Porsche designed BlackBerry to be officially announced October 27th

BlackBerry Knight
By Bla1ze on 20 Oct 2011 11:24 am EDT

Some have called it hideous, some have called it beautiful and back when it first appeared -- its legitimacy was questioned thoroughly. But come October 27th, all will be revealed for the device known as the BlackBerry Bold 9980 aka BlackBerry 'Knight'. RIM have sent out invites to At.Mosphere, in Burj Khalifa, Dubai -- the Worlds tallest building, where they will show off the exclusive collaboration between RIM and Porsche Design.

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Porsche designed BlackBerry to be officially announced October 27th


I think the keys are the best part. They almost look like the shape of a speech bubble or little BBM icons.
This phone looks like a Modern Mans phone.
...and I'm sure there are plenty of women out there who would love to own one as well.
This will be my next new BlackBerry.

I couldn't agree with you more!! I can't wait to purchase this phone. I love my 9930 but this phone is what I've been waiting for. I just hope that it is not too cost prohibitive.

This is a breakthrough improvement for RIM. This will keep me in check until the BBX phones are released.

Way to keep it interesting RIM!!!

Me too. Who the hell at RIM thought it'd be a good idea to let Porsche design a smartphone for god's sakes? what's next? Audi designing the next Curve? BMW the next Torch? Message to RIM: In the USA you're getting your ass handed to you on a Apple/HTC/Samsung silver platter, STOP diluting a wonderful and productive device like the BlackBerry and get down to buisness of regaining your rightful place among the elites, just make TWO QNX/BBX devices yearly, the excellent flagship qwerty keyboard Bold series, and the upcoming BBX "Colt" touchscreen (aka "Mini Playbook") That's it! no more! stop with all the smoke & mirror crap.

This is a joke, right? Looks to me like the hideous mongrel child of a Blackberry and a iPhone!

I don't think it's bad but..... this is the phone RIM is releasing??? So what it's now 3 to 4 years after the iPhone was released and you still don't have a phone that can compete with the original iPhone????

(And anyone who has read my posts knows I hate the iPhone, but people we gotta start telling RIM the tough truth. Your phones are no where near close to competitive and even diehard fans are sick of the crap you've been feeding us:

Here is the Playbook.... no not really

Here is a fast a fluid OS7 .... no not really still lags and hour glass.

Here is BBX..... no not really, it's just out concept of what BBX xould be if we could do it.

I agree, very nice futuristic and distinctive design, much more attractive than the latest iPhone.

LOL at ur comment where u LOL at someone where he LOL and mention that some 1 LOL at someone else LOL !

It's real alright because judging by the comments, everyone already knows how it looks and how usable it is.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it's used, the specs and everything else about it. The CB review should be a good one lol.

The question is - will this Fuggly phone or the other new BlackBerrys grace the shelves of ATT first????

I am stil in "shock and awe" that the other carriers have beaten ATT so badly on these launches.....


yeah KEVIN. as our fearless leader you have dropped the ball (you once held strongly) about pursuing ATT. I, we, need updates, at least weekly. ATT just announced earnings, nobody asked. DEVCON going on, nobody asks. SOMEONE has to know. good news, or bad news. give me news.


I thought we would have some previews or announcements of the BBX Phones and possibly some idea on when they woudl possibly be launched. I'm loving my Bold 9900 right now, especially bridged to my playbook. Bring on the Tablet OS 2.0 Update (With the native apps for PIM, Email, etc..)

That's seriously the uglyest device I've ever seen.. I never say this, but I hope someone gets fired over this one.

Also is it just me, or does the keypad not have numbers? how do you make a call?

Well, unveiling it at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is par for the course. Will it arrive via a gold-plated Mercedes as well?

A platinum Panamera Porche would be more fitting wouldn't it? Too bad the phone isn't rounded like a Porche. Let's keep working on the BBX Bold with 9930 styling; EH?!!

Porsche, don't quit your day job at making cars, so glad you don't design phones for a living.

Also, where are the tabs on the UI for this phone, is it BBX?

Porsche design product that will sit and languish due to a super ugly design and an outrageous price tag. It won't even have any spec upgrades, and in all probability will not perform as well as the original.

Just for a few wackos who are too stupid to know the worst place for the engine is in the rear of the car.

But hey, its just as ugly as a Porsche owner would demand so I say "Well done Porsche, Well done Indeed,,!!!"

ha! well said. go rag a lambo or ferrari round a race track and then see if you think it would be better with an engine in the front. dude probably thinks front wheel drive is where the power should be too ;) i wish there was a face palm icon !

