Porsche Design Theme and Icons Extracted from BlackBerry P'9981

BlackBerry P9981 Theme
By Adam Zeis on 27 Dec 2011 10:37 am EST

If you're a Bold 9900/9930 user and are a bit jealous of the P'9981 theme or icons, fear not. Both the custom theme as well as the icon files have been extracted from the Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981. Personally I'm not a fan of the "custom" look of this theme, but I know some may be longing for a new look for their Bold 9900 or 9930. Now keep in mind these won't work on any devices aside from the 9900 and 9930, and as of now they only run on OS 7 (not 7.1). So with that in mind, hit the link below to download the theme or the icons (if you want to create a theme of your own) and get your Porsche on.

Download the BlackBerry P'9981 Theme
Download the BlackBerry P'9981 Icons

Source: N4BB

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Porsche Design Theme and Icons Extracted from BlackBerry P'9981


I got the link a few days ago and it works fine on my 9780. You just have to mek sure that you reboot your phone when you are switching FROM this theme, ottherwise some of ypour icons will not switch back to their default settings.

I like it but now want to go back to the original theme. Anyone know how go get the old theme back since this theme literally REPLACED the old one?

I had the same problem and I did some work on my phone. Here are the steps how to go back to the original theme. It apparently replaced the original COD file for some reason.

From the menu Homescreen
Go to “Options”
Locate “Application Management”
Search for "Theme" and you'll find the theme you downloaded. (most likely containing P9981)
Delete that file and Reboot your phone

Seriously, who would want them, they look like the computer icons from 3 decades ago...

but there goes half of what the Porsche phone user bought...

come on!! don't forget 9810 :( pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I changed to this theme, love the font and use of green. Most of the app icons like Berry Traffic, Travel, Weather look fine, at least for me. Will use for now until some other themes come out.

That must be the most cheap looking theme ever seen on a blackberry... The Porsche design is a one of a kind design disappointment, I've always been BB4L but after that... it just showed that Nobody's perfect, and RIM isn't an exception at making a design failures... or shell i say F@ck u Posche, yeah F@ck you !! =p

RIM is far from perfection, boy...

and I don't think it can get any farther after what happened in the last year....

Do i have to use a DOS prompt to log into it?? This is what people are spending big money for? SMS I guess (does not mean short messaging system either) for Porsche. My Atari icons are nicer....

This theme is ugly and cramped. Can't believe porsche would even endorse this. Had to delete it to get the native theme back and I'm still trying to reorganize my icons. Left a bunch of crap folders too.

This is one of the ugliest themes I have ever seen, but I would be compelled to use it if it was available for me (Torch 9850). I am dying to see some good themes built. The current selection of themes that are being produced are really crappy, although I thank them for giving it a go!

Yup.. blackberry is going down the drain.. Hideous phone, nasty theme.. this company is a joke! They expect to succeed launching a good phone a year later.

and the phone will look like this
in addition, functional components like the trackpad will be removed, yet complaints about other phones such as long screen for Dell Venue Pro will be incorporated

The screenshots don't do this theme and its icons justice. When you actually load it on the device, you will realize its pretty clean.

The integration also goes deep into the messaging app and calendar.

Not for everyone, but definitely deserves a shot on the device. It will grow on you.

I quite happen to like it, although my default wallpaper is different to the one in the image ^^^
What's up with that?

Same with me on Verizon... Stock wallpaper isn't great anyway so I picked up a great Porsche background on the 9900 theme thread.

The screen shots above don't do this theme justice.

I kept it for a day. I deleted it cause I wasn't able to log on to some apps. I haven't found any free themes (not wallpaper) for the 9900, that's why I downloaded it. Oh well, I guess I have to wait until next year.

When I installed the theme, it delete the default theme for the 9900
I know that you can get the default 9900 theme back by deleting the porsche theme, but is there any way to keep both themes and be able to switch between themes easily?

i love this theme!!

is better than the boring default one!

media and calendar apps are skinned as well which is cool

more proof RIM is full of bull. "waaaa liquid graphics broke theme's and we're too inept to fix it... just ignore the fact we make themes...." fk you RIM, give themers the theme builder.

the theme is nice at first but the icons just get confusing and blurrs together. mostly because of the same colours and styles. it started giving me headaches after a few minutes of use.