stations run on?". This commercial is great but it is geared to the informed user who can distinguish between the OS and apps.

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Dude I completely agree!

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Luckily (hopefully) the people selecting 'nuclear power plant' management software are *slightly* more discerning than the average tv-watching consumer....

Although, .. Homer Simpson ... hmm :/

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I'm not really sure the QNX brand is all that strong. This is a consumer advertisement and the QNX brand has no real traction outside of system builders, anyway. When I think of QNX, I think of the Amiga debacle, a failure so grand that it left personal computing with only two platforms -- Mac and PC. The joint venture with QNX and QNX's tendency to over-promise literally ruined what should have been a bright future with Gateway. I'm guessing that the failed relaunch of the Amiga is the only thing that most consumers think of when they hear QNX. Sure, it's used for embedded systems, but, it's hardly dominant there. And, the brand doesn't pull weight; it's hardly like Porsche is plastering QNX everywhere so as to benefit from the strength of the QNX brand. Qnet and some other features of QNX are really cool, but the real focus needs to be on reinvigorating the BlackBerry brand... IMHO... :)


It's pretty unfair to blame QNX for that. Gateway were the ones who pulled the plug on the idea, rumour has it that it was because they were pressured by MS to stop research into an OS that would compete against Windows.

I don't know why you're blaming QNX for the mess. It certainly doesn't agree with anything I heard at the time or later on.


No, it's *very* fair to blame QNX. The way I remember it, QNX breached and delayed over and over, again. Gateway held on a long time, finally set a firm date for execution of QNX's duties under the contract, and QNX failed, again. Worse, QNX publicly blamed the fact that their promised emulator didn't work and QNX Photon sucked performance wise on Gateway's decision to go PowerPC. It was only after QNX informed Gateway that they would not be able to perform by a date certain that Gateway sold off the assets. At least, that's the way I remember it.... and the way other people do, as well. Here's a link to one person's account online. (I just chose the first link from a Google search.

Don't get me wrong. The reason why we have BlackBerry 10 and not the BlackBerry TabletOS today is because BlackBerry is a better company and far more committed than Gateway was. I understand that. When I saw Mike L. dig his heals in and continue with other "astonishing" acquisitions like Gist and and continue hiring and partnering and pushing, I knew that the next BlackBerry OS would not merely be QNX as a glorified Adobe Air player. All's well, that ends well. There's a lot to the awesomeness in BlackBerry 10 -- the browser, the UI, the APIs -- but, it's because BlackBerry as a company, QNX included, continued to push on. The link I provided above chronicling QNX's role in the failure of the Amiga is really about events that happened in the late 1990s. QNX is a different company today and a far better one as part of BlackBerry. I root actively for QNX and rarely have a negative thing to say... but, it's ridiculous to propose that an add should compromise its potential to enhance the BlackBerry brand in order to protect the QNX brand. Once, again, the only place I'd ever heard of QNX before BlackBerry picked them up from Harman for what was the Amiga debacle. That's not strong consumer branding and I think the leaders of QNX would insist that they simply haven't marketed to consumers; that's not the company they were, but today they are BlackBerry and the potential is much, much grander!


Umm I don't think so. This person beat you to it.

And guess what? I posted it as a reason I stuck with BlackBerry just a few hours after it was posted by QNX.

I'm not going to expect credit for it...


The guys n gals of CB don't spend their spare time scouring the blogs to see if someone beat them to a story.


This has to air everywhere in the world pronto.

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I like it. Now put this on TV.


One of the best ads I've ever seen for Blackberry.

They just better have the fix for the random reboots released before they air it or they might look a little silly. ;)


This advert REALLY needs to be on TV! It's the perfect marketing tool, I cannot stress this enough.
I have some genuine concerns with BlackBerry's latest moves, namely the BBM decision and the Q5, and I really think they need to push these latest devices and HARD!

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That's by far the best commercial BlackBerry can put on TV.

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Mo Cat

Yes, agree, it's short and to the point.