K the first time I saw this I thought it was one of the ugliest phones I've ever seen especially for Blackberry but maybe it looks OK......... hmmm nope still ugly..lol

It looks like what we would have guessed a futuristic blackberry would have looked 20 years ago. I think Kirk and Spock from the original Star Trek were bb messenger buddies on this. Spock's smiley face would have been :| hahahahahaha

So everybody is expecting to see the BBX super phone that was supposed to be announced at Devcon and that's what we get??? come on...I hate to see people at engadget making fun of RIM all the time...show the world the power of BBX.

Even before I read where it was being first announced (Dubai) I thought "the main audience for this will be Arabs with a lot of money." RIM and Porsche must have had the same thought.

Well... it's not as ugly as the Porsche Panamera... that one looks like a dog taking a crap but then Porsche has never made good looking cars to my eye. Give me an Aston Martin any day.

You must have never seen a Porsche 918.

Either that or you are blind. but it's okay, everyone has their own tastes.

If you don't like it, by all means DON'T BUY IT!

The Panamera has been among the most controversial auto designs out there, and it's been a huge hit for Porsche.

This is a designer piece, a status symbol. I'd take one of these over one of Nokia's goofy "Vertu" phones any day. Personally, I LIKE that "retro" look. It looks like something out of an 80s sci-fi movie (actually, I think this design would have fit in well on the old "Space: 1999" TV show, too).

For those who consider this a useless distraction, there's no harm in having a "halo" model that builds buzz in design and fashion circles. RIM could use a little cache right now.

CALM DOWN DUDE!!!! This phone is absolutely ugly. Some will buy for status quo but RIM didn't do what Porche does which is fire up what's under the hood as well. If they would have gone out of their way there then the looks would be meaningless. So making a phone that expensive and not hit it with BBX jam juice? Sorry it doesn't compute.

We're not the audience RIM is going for with this phone. The typical user is going for the look and the exclusivity, and couldn't care less about what OS the device runs. The luxury market doesn't run on the same logic the tech market does.

Give you automotive analogy: Mini is producing a special limited-edition model for Singapore. It will be mechanically identical to the John Cooper Works model, but the interior will be finished with genuine Rolls Royce leather, wood, and carpets (both Mini and RR are BMW divisions). It's an option package that will actually cost more than the base car, and it will provide ZERO performance improvement.

THAT'S the audience RIM is going for with this.

The phone looks kinda luxurious but is fugly IMO.

Wait a second... Digitel GSM? There's a carrier here in Venezuela named Digitel GSM.

WOW!!!!!! I can't believe they would dare to buy something that look like this..... oh well.. to each its own.

I can't wait to see the OCC version when it comes out. Guarantee it is going to blow this away (plus we get a cool chopper to look at when it's all over).

No, no, no... It´s still a Bold 9900!!!!!!

Wrong title: A Porsche ran over it!

Like in Terminator2 as Arnold got a headshot - a lot of metal appeared on the outside!

I absolutely LOVE this design. I would buy it in a heartbeat. (After checking out that I could actually type on it. )

There's precedent for this kind of thing (the Motorola AURA or Nokia Vertu).

The problem is that, if you're going to sell a premium phone, the innards can't be comparable to a pedestrian model, or if they are, the skin has to be hewn from gold-plated platinum or something by elves.

Lol we should of known this was real, everytime a blackberry device shows up on the internet and then follows by a video usually means that its coming out soon lol.

honestly this phone is awesome looking!!!! just because it doesnt look like your typical blackberry doesnt mean its ugly..different is good at this point

Where the hell is rim going with this? I swear rim has ADD or something they just throw ideas around and hope one sticks! RIM hit a homerun with the 9900 form factor now they come out with a turd phone like this. Why don't they design a white 9900 like everyone wants?

It's pretty hideous, but I have a feeling that this could be something they use to test the waters with future designs. I'm pretty sure they'll want to get away from black slabe for their touch screen BBX phone. I like the use of the silver but it is pretty rough around the edges.

I don't like bashing RIM... I wouldn't be here if I wasn't a fan... But this is a classic example of RIMs old style of thinking that they can ignore the markets viewpoint and everything will be fine.... 8 of 10 folks will think that this thing is ugly... and that will make it a flop and reinforce fears that RIM is done... stupid move RIM... i dont even care if porshe is paying for that monster... one more flop coming right up.

How stupid is it that RIM is struggling, missing timelines by consistantly by 6 months or more, but they have time for stupid stuff like this.

