Mail a memory with Postcard for BlackBerry 10

Postcard for BlackBerry 10
By Michelle Haag on 30 Jun 2013 05:56 am EDT

There's nothing like getting a postcard in the mail, whether it's to share vacation memories, birthdays, holidays, or anything else you can think of. But who has time to go buy a postcard, fill it out, get a stamp, and mail it? I know that I'm personally much more likely to send postcards if I can do it right from my phone, and that's exactly what Postcard for BlackBerry 10 does! You just select a picture, add a personal message up to 300 characters, and send it off.

Postcard is free to download, and each postcard you send costs $2.99 for delivery anywhere in the world. While some people may think that's expensive, I think it's reasonable considering you get to choose your own photo, the postcards are printed on high quality 4x6 glossy stock, and the price includes postage. I ordered a postcard from my BlackBerry Z10 and it arrived in less than a week in the US. I've heard from other users that other countries arrive just as quickly, with the UK being a little over a week, though international delivery can take up to 3 weeks.

Currently you have to enter the recipient's address and then it's stored in the app, but contact integration is included in the plans for future updates. It would also be nice to see some editing tools in the Postcard app, but considering that BlackBerry already included those in the native pictures app, it's not a huge deal to edit your photo however you wish and then select it for your postcard. I like that payment for postcards is made through BlackBerry World, so there's no need to enter any credit card info or anything. All in all, Postcard is a very simple solution for printing and mailing postcards from your BlackBerry 10 device! You can download it now at the link below.

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Mail a memory with Postcard for BlackBerry 10


$3.00 US a postcard? Are you well?!

I can take a high quality picture with my Z10 do some editing with the FREE built in editor and then email whomever I'd like........for FREE! I'm sure this app makes for a fun experience the first few times but to not be a FREE or 99 cent app at the most is a bit of a turn off.

Isn't there something similar om the PB for FREE?! Lol! ;)

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So what?! It's still a considerable amount to be paying even if it is a real postcard being sent. I'm sure you can make something better, print it off and mail it for a fraction of the cost. Just because someone has figured out how to make that task for lazy people, doesn't justify a $3.00 price tag! Especially if other platforms offer a similar service for considerably less.

But like another CB members said, guess there is a market for people that don't touch technology.

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The app is free.

The 3 dollars covers the cost of the consumables (ink, paper, etc) and postage.

I know my parents would get way more excited about a postcard in the mailbox that they can pin up on the refrigerator with a magnet than an email they have to print themselves. I'm pretty sure they don't even have any photo paper stocked at their house.

I feel like greeting cards cost a somewhat similar price so all in all it isn't that expensive.

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your being a little cheap. Americans like to print and it all adds up. Its a fair price to send a traditional postcard for doing .....nothing.

This does send a real postcard. And it has a picture on it that you take with your phone. So it's a personalized postcard.

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Just sent postcards to my two sons who are away at summer camp. Seems like a great little application. It needs a few updates like contact integration......i am more curious to see the quality of the product that gets delivered and it's timeliness.

I would rather have the playbook scrapbook app. I sent virtual postcards from that all the time. And didn't have to wait a week for those to be delivered.

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With 10.2 OS release, Tapyhold scrapbook will have screenshot feature and possibility of send this through email or share with twitter, Facebook, etc

On Verizon here- will have to wait to get it- but I WILL get it! I think it is a great idea. I rarely send postcards anymore because- due to technology I don't have stamps anymore or go to the post office. Love the idea that you can send while you are on vacation from anywhere. Good job dev!

Agree. This is great if you're like me and constantly forgetting birthdays. Instead of rushing out to the store to get a card and find stamps I could just send a personalized postcard as soon as I think of it. Brilliant.

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Kinda cool but it doesn't beat the authenticity of sending a real postcard from a foreign country with a foreign stamp and postmark.

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Not investing anymore money in bb10 until they start showing some profitability. Don't want my phone to end up like the deadbook...err playbook

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same here...planned on buying 2 Q5s before Friday...why would I buy now when the "come back " clearly is not I can be like those poor WebOS orphans?

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BlackBerry is not going under, the result was mostly for the Z10 only and the lunch was not in full swing, wait and see next you not buying 2Q5 you are not helping with come back.

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Hopefully not many think like you or there won't be anymore BB10. Its a new product and is transitioning. Buy the product if it meets your needs not what Wallstreet expectations are.. Wallstreet doesn't run a business.

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I bought a BlackBerry cause it's the best, hands down, and not just 'cause Kevin O'Leary said so.