Finally a good advert for the bb10 phones !!!

Serkle K

It's not just a mobile platform, it's progression. It's a way of life.

Okay, now where's my check?

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QNX is the way to go!

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this should be on tv like yesterday!!


Lets unleash the truth of Blackberry Mobile Computing !!


This should have been the Super Bowl Commercial

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Keep up the good work BlackBerry top job....

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That is by far the best ad I ever saw for BlackBerry. Put it on TV now!

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Loving that Ad

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Nothing extraordinary, Apple is doing the same thing with OSX/iOS and so is Microsoft with Windows, except that their kernel was developed for x86.


Go take a look at Microsoft and Apple's legal documents for their software some time.

There are specific disclaimers in there that customers are NOT to use their product for applications like power stations or life-support equipment, or you are in violation of their license and they attempt to basically disclaim all liability if someone dies as a result of using their unreliable software.

Kind of hilarious, because those industries are PRECISELY the industries that QNX targets and has a large installed-base in. ;-D


Yes, but I was talking about the ubiquitousness of the OS, not about its reliability.


Your still wrong

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Yeah, surely because Windows can only be found in desktop computers...


What exactly is the iOS powering? Which planes, trains and automobiles?


Who cares? It might one day and in the mean time, OSX is being used by millions to do other things that QNX can't.


Yet you didn't answer my question. Can't you find another site to troll?


Your question did not deserve an answer since it's irrelevant to the point I was making: Other OS can be found in lots of places too. It doesn't matter if it's not a car.

EDIT: Actually I did answer your question since OSX is found in millions of mobile computers used daily.


Yet you fail to cite examples. If I wanted any lip from you I'd rattle my zipper.

Edit: yeah. OSX is in millions of computers... Apple computers.

Moving on.


OSX is in millions of laptops, tablets, phones, MP3 players and soon watches and who knows what.
Just because it's not in cars yet doesn't make the mobile platform less relevant.


How does that even compare? DOS is in billions of computers. The point of the video is reliability, security, etc. Watch the video next time.


Exactly! DOS, Windows, etc. Many OS today are found in many places.

I was making a comment to this statement:
"As BlackBerry have said "BlackBerry 10 is a mobile computing system" - and from where I'm sitting I'm not sure there is another competitor with so much potential?"

I don't feel like BB is in a unique position today.


Wow! Your so uninformed it's not even funny. Lol

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Thank you so much for bringing interesting arguments to the conversation :D


Your welcome

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El Platanero

Quote of the day

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I'm sorry, but the iPad doesn't qualify as a mobile computer. It's a fine device for consumption of content, but doing real work with it is a silly proposition at best.

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And how is this relevant? It's a mobile device powered by OSX.


You can't multi-task on the ipad, it's garbage in the business industry unless your young it as a POS, and most smart business owners don't.

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Again...relevance? To use your example, the fact that QNX can run a controller in a nuclear station doesn't mean anything to a web agency.

The fact that the iPad can't properly multi-task is a design choice, not a problem with OSX.
QNX's microkernel has its faults too you know...


I'll rephrase my original query. Besides Apple products where can you find products powered by OSX/iOS? If you can't answer that question just put the conch down.


Game n point!

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So, just because Apple has decided not to license its OS, it makes it less relevant and powerful as a computing platform?

And Windows is found in many non-Microsoft products. What's your argument there?


Ofutur ATFQ otherwise STFU


Seems you can't read....

The answer to the question is:
Yes, there are other competitors with so much potential.

EDIT: That's the answer to this article's question. No point in answering yours again. Ask someone to explain my answers to you.


There a difference, nobody would trust ios to run or so any of the things QNX can do, your comparing OS in to very different categories. OSX/ios could never power a nuclear power plant, roller coaster, air traffic control, run On Star, QNX is the backbone the Internet runs on.

Your trying to compare numbers of devices running a os, when the video clearly talks about reliability, QNX is used when things CAN NOT fail. Big difference.