Awwww man.... Steve Jobs is going to laugh out loud even from his grave..... Please not this design... I'm a big fan of blackberry.... but this Y_Y

RIM should be showing off bbx devices, releasing theme builder 7...yet they are having system failures & teaming up with porshe & releasing this fugly piece of urgh! I literally have no love for them left.

Ugly as sin. Wouldn't be caught dead with it and if RIM releases such an atrocity then I have no hope for the company's future.

should call it the night, maybe if it is dark enough in a room when they try and sell it to you, people would not be able to see how hideous it is. If I wanted flat keys that I couldnt type on I just would have gotten the new torch instead of the 9930

this is one ugly design. the only reason someone rich would get that phone is because it will be recognized as the Porsche Blackberry. It is not a beautiful design but it is recognizable and that's why people will buy

Hideous is the nice way of calling that whatever that thing is. It saddens me that RIM is putting time into this thing. Their sole focus right now should be BBX phones, not this.

I don't know what to say... I held my beautiful Bold 9930 next to the screen and I am speechless. It is just so different.
I guess I'd like to know the specs and if it is an exclusive release for the Middle East. Like the Chinese BlackBerry that is kinda customized for that market.

Is there any word on the BBX phone?

My wife is not a BlackBerry user (I still love her though) but I'm hoping that phone appeals to non-BB users.

This design is beyond words. It can only be described with sounds such as "ugh" or "yech". Hopefully, Porsche will take all the blame. BlackBerry has suffered enough.

i'm speechless. Even if RIM had Apple's marketing, i wouldn't know how they would make this turd look good.

Glad they wasted time building this thing rather then bring something to the market that people actually want and care about. Something like I don't know....Playbook OS 2.0

That's right, the people in charge of a new casing design for a 9900 would have otherwise been working on os 2.0.

I think this thing looks futuristic and I would definitley knock one off, but I see one problem. It doesn't have #'s or symbols on the keys. Secondly, is it touchscreen?

Over the years I've gotten various Porsche Design items. This is so far from their standards that I'd suspect they had less to say about it than RIM did. In the past there's always been a great balance of form and function, with both being done well. This is just bad design. Doesn't look good and doesn't appear to make function any kind of priority, either.

At first, I thought this was ugly... but its kinda growing on me. Although, being a porche... I am sure I won't be able to afford it!

This is horrible! I've been a RIMM user since the 6230, but I would NEVER consider buying this junk. I keep fighting the urge to switch to another platform because I think RIMM will eventually get it right, but stuff like this makes it more difficult to justify keeping my BB. Horrible!!!

unfortunately, rim doesnt know who to partner..

porche designs make some ugly expensive things like pens etc...i owned one of their pens and have seen the collection and they are horribly ugly..

RIM SHOULD HAVE PARTNERED WITH MONT BLANC to make gorgeous designs...its really bad..i dont know who is in charge of these things...

they are truly behind in certain aspects like marketing/PR etc...and this ofcourse

by the way THIS IS A MOCKUP! for all the people commenting on missing keys this is just a cheap graphical mockup so use your heads... they havent actually left 4 spare blank keys on there hsve they ;)

Personally i love the design, looks a bit naf in this cheap nockup, but the actual photos of the device from the side look fantastic, like its a solid chunk of metal. Very sexy.

its exactly what RIM need to be doing... taking a risk. Blackberries are renownded for there boring design, and to be honest with the exception of the iPhone 4 and the upcoming sony WP7 phone blocks of black plastic all with the same rip offs of ios are all blending into one.

Fair play to RIM for trying something different and standing out. I love it, I just hope they can back up the innovative design with some sexy tech specs too.

Im getting massively annoyed with the horrendous reception on my iphone, so if this is as good as it looks i could be persuaded to switch to blackberry... maybe.

Sorry but i am up for upgrade @ tmo and i was considering the 9900 or the 9810 but after the disappointing Devcon and NOW THIS!!!!!! i think i'll be leaving RIM for good

Curve 8900
Playbook 16GB
Torch 9800 att

I'm pretty sure if CB makes a contest out of this, y'all gon say "oh i want one" "it's ok thanks cb" LOL! I kinda like it, its different from all the slabs out there, I'll take one :)

Great! So rather then unveil a new phone like every other vendor has in the past two weeks, we get this pile of "insert your derogatory word of choice here"!!!!

That thing is hideous, what are they thinking. I thought it was a joke back when it was "leaked".
Seriously, we want an elegant, simple phone with BBX on it, even a dev. prototype so we know your actually serious. Not an expensive, outdated and ugly phone.
I really hope that BBX is as great as it sounds, but this isn't a step in the right direction.

I'll be the first to say, I love Porsche, but honestly, their design hasn't hugely evolved over time, so I wouldn't call them a Design feat by any means.

