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Possible BIS outage across Europe and North America

BIS outage
By Bla1ze on 7 Jun 2011 09:09 pm EDT

We've been getting plenty of users in North America and Europe letting us know their has been some issues with BIS as of late. Many folks in the UK have spoken up in the CrackBerry forums and for some North American users BIS over WiFi has been down for what is going on 48 hours now. Some carriers are advising that it is due to a BIS update that is rolling out now but -- the accuracy in that info cannot be confirmed at this time. What about you all, any issues? If so speak up in the comments or in the forums.

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I just got e-mail setup app update from my operator today. But no issues w/ BIS in Turkey.


My BIS is working wifi or none bbm email and web is working great.. I'm in new orleans by the way!


Canadian here, no issues at all ;)


This would explain why talking to people in the UK was simply impossible today...


In Thornhill, Ontario and no issues over the past 48 hrs.incl BBM, email and web (with the fixed and rocking new and improved bridge browser :-) All work with WiFi only too.


No issues in Toronto with Rogers.


Vancouver BC - Bell: all good=D


No issues with Rogers in Winnipeg


No issues in California on AT&T so far at 6:30 pm


No issue's here in Toronto but there was sunday night around 10pm EST for about an hour.


Are you by chance with TELUS?


BIS down the last 24hrs. Vodafone UK


im in malibu i had a issue earlier but with a quick battery pull im up and rolling again


Broke the screen on my 9700 yesterday and have switched to my old 8100 and am constantly getting 502 error so maybe it is because bis is out?
T-mobile USA Metro Atlanta GA


I have the Pearl Flip 8220 and I have no problems.

I have the same network and area.

T-mobile USA Metro Atlanta GA


Must be something I'm doing wrong then I will have to figure out.
Thank you for letting me know you have no problems here.
Time to do some reading to figure this out.


I'm on Tmobile as well, in central Virginia, no problems at all.


Just lost the BB sign here in Oregon.


Soft reset and it's back. :/


My BIS is working perfectly fine here in Panama City, Panama in central america


no issues in Waterloo, ON on Telus


Since u live in Waterloo, might wanna go over to RIM HQ and ask what's going on :D


No issues here in upstate NY with Verizon.


No issues - as far as I know - here in Bruce County, mid-western Ontario, with Rogers.


Everything works except, my Facebook.. I can't post anything, delete or even click "like".

But then, I am using FB beta 2.0.... May be that's why.


Now getting that facebook problem too!


So far, no issues with AT&T in Puerto Rico (knock on wood)


In Texas on AT&T...
I've been having issues off & on for a month, no problems when on wi-fi, but LOTS of issues connecting with BIS only :(


isnt that the place where at&t have that spotty 3G coverage? smh


No issues in Toronto on Rogers, werkin' just fine!


I don't have wi-fi on my Sprint Tour, but web browsing the passed few days has been really slow and laggy...on a side note, today, in the middle of me trying to load a webpage, my phone decided to restart itself. I had 50% battery left and when it turned on again I only had 3!!! :p


My BIS is down here in Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean since after 7pm ET.Don't know if it is related. It is now 10:35pm ET and still no BIS. Carrier TSTT bmobile


BIS outage here in trinidad and tobago (caribbean)


no problems on t-mobile in Connecticut


I havent had problems with losing BIS service...however I did get an email last night saying my BlackBerry service has been updated so BIS is probably getting updated.

T-Mobile USA
BlackBerry Bold 9700


No problems in central California on AT&T.


PlayBook working great on wi-fi.
BB 9700 wi-fi and carrier connect working great on the Telus network in Richmond Hill, Ontario, CANADA.

BTW - The BOLD 9700 is an awesome phone. If you have the Curve (like I did), upgrade. You will be glad that you did.


No issues here. BB Bold 9700 Rogers in Alberta


No Blackberry service in Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean since 7pm ET.


Playbook working great on WiFi
BB CUrve 8530 no issues with either wifi or Telus network - Edmonton, Alberta
Now... To wait for the 9900 to be released.


both playbook and 9780 working fine here in San Francisco :)


Everything is fine with my 9780 on Vodafone Germany in Dresden.


One reason I trashed my piece of crap bb


Idiot troll. Why even post or visit here anymore.

Kishore Thaakur

Bold 9780 on Vodafone, Bombay, India.
No issues here.


No BIS over Wi-Fi since yesterday morning for me in Italy.

Everything's fine over cellular network (Wind).


AT&T in Austin, Texas with no problems at this time...BIS, WiFi and BBM working just fine.

H3G Italy here, no issues so far over wifi/3G

Big Spartacus

Good to go in atlanta on big red


No BIS via Wi-Fi in Belgium, no problem with BIS over the mobile BASE network, Blackberry App world down as well.


Not for all of us. What network?


Its up but still no connection over WiFi.


New features when you set up your gmail or yahoo email now it asks you if you want to set up gtalk and yahoo messenger with the same info.


I've been having major issues receiving emails, BBM's and connecting to internet during certain times of the day on wifi and mobile network but I'm not sure if this has anything to do with BIS? Orange mobile, Torch Device, Liverpool.


Problems with BIS in North Wales, UK for past 24 hours, very slugish when it is working - WIFI or Mobile Network (with Orange)

Bart kouwenberg

Curve 3G Vodafone in the Netherlands, BBM, EMAIL and WIFI working just fine!


No BIS via WiFi in UK this morning

BIS is fine over the Mobile network just not on WiFi


in france, there was no outage ... BIS was working fine over mobile network and wifi.