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Yes, reliability is key for some industries, but BB10 has plenty of problems, so it's not because something runs QNX that it magically becomes reliable.

The BSD kernel is one of the most secure kernel you can find. Think OpenBSD and yet, smart people find ways to jailbreak iOS because of what sits on top of it.
Same for Linux/Android.

And fyi, astronauts are using Windows XP in the Space station.

The author of the article was making a point about the fact that QNX is in use in many places, but so are other OS. Reliability has nothing to do with ubiquity.


Ofutur I'll quote Kevin O'Leary since your presentation sucks as much as your valuation : "You're dead to me ".


It will probably change my life... for the better.


Qnx isn't the backend of bb10, if they code bb10 wrong it can have problem, doesn't mean anything about qnx. OSX is not reliable no matter how you out it, fight and say what you want but the truth remains, OSX could never be used to run on start, or the backbone to the Internet.

Nissan may make a car, but if the dealership sells it with a problem or no tires I can't blame Nissan for it.

Your clearly here just to stir things up
So let me put it this way, your right OSX is found in millions of devices, but OSX and QNX aren't even in the same category, qnx would chew OSX up for lunch.

Qnx is a embedding platform.

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SDTRMG you may as well talk to yourself in the mirror. Your reflection would understand more. This guy doesn't get it.


Well that was an entertaining read. Must be a fanboy.


I agree, I'll leave it alone. To even compare OSX and QNX is crazy lol

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"Yes, reliability is key for ALL SERIOUS industries..."
".. so it's not because something runs QNX that it magically becomes reliable." ...definitvely agree. But starting coding on a solid and secured OS is definitively more in a reliable side direction.
"... smart people find ways to jailbreak iOS because" ....Euhh my young 14 years old kid was able to easily Jailbreak its iPod..... Hopping no one will ever have to idea to control a chemical, nuclear, ... plant using the today's OSx/iOS control system.
In the industries, you find a lot of Windows based control system using it (Wonderware, FactoryLink, Allen-Bradley,... just to name few of them). In fact it became almost a no brainer for industrial process controls.
When going to more security & reliability demanding application...QNX & DCS are pointing out as the way to go.
I'd never ever saw any OSX/iOS used in the industry ...other then personal work computers, iPhone or iPad.


This is a great motivational video, but BlackBerry needs commercials that shows and gives examples of how BB10 keeps you moving. That's the only way they will spark more interest.

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This should be a new commercial for BlackBerry..

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I can't stop using it for one reason or another!!!
I have had many BlackBerry units over the years with my Z10 being the best!


Post this video on your social feeds everyone. Let people see what we know.

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Now that should have been the superbowl commercial

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Yes, except this is one minute and would have cost them a fortune. Not sure if they can condense it to 30 seconds for airplay. However, this does need to be on TV because it shows the power of the OS. This is needed to introduce people to BB10.


Superlative ad. Great technology does not always lead to great implementation.


Switched from I phone three weeks ago and I can honestly say I haven't regretted one day, brilliant platform with a fresh new feel about it.

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benedict gomes

Why doesn't BlackBerry call QNX as BlackBerry??

After all its the bb's product now.

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Because QNX is under the hood of bb10. It isn't bb10. That would be like calling a cummins engine a dodge or any plane that uses a GE turbine a GE instead of boing? We have been using it for our development platform since 1995 (QNX 4.25 and then neutrino).

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QNX is a component of BB10 devices.


Awesome! Should definitely be a tv commercial!

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Many People remember Blackberry as the phone with the stale, dated OS (thinking of the OS5, 6, 7 devices). There are many many millions that have no idea that that Blackberry has changed and this is a new, fresh OS. This advert does NOTHING to tell anyone that there's a new BB OS in town.


Don't think that's what this commercial was intended to do.

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They should use that Utube video as a TV commercial!

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This is what should have been in the Super Bowl commercial!

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Tweet @blackberry to air this commercial

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Amazing ad for a mind-blowing device!


We need to tweet this.....