I put my savings in a BANK ACCOUNT because I know that playing the stock market is fraught with way more RISK, one of those being the risk that I might b*tch to tonnes of people who don't care that my investment isnt performing the way I hoped it would.

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This is amazing. $3.00 for a real postcard that people can put on their fridge etc.

Wow, I'm on vacation right now and I'll use this today!!!

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It's a nice app and im sure I will use it... but that's right... where is the great scrapbook app from the PlayBook for Z10... only a real real real bad android version... running smooth but ugly like hell...

Sayu Smiles - artouse, action, bubblegum, Horror -Novel coming soon

I stopped reading at "But who has time to go buy a postcard, fill it out, get a stamp, and mail it?"

Generation Youtube mocking the good old way. Hell, I guess you never have been in a good summer vacation. Visiting the shops where you can buy those beautiful postcards and stamps together. At the café or beach then, you can fill out these postcards and precious words. Yes, people with a life HAVE the time for this.


The good real postcards for the people you care about and this awesome app's cards for the people your spouse keeps nagging you to send a card to even though you could not care less about them... 3$ is cheap for the Silence of the Nag.

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Here is an idea,,,,,,,,, let me know what you think crackberry, ,,,,,, once a month or every 2 weeks, ,,,,,,, what we should hold an app(athon).......... meaning we all get together and buy an app in huge volume in a particular helps blackberry and the Dev community......and help us get used to getting new apps and used to using app world more.......

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Awesome. I am excited to use this. As a frequent traveler, it's so great to be able to take a personalized vacation photo and haven't it sent to family back in Canada as a post card. Cool

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Defeats the purpose of sending a postcard from where you are if you can just so it electronically. Like "heyy I'm in Italy, here's a nice card printed with a picture I found on Google!"

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Hold up, price is good that's not what I have an issue with, but... "But who has time to go buy a postcard, fill it out, get a stamp, and mail it?" Isn't the stamp and the cancellation of it part of the whole point?!?! Now here's what they could do to get money: Have countries where the postcard actually is sent through the mail system!

Don't worry. Writer is from the Youtube generation. Never had a decent quality vacation. He thinks being in vacation you got to "keep moving" or be "productive". It's vacation. You should have plenty of time, being lazy, etc.

It's not the money, that's right. Poor writer.

Thanks for your input, but you're wrong. First of all, "the writer" is me, I'm a girl.

Second of all, I was just on a "decent quality" vacation, as you put it. I took my 2 children to San Diego for the weekend. Sure, I could have taken them to a store and bought a generic postcard and mailed it to my mom. Instead I took photos of them on the beach... that's right a personalized photo of my actual children in the actual spot we were vacationing, and sent it off to their grandmother.

Which do you think she would prefer? A generic San Diego postcard, or a memory of her grandkids that she can cherish forever? Hmmm... that's a tough one.

So here's a question to those who have used this service; does the return address get printed on the card as well? If it does this will actually be a perfect app for me.

Cool app!
Who gives a shit if you have time to send a genuine post card, then by all means do that! No one is pressuring you to use the service.
Why badmouth the fact that some might?

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It's amazing that there are people in society that complain about $3 apps. The current generation is cheap. I remember as a teenager in the 80s we would spend $200 a night in a questions asked. Then we would drop another $20 on late night souvlaki. Of course we all had jobs back then and our parents didn't know where we were. Nor did they care because we were rich, suburban kids with the world at our feet. I miss the 80s.

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This is pretty awesome. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work on 10.2 :(

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Pretty sweet app. Especially the fact that you use you're own photo for the postcard. Makes it even more personal and special for the receiver. And you still get to write your own personal message.

If you download Photo X Pro then it will add the location data. That should add additional coolness to sending a post card. I will be downloading this app and sending post cards; and I'm American.

WOW! this is cool! While in Ireland recently. My mom wanted to send a post card. She purchased one from a Gift Shop at the Blarney Stone (1 or 2 Euros), then we did not have time to stop figure out postage and get it mailed off while in Ireland. I imagine it still in my Mom's purse from 2 months ago. The reality of this is 2.99 covers the effort to print the picture, stamp it, address it and send it off. All of these which take time. I think this is a great service and very reasonable in cost.

Been waiting for this thanks! Will be putting this to use very often!

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Used to use Hippo Post on my 9700 all the time, granted it was cheaper than this, but this is cool anyway and I will download and use it

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Do the postcards get sent in a closed envelope or are they open for everyone to see ?

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