No problem in the UK here on O2 and Tmo. I have no idea what this story is all about.


All is A-OK here in UK now. BOO YA!


we had the same thing in kuwait , :P thank god it happened when i decided to sleep , it took like 3 hours then came back :P


I think here (Portugal) also, although my original carrier is Dutch (Vodafone).
Since I updated (Bold 9700) from OS to OS yesterday (June 7) I cannot reinstall my email accounts ("no accounts activated"), BBM seems not to work, cannot login on Windows Live Messenger or Facebook, BlackBerry Protect - through only my Wifi network, as I don't wan't to roam. But these worked fine in OS 5 before.


It is interesting. After I read this I stopped getting emails from two of my accounts, including my work account. I am still getting emails from the rest, as well as texts (I think).


No WiFi Connection in Germany - o2... :-(


Never had a Problem With My BB Im On O2 UK everythings been fine WiFi and BIS


BIS went down for me last night at around 9pm but came back around 2am, browsing the internet was really slow, BBM's did not even bother sending until the service was back up and Facebook was practically unusable. I got some ridiculous broadcast messages from my bbm contacts saying that BIS had been hacked and that I would need to send some 10 digit code to all my contacts to get it working again, I LOL'D so hard. However I've noticed since the service has come back BIS seems to be working alot faster. I'm on Tmobile UK in London btw.


Whoever the retard who wrote that BC has no idea about the BB community, gotta love that apparently, RIM only has 1 CEO: Jim Balsamic LOL that's not even the guys name, it's Balsilie :s plus no mention of Mr. Lazaridis, so not impressed...


9800, 9780 & 8900 there was an outage on o2-UK (3G), Vodafone UK (EDGE) and Orange Uk (3G) between 0100-0430 GMT, but no issues with my PlayBook at all :)


input this URL:


I had issues to access BIS yesterday, all day long. I´m from Brasil. Since I did a hard reset (pull batery) all came back to normal.


BIS is so redundant technology. I'm gonna ditch my BB to the next gen. iPhone. iOS 5 is very impressive and I don't have to pay for email, messaging and calendar syncing any fees. I can use all those things through 3G or WiFi without paying fees to Apple like I'm paying now to RIM though I use pre paid BB without any contract.


Um, I hate to tell you this, but with the iPhone, you will still have to pay for all that stuff. It's called a "data plan." Good luck trying to find a pre-paid, fully-functioning iPhone5 without any contract.

Some people are so dumb.


It is not a question to be dumb or not, but a problem of provider.

I have both BB and iPhone. For my BB, I have to pay a "BIS option" [9€] + "data plan" [15€] to receive mails. For my iPhone, I'm just paying the "data plan" [15€] to read my mails.

Lucky you, if your provider allows you an unlimited traffic with only your "BIS option", but it is not the case everywhere!


I've had some issues with service coming and going a few times for long periods of time, i'm in mexico


No problems currently connecting in Paris or Barcelona via WiFi exclusively but most likely connecting to ATT's BIS in the US as I am traveling.


AOK in Boston on Verizon Wireless yesterday and today.


No BIS via wifi and mobile network in Cyprus in the last 24 hours :-(
Are they going to be able to fix this this problem??


The response from O2 in the UK is that RIM are aware of the problem and have said service will be restored this evening


2nd day that I'm having problems with wifi and BBM. I'm in milan, italy


No BIS via Wi-Fi in Germany since monday morning, mobile network working.
I´m on Telekom/T-Mobile Germany


No BIS via WiFi in Hungary, T-Mobile. Dataplan is still working....


No BIS over WiFi in Switzerland and Germany ... BIS via 3G still working ...


I''m in Spain and have had this problem for the past 3 days. No BIS over WIFI, BB icon doesn't drop down and no connection under BB infrastructure in WIFI diagnostics. I thought it was carrier related and spent over an hour on the phone argiing with them. Phewwwww!


OK in Arizona on vzw


this is so fucking annoying, i need wifi with BIS to work due to bad reception in my office..
problem is occuring on tmobile germany since monday...


t-mobile Germany BIS over wifi down since monday morning


Sporadic service in Southern England for me on Torch 9800 with Orange and my girlfriend with Bold 9780 on Vodafone.

Mine has been playing up for the last 36 hours, sometime works slowly, sometimes not at all. Sometimes some apps work and others don't, sometimes works on Wi-Fi, sometimes on mobile network.

There's no set pattern to it but I've not long got off the phone to Orange and they still have no time for a resolution as yet.


Bis over wifi has not been working since sunday not impressed - t-mobile UK


Still no BIS over WI-FI in Belgium, BASE network


wifi just stopped working here in UK. No update as far as I've noticed.


Im on O2 in the uk and my service drops mainy in the evening, wifi and internet seems to be ok its just mainly BBM that has hissy fits lol.


Nope, still no BIS over wifi in Portugal (Vodafone, although my official carrier is a Dutch Vodafone) either. This is already day 3,5 for me with this problem.


New Jersey/Verizon
Looks like all is working EXCEPT suddenly can not get to internet via browser...message indicates server is down for overload or maintenance. Error 503: Service Unavailable. However, can get to Facebook and other pages directly. Email and Txt working.weird.


Here in the netherlands same problem no bis using wifi , i can still browse using wifi just no bis, but bis does work on mobile network
My carrier T-Mobile ,Curve 8900


bis over wifi not working here in denver colorado!


Now it's started AGAIN!!!!