PortaServer - Mini Web Server For Your WiFi Capable Blackberry

By Bla1ze on 3 Aug 2009 07:26 am EDT
PortaServer - Mini Web Server For Your WiFi Capable Blackberry

Here is an awesome free application that you all you with a WiFi compatible BlackBerry may wish to download. Not because it's the hottest thing going since sliced bread--but simply to have it, as you never know when you may find a great use for it. Porta Server turns your WiFi enabled BlackBerry into a web server on the go and access its file system from any web browser on the same network. You can view or download pictures, music, videos, documents or web pages directly from your handset over a WiFi connection.

Now, I was rather skeptical of how well this application would actually function or if it would at all for that matter. But after having downloaded, installed and tested I can say it works amazingly easy and while it's not an everyday use kind of application, I can see great uses for it should they arise.

A good example and my test, was that I had a song on my iPhone which was not present on my Bold in two minutes I was able to transfer the song from my BlackBerry to my iPhone simply by opening Safari and browsing and entering my WiFi's IP address and inserting the given password. Pic after the jump showing the file system on my BlackBerry through Safari on my iPhone.

Using Porta Server To View BlackBerry File System

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PortaServer - Mini Web Server For Your WiFi Capable Blackberry


installed fast but it does not generate an IP address. I am firmly connected to my wifi (linksys) and even have UMA showing so I know I am connected.

never mind...working now for some reason after 3 restarts of the app.

it was very cool, got a password prompt, then saw my folders on the bb, then went to picture and it loaded about an inch of the top of a pic and stopped....now can't get a password prompt even. I'm looking forward to sorting it out as its a very handy thing! My first use will be to have an iphone user sit at his desktop and follow my url and password...then tell him "ur surfing my bb!".

after it loads 1 inch of the picture it stops. I can't get a response from it after. If I stop and restart wifi on the bb then I can again get in and only get as far as a band of picture. Same thing.

You're posting like this is the forum, but thats cool. You might have just saved people time on their problems by doing this, so you've essentially got the ying and the yang, all at the same time.

Good work and bad work at the same time, cwoodffr! Peace, brother!

I can connect to the BB and I can see all my files with no trouble...I can even download them onto my desktop with no issues. The question I have is this...how did you upload the song from iTunes to the BB? Or did I misunderstand your test?

You misunderstood the test, my testing had nothing to do with iTunes or upload of files. It was download from my iPhones device memory to my BB..not vice versa. As for iTunes, that has nothing to do with my iPhones device memory.

I think maybe you are confused on what downloading and uploading mean. "from my iPhones device memory to my BB" means that you are uploading to the BB...something this software is not capable of doing...don't worry about it. It is MONDAY morning after all.

I'm sorry about what those clansmen did to you, Roark. Come back to Clanton anytime you want!

And leave that northern accent at home! :)

This is what I've been waiting for. Now I can add a document to my phone without having to get cables and start up the desktop manager.

Downloaded this morning and tested it, works great!

this is an exact copy of wifi file transfer lite. Nothing special about this app, except if you wanna listen to mp3 on your computer from downloading it from the blackberry. The download takes longer with movies and other larger files. Overall, it's an ok app for free.

I have wifi file transfer lite already which does bb to whatever else but it doesn't transfer to the blackberry, only *from* it. What about this app? Its not very clear from this post.

your test seems to be very conflicting/contradictory. you said "I had a song on my iPhone which was not present on my Bold in two minutes I was able to transfer the song from my BlackBerry to my iPhone." How can you transfer a song that was not on your bold to iphone (which you state was already on the iphone)????????

why does it have to be on an wifi enabled blackberry. why cant it just work over TCP. Verizon gives my tour an IP. why cant i just use that..


I agree with mrpeez1490 and Roark, please clarify your verbage Bla1ze...not sure what this is doing right now. It sounds like the webserver running on the BB would allow you to connect to it from another phone (iPhone) over Wifi and then browse the BB's contents. Then you can download whatever you want from the BB to the other device (iPhone).

Correct? So this would be getting files off of your BB and putting them on another device?

I believe he was just using the iphone thing as an EXAMPLE. Don't get all hung up on that. This software is a SERVER, allows to to SERVE files to other devices on the same WIFI network. Nothing more

Besides, you all are NOT paying for this, so stop acting like it should be perfect. nobody owes you ANYTHING. i can't stand when people get bent out of shape when free stuff doesn't work perfectly.

stupid question but what would be a username? I got so many ive tried all and it does not let me go further????

> what would be a username?
> I got so many ive tried all and it does not let
> me go further????

You can leave it empty, or use any user name, but you have to type in the password correctly.