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Absolutely perfect! That is an add that simply says "I can do anything, and I can do it right. "

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This is a pretty good ad. Sometimes you negative nancies are funny. And pathetic.


Awesome video, qnx is amazing!

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QNX = Quantum Neutrino Xcelerator. Little brother of the Large Hadron Collider. ; )

Posted via CB10 using my awesome BB Z10


BB10 is a fantastic platform. Would never dream of switching to some generic or restrictive OS. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for BlackBerry. .......

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How come this isn't on TV??

Posted via CB10 with Blackberry Z10


well said was wondering the same thing


That's the kind of add that needs to be in TV.


I agree. This should be a tv ad. Power sells.

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If I was on the fence about blackberry this commercial would definitely make my mind up
Good thing I'm not!
Proud Z10 owner

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Cant Wait to share this for everyone to have a look at:) Loving the power of QNX


Wonder why BlackBerry doesn't put that ad on TV? I've never seen it anyway.

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Doug Berry

It should be on TV all the time. What are they waiting for?

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A lot of money was obviously put into making that ad it would be crazy not to put it on TV. Its hard to imagine they didnt at one time plan to, hopefully it makes it on the air.

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Leroy Padilla

There is the ad they needed at super bowl.

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This is exactly what needs to be on the air to introduce people to BlackBerry 10.
At the end, they should say BlackBerry 10, not just BlackBerry because you don't want people confusing the legacy OS with the new.


I've often wondered if BlackBerry really understands what they got when they purchased QNX. Looks like they are starting to figure it out. QNX is unbelievable.


I think Mike and Jim figured that out a few years ago so that's why BlackBerry bought QNX. I feel like we're the ones surprised by what QNX is capable of doing.


Definitely a better form of advertising needs to be taken, let's start with this commercial. I have noticed some ads on Pandora and. Internet sites such as but BB needs to step it up.


Only problem is BB loves to only release cerebral commercials that come off dull and emotionless...This one would have been great. Let's hope though ^

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Agree 100%, love my 10

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Jimmy Fong1

Great video! So glad I stuck it out! BlackBerry is back and back for good. The sky is the limit. Innovation is key.

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Wow, now THAT is a commercial that should be aired.


Lot of WOW factor in the video, wonder why BB doesn't get it out in front of the main ad campaign?

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Best ad I've seen from Blackberry. This is what should be put in front of the masses - instead of showing off "cool" blackberries with a "cool" commercial, show the core of why this is a great phone. People would think it is "cool" to have a phone that has the same tech as NASA, high-speed rail, etc. I'd tweak the end to just a little - we are talking about marketing this to the masses. Instead of "Now imagine all of that in the palm of your hand", a line like "Now imagine that same power in the palm of your hand". It's a subtle difference, but I think a necessary one.


This vid KILLS IT!!! THIS needs to be on TV pronto!!


Although the ad is pretty good, I don't think the connection between QNX and BB10 isn't made explicit enough and would potentially leave 'normal' people confused.


Seriously, that was a great ad. I could see this run unedited before the trailers at the movies. They need to have a stronger marketing push and this ad works.

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So why wasn't this the Super Bowl ad? (That thing was terrible) This is way more effective and I bet cost thousands upon thousands less to make.


This should have been the super bowl add
Maybe even add a dash of "Powered by QNX " in there, so people can see it's not the old legacy software
Even so there is still time PUT IT ON TV!!!

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Yeah, my thoughts are close to this. A dash of: "BlackBerry, BB10 now powered by QNX"

Love this commercial, not LIKE the Mac 1984 commercial, but similarly invokes a powerful, emotional response as noted in many posts here. Everyone calling for this instead of the superbowl commercial. Emotional response, emotional connection. This commercial hooks you and, if it was on TV, would make you stay in the room to see what in the heck they are talking about - I expected a "QNX" commercial, but when it ended with the Z and BlackBerry it GOT ME MOVING!


It's funny how we talk about QNX but what about TAT, Imo they really deserves a mention.