Maybe if it was Ferrari Design, or Lamborghini Design ok...

At least we know somethings at RIM haven't changed.


Getting really disappointed with this company, very disappointed.

Very cool. Laughing at all you folks who haven't heard of "Industrial" style of design. I'm an android user now and had a second thought about buying it just for its wow factor alone.... Lol

Oh..Dear...God. If this is the next BB coming out then they better rush the QNX phone. Because RIM will get shitted on for how ugly this phone looks. It's like were going back to the days of that hideous Nokia phone...N-Gage I think it was..ugh. My hand is hurting just looking at the edges. They look like they would slice my hand open if the phone slipped out of my hand.

well im going to get some stick here and say this is a great design. if the engine under this hood can match its unique design then i'll get it when it becomes available

It's a distinctive design, and will likely be produced in limited quantity. I think it's cool.

I won't buy one, but this expands the BB brand in a way that Apple refuses to. What's the harm in RIM pursuing the luxury-goods market?

Why do they need all these new phones (models)....why not get our Playbooks upgraded asap!!! Not impressed with all these game apps either!! :(

I don't think I'd be able to type on that thing for the life of me. I mean, the keys are horizontal and I've had my feel of horizontal keyboards of mobile devices…

Lot of people say the same about BBs in general, that they're ugly yet still sell millions around the world. The design is definitely different from the standard BB.

Everyone move on and do not stress over this... This is probably out of most our league... I will highly doubt that networks like Verizon, AT&T, etc... will be carrying this device... Some Sheikh probably had RIM to design this device for the royalty. The Porsche Design website does not have prices of their merchandise. I went on Amazon to see what the price of their watches are, and most of the watches cost between 3k to 5K.

I'm just trying to figure out why?? Why now? its a phone that can't be upgraded when BBX drops, so if you do like it, it's still going to be wanting, having that out of date feeling come summer time. You'll have this "one of a kind phone" and still be unhappy with it. BB7 is pretty good but they should of waited, it so close to the new direction there going to take us. it looks expensive, thats going to have outdated software in 3 months

Personally I don't think this is as fugly as the first time I saw it's photos but it's weird looking. I can't seem to shake that off. I have a 9900 and it wins the pretty award hands down. But I do hope this little freak runs as quick and as smooth as a Porsche! Good luck with this nitsch market hope it pays off well!

I love the way it looks but I'd have to try the keys first to know if it feels "right".

that said, I'm a little suspicious because it doesn't have any numbers on the keypad!

Please notice the date on the phone is Tuesday June 21, 2011. It's taken this long to announce this freakin phone? Par for the course.

I have a feeling my hair style is going to change a couple of times before the BBX phones are announced.

I 100% love the complete design of this phone, so......Kevin, if you happen to get an extra one somehow after you get your very own, I wouldn't be upset if you sent one my way. Lol

While I admit it is strange looking, overall I like it. I think the fact that it looks all metal and glass, coupled with the severe straight lines are what I find appealing. My only problem is if the keyboard sucks, no way would I use it.

edges - metal - masculine

I like it a lot! And the best thing is that all the plastic-smartphone-kiddies seems not to like it (if you see the other comments here)

another brand would say: "seperates the men from the boys"

This is a Joke!!!!!! ...seriously ...RIM!!! is that what's up now ? is that what people been asking you for ...for ages !!!? Get the damn BBX phone out already!!!!!!

this phone has only 5 icons on the mail screen whereas the Bold 9930/9900 has 6. Maybe it isn't the real thing after all...

not sure if anyone already mentioned it b/c i'm not reading 4 pages worth of comments, but if it's not legit, someone/thing certainly took the time out to make the letters on the keypad resemble the same block lettering on the past Porsche 928 and 944 models

This is not a phone - there are no numerical keys. Am I going to be giving out my number in the "QWEASDZXC" format ? ;) Or maybe the number are under some other keys? Discover for yourself by trial and error! Cheers.

that porsche design website is terrible, i am a web designer and i have to say that font is terrible, it could be smoother, and it looks like a 17 year old flash designer made it, not smooth, poor actionscripts....

U would FIGURE for a High End Design company, they would have a SLEEEEEK website...

and i hate the look of this blackberry, i despise the letter font on it, looks really cheap. my opinion is fonts will make or break a nice design.

Just can't seem to like this design no matter how much I look at it. I definitely wouldn't pay for it and would sell it if were given to me.

I can only assume that if RIM releases this model as it's shown, they must feel like they haven't had enough derision in the press. This phone is SINGULARLY FUGLY!