Porsche-designed BlackBerry P'9531 revealed

Possible advertising for the P'9531
By Joseph Holder on 26 Jan 2012 12:18 pm EST

While the details are scarce, it looks as though the Porsche Design Group is gearing up to include yet another luxury BlackBerry Smartphone to RIM's product line, the P'9531. Along with the dozen and a half slides leaked today are two that provide some small insight into the luxury phone. As with several other BlackBerry 7 Smartphones, the P'9531 will sport a 1.2 GHz processor, an initial 8 GB of internal storage space, touchscreen, and full QWERTY keyboard.

According to the slides, the P'9531 will offer its owners a custom User Interface, exclusive apps, and a unique PIN (I thought all PIN's were unique...). Unfortunately, we've no information as to what sets the P'9531 apart from the already released P'9981. Right now, we're thinking this new ‘9531 might be the CDMA version of the GSM ‘9981. Until we get some more details, we'll just have to stare with envy at the P'9531 and its "Engineered Luxury."

Source: BGR

Porsche Design Group slide 

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Porsche-designed BlackBerry P'9531 revealed


I can see it under the spec description...

Newly Integrated Home Intercom System
- Use your new Blackberry to answer the door from the comfort of your mink fur snuggie.

don't be ludicrous, just look at the pictures:
in the first picture, the guy certainly doesn't look like he likes his phone
in the second one, the couple abandoned the phone out of pure disgust

i believe the `unique PIN` is pobably going to be the same as the P9981, doesnt that have a special few digits at the front which no other BB has? think thats what it means, the P9981 has 2AA as the start of the PIN btw

Okay, so there's going to be a ton of hate for the looks of this thing, but...

1) It IS distinctive. It looks like absolutely nothing else out there.

2) It's a LUXURY product. Don't like it? Think it's overpriced? DON'T BUY IT.

I dont hate it. I just think it looks like my old texas instrument graphing calculator. Seriously - it looks ridiculous.

See, and some would refer to that as "retro".

Seriously, if Vertu is still in business after all this time ($750 for a bt ear-piece!), there's room in the market for this.

not really, Vertu's selling point is the concierge service that's integrated into the phone. The apps they include in the newest version of the os emphasize the concierge component. A luxury phone without concierge service really has no market.

Back in 1998 I had a GameBoy Color. I am glad to see that, 14 years later, it has come back as a Blackberry (or I am the only one that thinks this thing looks like the GB Color at first glance?)

I still don't understand why it is so expensive. Is it just for bragging rights, or is there something extra special? I mean at least the car is a beast of a machine, the phone though, seems to have the same internals (or very similar) as the 9900.

Maybe it is just me.

Look up Vertu. Nokia's luxury brand is a lot more ambitious (and costly) than this.

Same Nokia internals; no technical difference there, but hand-crafted, jewelry-grade cases and materials, and a few additional user perks.

It's a fashion statement. Nothing more, nothing less, but if it's important to you, it's worth the money.

Cadillac CTS-V is essentially on the same platform as a Camaro, with a lot of comparable components, but sells for quite a bit more...

IF you don't like it, don't complain.
IF you want it, comment.
IF you can't afford it, don't complain, don't bash it.
If you judge it, this makes people wonder if you'd judge others the same way. It's mean.

IT IS NOT MEANT FOR EVERYBODY. This is a super LUXURY smartphone for porsche owners.

Sales of the first design must have been really good if they are coming out with a new design. i'm sure there weren't many made but my guess is that they had to have sold them all. also i wonder how many were made to begin with..hmm

Don't worry they'll sell lots. Kim K and those types will snap this up. If you are really into BBM and have a ton of money to burn why not get one of these and be different.

Totell you the truth I actually enjoy not being another iPhoner. There are people who get value out of ebing different.

AND I don't think it's ugly at all. I'm not sure how it would feel to type on but if it was OK, then I'd be happy to own one.

I don't get it. I think the one crazy looking phone was enough. I live close to a PD store, and still haven't seen the first phone. I'd think it would be nifty if they released this phone before the 9900. Right now, it looks like the size of a curve. And, I don't know what relevance it has to any of their other products, clothing etc. I wonder if we're going to see a 7" PD tablet in spring? Instead of rubber for the backing, they could frame it in platinum, and use a good year as the backing. The sides could be like sidewalls. Instead of "blazing speed" it could "peel out" against the competition!

Yeah, this phone will be popular with celebrities.. will probably be in movies too.

Anyways, for the price that it is, it really should come with more storage than 8gb's.. it wouldnt hurt them to put a 32gb card in it would it?

This phone has the *BLING* factor and we will soon see them in the hands of celebs and rap artists. It will tie in with their blingy Escalades and Hummers. Lets hope the celebs and rappers bring better fortune to RIM than they did to Hummer.

Will there be a companion Porsche Panamera or GT3 emerging from Stuttgart to compliment these phones is the real question.. Perhaps a BB/RIM approved Boxster in the same color? Thoughts?

Its the same thing as a gold plated toilet ... or a custom Bentley. Its designed for those who wont have to ask how much when they ask for one. Sure, Its a custom design ... BUT, Keep in mind ... its probably nothing more than a hyped up 9900/9930 in a plush case with a price tag meant towards the wealthy. WTH Folks ... Do you hate on Rolex too? I find the picture not to my liking, maybe if I held one in person and if I won the lottery it would be another story.