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Agreed. In many ways, TAT deserves more mention. There's nothing about what QNX has brought to the table that distinguishes the device to consumers, but the "flow" of the UI is what makes the platform special to almost everyone I talk with. I'd like to say QNX brought stability greater than the old Java OS and, in theory, they certainly did, but Kevin just posted an editorial with poll showing over half of all Z10 users are experiencing random reboots. That's just unacceptable, and I'm sure the BlackBerry team feels the same way. It might be a process that runs on top of QNX that is the culprit, but whatever the case, it seems like it's pretty low level or maybe something to do with the Hub as no one can isolate it to a particular process or thread.


Wow... impressive... love my z10...

Sent by Bbry Z10


Tweet @blackberry to air this commercial

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Only way to get the message and video across to many peeps is to share the link on my Facebook and Twitter account... free publicity, why not... why advertise when us bbry heads can share the link to our friends and families... nice ad btw...

Sent by Bbry Z10


That gave me layers upon layers of goosebumps!


Love this. But, they should only put this on TV after the random reboot issue is fixed :p

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This definetely needs to be an international commercial. I hope that Boulben fella is screening this site!


Yes, some think this commercial would not target the right audience. Well, they may have a good point? For me though, it's impressive and that's what makes a good commercial. This would be a great way of re-introducing the BlackBerry brand. Let people know how incredible the software is and how BlackBerry has come full circle. So many commercials don't even come close to the feeling you get after watching this. This is not just because I'm a huge BlackBerry fan, it's because it's true. Get it out now! For the love of God!Now!!!

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Love it!

Posted via CB10


That is by far the best ad I ever saw for BlackBerry. Put it on TV now!

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And yet they cant get 10.1 on the playbook.

sorry folks, have to keep bringing it up.


I know loads of technicians who swear by Cisco, and bash Blackberry every chance they get. If only they knew...


Wow, to echo quite a few of the comments this NEEDS to be on TV!


Cool stuff. Not sure what a regular consumer would get from it unless they cared to investigate what it is talking about. QNX is not even mentioned.


Could we possibly get polls to vote on which BB videos should make it to tv? I think we as consumers/fans, know what WOW's us, and would WOW others. This vid sounds like it definitely should be playing repeatedly on mainstream tv.


I strongly suggest not to put this on tv.

This is not a good idea.

Posted via (CB)


If a lot of people are not choosing BB because they believe it doesn't have the selection/quality of apps they want, how does this video change their minds?


Needs to be on TV in the United States for sure. I just got back from a few weeks of business trips to the US and didn't see a single commercial. I was showing my Z10 to everyone I could and they thought it was cool. One bartender told me she had just asked her boyfriend if BlackBerry was even around anymore. In fact the only thing BlackBerry related I saw was at Laguardia airport (I believe it was this airport, my past few weeks have been full of airports and travel). That and the fact that Delta had free Wifi for BlackBerry phones for the month of May which was awesome.

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Brilliant ad! Almost as brilliant as my Z10 smart phone! I'm in love with the technology that is in the palm of my hand

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Just for those of you that really want to know what BlackBerry means by Mobile Computing ... what is going on behind the scenes of this video ....

"BAB04 - Evolution of Mobile and M2M Computing" presented by Linda Campbell
- Linda, Director Strategic Alliances , BlackBerry, has been with QNX for 20 years! In her role of managing the alliance practice at QNX, Ms Campbell is a key contributor to the company’s business strategy. Over the years, she has been prime on developing relationships with Adobe, Alcatel-Lucent, Apple, Audi, Freescale, Gracenote, Google, IBM, Intel, NVIDIA, Texas Instruments, and many other industry players. She has also spearheaded QNX participation in industry initiatives such as the Connected Vehicle Trade Association, Eclipse, and ng Connect.

Most recently, Ms Campbell has been involved in developing the M2M alliance strategy for QNX Software Systems and BlackBerry!

