Possessed BlackBerry Pearl!

By Bla1ze on 28 Mar 2009 12:20 pm EDT

Ok I know EDGE devices can do some weird things to other electronic devices around them, such as causing radios to crackle, interference on landline telephones and even being able tell when a text message is about to come through to your device by the sounds it causes your TV to make, but this one is just weird. Take a look at the video above... I think someone needs to call an exorcist as this Pearl has a demon inside of it!

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Possessed BlackBerry Pearl!


This is the same thing that causes speakers to make a thumping sound whenever you are sending/recieving bbm/sms/mms etc etc..

worthless video

It's not worthless...it's kinda funny. And Kevin stated right in the post that he knows this is the same thing that makes radios crackle, etc.

Worthless post....;)

I think the typical response would be here that the flashlight has "realllly poor shielding" rather than the Pearl being possessed, since we know the smartphone has to fall within technical regulations in order to get certified and sold while the flashlight doesn't. Need to have a variety of Edge BB's tested out near that flashlight...I bet they'd all cause it to trip out. But Possessed Pearl is definitely funnier :)

Good video... haven't been able to produce that kind of result myself when being near something with a light bulb.

Ever see the videos of people "cooking popcorn" with their cell phones? Hilarious and faked..but hilarious nonetheless.

Yes its true, even thru hours of working in my PC with my trusted BB at my side I can diferentiate, sms, BB messenger, calls and updtaes by the particular interference signature sound they make!!!! Good job FCC!!!

ok boobie that has to be the most freakish post. how does a phone do that? can ours do that? lol

the light probably has a solid state switch/relay and, as stated, poor shielding. RFI isn't gonna make a manual switch trip. a mercury switch, maybe...if you were staking next to a RADAR parabolic but then you would also notice that you were getting warm, the chocolate bar in your pocket was melting (how microwaves were conceived of actually), your phone wasn't working, and you have cancer.

I used to have a Nextel phone that interfered with EVERYTHING around me. TV, Computer Screen, Computer Speakers, Radio in my truck....the list goes on. The freakish of them all was when I started to switch my house over to all CFL light bulbs. Needless to say....my nextel would make them flash and glow like crazy. It was the weirdest thing, but kinda cool.

Well anykind of CDMA Device, CDMA produce the most wattage which is only about .06 of a watt but are capable of boosting to .08 of a watt if there is no signal in the area itll boost power to search for signal, where as GSM Phones produce about .03 of a watt.

I have had my Storm make my monitor go "wack" if the little arrows in the corners are showing up and doing their "thing" and the Storm was under the monitor. Lesson learned, don't be working on important task and have Storm near monitor.

My Bold did something like this last night. I put it next to my ipod alarm clock/docking stations, and it freaked out. The lights were flashing, and the speakers were making a crazy noise. It actually changed the time on the clock. Crazy.

Thats wicked. Now, the worst part of that video is watching someone slide there BlackBerry on a table like that lol. I would cry if I even got a scratch on mine.

My Alarm Clock does that shit every night if my Curve is within 5 inches of it, wakes me up all the time.....lol

this sorta thing happens to me a lot except i have my phone next to my air condition remote and when someone calls me my a/c turns off

I think we should all consider what these things are doing to our heads and brains.

Makes you wonder...even with all the supposed 'regulations' all the radio waves and low level radiation that we expose our ears and ultimately our brain to regularly.

I think cell phones are going to be the next cigarette in terms of future generations are going to look back and say...'how could those idiots not know that doing that was harmful'

no excuse me...I have to go make a cell call...lol

Or a headset if you're worried about the possible affects of radiation related to putting your device against your head. As you can see the BB needed to be REALLY close to the light to have the affect it did, so keep your BB away from your head when possible.

I thought all Blackberry Pearls were demonically possessed...i.e. deleting call logs/txt messages on a whim, constant reboots, etc...

Yes my blackberry will cause my land line phone to turn on the speaker phone and then it goes off and my phone will ring or receive a text message