Positivity pays off for one lucky CrackBerry reader!

By Team CrackBerry on 2 Jul 2013 11:19 pm EDT

The announcements last week during BlackBerry's Q1 earnings report and the subsequent announcement regarding the BlackBerry PlayBook not getting BlackBerry 10 left much of CrackBerry Nation with spinning heads and a lot of anger and disappointment. This was definitely not the way to head into the weekend (and a long weekend for those in Canada!) so in typical CrackBerry fashion we announced a contest of epic proportions.

I love you guys, best community in the world, active and honest! Also, love BlackBerry and how they are pushing things to the limit to comeback strong and hard, making waves and in my opinion destroying the walls between choices. I think that the BlackBerry Z10 looks worthy of the positive things people say. duoFurious, CrackBerry Member

Leave a positive comment, win a huge prize. It was that easy. And boy did we see an outpouring of positivity from the community! Over 7000 comments were left, showing love for BlackBerry, CrackBerry, the Z10 and Q10... and not surprisingly, a lot of love for the BlackBerry PlayBook as well. Of course, there could only be one winner. That CrackBerry reader has won themselves the tablet of their choice, from those available today.

The winner is...


Congratulations duoFurious! We'll be in touch soon via email to get your information. To everyone else, thank you for entering. Your comments were awesome, and we appreciate every one of them.

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Positivity pays off for one lucky CrackBerry reader!


Denial of what? Envy of what? Do you really believe there is a one size fits all solution out there? Do you really believe that Apple and Android have the complete solution that suits everyone? Do you really think that we, BlackBerry fans, are just drinking the company's Kool Aid? Certainly, I think you're better than that. We choose BlackBerry because of many, many strong reasons, and just because some do not understand or respect those reasons, they believe we're living in denial.

BlackBerry offers unique solutions, unlike what is being offered today on competing platforms. It's not only about the enterprise, security, powerful multitasking, BBM, or the awesome unified messaging hub. It's a whole bunch of things AND the sum of all of them. Please do not be naive. We're not.

Congratulations duoFurious!

Regarding the photo in this cover

"Always look at the bright side "

Ya, natural always show us both, the black and the bright, no matter where you are.

We have to accept it, and enjoy the natural, both black and bright. What things to do when black, and what to do when there is bright.

What BlackBerry waiting for now is

#The Right Time, The Right Place and The Right People #

World Peace

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Although... on second thought, that almost sounds like going to church every Sunday until the second coming... hmm... woops.

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+1 !
Let's keep this mentality alive!
Congrats, bro! Beautiful positive comment. You deserve it!

Even without the contest. We still love and care for you guys! Keep up the good work. :)

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Yay! Let's all join hands and sing and dance through the tulips....positive thinking WILL equal more profit and sales for BB....absolutely!

Mannnn....... who ya gotta Hoover to win around here?!
Congrats !
(damn I wanted an LTE playbook..
....... ummmmm yeah and a Q10, and maybe throw in a 5, ahh, yeah, an A10... etc etc)

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Hey! Wasn't that the very first post for the contest? (snicker, stirring up some poop)

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Now that the positive aspect is over.. to the winner, KICK ROCKS!! Lol JK great job and have fun!

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congratulations! .. this has been a special year, with good days (release new platform, rollouts ,parties etc..) and bad days (past blackfriday..) but the most important was as a community crackberry has grown and strengthened their friendship ties in good and bad times all this through our beloved BlackBerry devices, we need to stay positive good things will come .. KEEP MOVING!

This is stupid, is like buying the people's opinion,if they buy a product they have the rights for complaining when something isn't right!

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Congratulations !
Whatever you choose, BlackBerry is never a wrong decision ;)
Have fun with your new device :D

How come the winners never say anything after, get your prize & run off to Vegas or what? I've been mostly positive and humble in my years of being on team Blackberry!

Hey Kevin, you rock! Even if, God (which ever one) forbid Blackberry does not make it, please keep this up as long as you can, thanks.


Just in my opinion, if you and crackberry can wait, I suggest you waiting the next generation PlayBook come to the market. Because current PlayBook won't get BlackBerry 10. I used PlayBook before, think there are a lot of space to improve. Eg. To read a huge pdf file, quite slow and lagging.

After that I returned PlayBook and get a iPad, wow! Ipad is amazing in pdf reader! You can edit and etc with certain apps in iPad. Very fast, no lagging at all when open a huge file size pdf documents.

Of course I love BlackBerry, especially BlackBerry Z10. If you choose a phone, I would suggest you get a BlackBerry Z10.

If you choose to own a tablet pad, better go to iPad. But if you and crackberry able to wait until early in next year, you can then to choose, a new generation PlayBook or an iPad.

Good luck!

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Sell it now while you can still get DECENT money for it and get your self the NEW soon to be released Nexus 5 , Motorola X or Samsung S4. You will be happier months from now and never look back.

I like your comments "never look back "! Yup, sometimes we have to do some decisions and never looked back. Sometimes we have to change back or change to other forms, depending on the timing and place no ignore who we meet ;)

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A heartfelt and excellent expression of positivity! Better than mine, I must admit.

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Bro what ever you ask for I'm glad someone won. Now sell it on ebay. Jk jk anyway I'm happy you won. Happy birthday!

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