I suggest you grab your favourite brew, reheat the grill before hand for that last BBQ of the Canadian long weekend and book 1 hour to listen and what the slideshow. VERY critical if you're a fan-based investor ... this will get you thinking about BB/BBRY in the long-term.


That's a great commercial.


Thx James , I can't wait for your complete Q5 review " Cheap as Chips " with NFC $$$

Joey Cardamone


Would love to win the Q.

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Show this to that netflix ceo guy.

Jerale Hoard

This commercial shows how superior BlackBerry is to other OSs. BlackBerry is no longer playing catch up. I saw this when QNX first posted it and once I've watched it I started sharing. Plus I like how QNX rebranded their logo.

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If they run this in the U.S., there's only one change they *must* make. Please, show the phone connected to "4G LTE" rather than old "4G". Just "4G" will remind everyone of when BlackBerry released HSPA+ phones with 4G branding and sold them as 4G phones despite having no support for LTE.


Blackberry should find a way to include rotating pieces of this into their Z10, Q10 and Q5 marketing.


I wish the ad would be more specific as to who uses what, and that they're not talking about actual Blackberry phones doing all of those things...


Why the F wasn't this the super bowl commercial??? That would have got people thinking.

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Yes, good commercial.. But "potential" means nothing unless it's put into action!!
Blackberry has had great potential for years..!! Without QNX, n has sat on their potential time n time again.
Ask any major professional sports coach or GM about "potential" and hear what they tell you. "Potential" doesnt win championships.. and in this case, it wont win (or regain customers for that matter).

BB needs to once n for all put all this "potential" into action.

*Coming from a former BB user who misses his Keyboard n BB.. smh.


The best part of the above video? It's ALL TRUE. QNX is simply awesome. We all know that and the rest of the world will soon discover for themselves.


I'm very happy I didn't listen to the salesperson pushing me away from the Z10. I came back to BlackBerry and I love it!

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let us do our part by sharing the link*

BBM CHANNEL C000EF854 < stocks*C0004ABC9


@0:52 that's Hong Kong!


Yep, pretty awesome. Comes across like "We are taking control of everything that is important and you can to. Would be great on TV.

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They should edit this s bit and then show the Z10 and Q10 at the end. Make sure people get the connection.

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Abhishek Vora

Truly the best Blackberry add so far. Spread the word people.

Anne Gomez

BlackBerry 10 platform brings the power of QNX technology to individual customers.Built on our powerful QNX foundation,it delivers the right combination of a powerful user experience. As a BlackBerry 10 device, the Q10 runs BlackBerry's most advanced operating system. With it comes all the new features BlackBerry Z10 owners enjoy, including true multitasking (running multiple applications at once).


Probably an attempt at viral advertising.....let the internet propagate the views...


Agree, one of the best commercials i've seen for BB in general. Make it a multi-part series. Get the word out.


this is pretty cool. I stumbled across this video from TAT pretty cool based on the fact that its a 3 year old vid and Blackberry now owns this company!!! Can you imagine the possible Future of BB with this ontop of QNX !!!!


That image used on the home page for this article would make a great looking Z10 or Q10 case, or does someone already make that and where can I get one for a Z10?

ker Sumawang

Love my zed10. Add me:d

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Show it with the upcoming Star Trek movie. Would be very impressive on the big screen.

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The Z10 is my first BlackBerry and it's sweet. My previous phone was a Samsung.

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QNX in future will be great support for creating futuristic OS systems,i bet


I don't care what new app or game blackberry introduce to their customers, if they don't fix the little problems, the complaints will slow the growth. Don't they understand that negative comments spreads faster than positive comments. I want the latest and greatest too but, I want the alert notification to work first. It doesn't work on the Z10, (US version). Im talking about the alert notification you are supposed to get while you are on a call and an email or text is coming in. If I'm on a call and my child text me I won't get the text until I get off the call or look down at the blinking LED. A parent should never have to worry about losing contact from their child. We worry about other things. Fix this problem blackberry. I'm not the only person that is experiencing this issue.

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