Post your BlackBerry Playbook Scrapbook creations in the forums and you could win a prize!

By Michelle Haag on 23 Mar 2012 06:08 pm EDT

Post your BlackBerry PlayBook Scrapbook pictures and you could win! Find out details and discuss this and more in the forums at the links below!

From the Forums

It's Friday and we're heading into the weekend! We hope the weather is nice for all of you out there, so you can get out and enjoy some fresh spring air. Don't forget to check out the forums before you head out though. We have a new on-going contest for PlayBook owners, so definitely visit that thread for details. We rounded up some other interesting forum posts you can check out at the links below.

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I'm so posting my scrapbook!


think! think! think! better idea to win, jejeje


How and where do you post it?

Michelle Haag

The link to the thread in the forums is in the post up there ^^


tiếc là mình không có playbook


I would love to have a blackberry playbook just imagining it makes me want it more, at has so many cool stuff and awesome graphics its walking around with your own pc but just more portable and light.


Have a blackberry torch makes me go crazy if I could get a playbook I would just lose my mind. I would realy love to have that phone


wow those pages look great in the thread; gonna download Scrapbook now that I see what people are doing with it!


Scrapbook app is great - my daughter is doing digital scrapbooking demonstration for 4H to rave reviews. HDMI cable from Amazon (6' for 1/4 price of Staples), plug in the hall's projector and show them the Playbook way of doing things.