This Porsche Design P'9983 concept will really get your motor running

By Adam Zeis on 20 Jan 2014 12:39 pm EST

As if the BlackBerry P'9982 wasn't enough to drive the high-end BlackBerry lovers wild, a fan-made concept for the Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9983 kicks things up another notch. Built off the BlackBerry Q10, the P'9983 is Porsche Design device with a physical keyboard and a longer display. While it somewhat resembles the BlackBerry P'9981, this version builds upon the hardware and is of course running BlackBerry 10.

The specs are left up to the imagination, but you can bet that Kevin's dream device would be totally decked out with a big ol' processor, plenty of RAM and a heap of storage space. Not to mention plenty of fun Porsche Design accessories.

We doubt that a P'9983 will ever see the light of day, but if one ever did turn up, you can bet that this design wouldn't be too far from the truth. You probably couldn't afford it anyway (even this mockup looks expensive). You can hit up the forums at the link below for more discussion and even check out this cool animated GIF of the design conception. 

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Wouldn't really be able to get it if it was real so... It's the same for me
Still a nice concept.

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That P'9983rd is AMAZING!

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It looks like Dream Mobile....
No words to explain the beauty of the phone. Really beautiful..

C0014768C (Amazingly Funny..)


...for some very important reason I cannot help but read this comment as sarcasm...

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I'd take one!

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Oooh yeah, I'd definitely buy one of these!
Even if I have to sell my mom :D

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I'm on the fence it's alright.

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Kinda weird, the screen to keyboard ratio...odd looking

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Kevin Michaluk

I'd buy it! :)

The concept definitely builds upon the P'9981. Not sure that BBRY would go with a different aspect ratio on a phone like this, unless of course another Q device comes out first that gets away from the 1:1. And then from there a P'9983 comes out.


dam can't take eyes off it! soooo perfect!


BlackBerry need to move the Q series to 16:9 screens, square screens on a wide screen world were a big mistake.

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This is how BlackBerry devices should look. Consumers would drool over this design (if mass produced)!

Pilot Prop

I need this in my life

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Is this from Porsche Designs or is this a fan submission? A little clarity please.


Clarity is yours, through the little known art of reading:

"a fan-made concept for the Porsche Design BlackBerry"


B-E-A-UTIFUL !!!!!

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No need for a Search icon with a hardware QWERTY, just sayin' ;)

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This looks much better than the Original porsche design, they should have never included that ridiculous trackpad and hard buttons, this makes the phone look more attractive, though I still think it would look better in black as the P9981 did

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Hi Adam, thanks for the article:) not sure if this is the place to say it, could you or Kevin mention these to Mr. Chen? I apologize if this is not the place, I don't know how to contact you, thanks.


+1. This guy's work is the future. Check out his Edge II Edge in the forums too.

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Now that would be worth 2000

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there isn't enough words in the world to describe how sweet and sexy this is.


Adding another aspect ratio would be suicide to dev relations. The It would need to be either the q5/10 ratio, z10, or iphone. Anything else is just plain silly.

Prem WatsApp

How about we go with this (apparently 4:3 / like iPad) in the future and slowly abandon 1:1.

Just a thought, I love my Q10.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...


They should make a Porsche Design BlackBerry available on contract, yes it would still be high priced but damn, it would be easier to attain haha.

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BlackBerry should release this as their main flagship not just limited edition for rich people.

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Scarlett Johansson sitting on my face would get my motor running, but since that is not possible, yes...I would settle for this phone...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!


Now that's what I'm talking about. Why can't blackberry do something like this on a cheaper scale full stop.

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Jerale Hoard

It's basically a p'8991 running BB10. It'll be a one time buy for me.

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Alex Keb

The form factor looks good, seems balanced. The problem might be weight. Other than that, gj,

jojo beaconsfield

That's one beauty that many people love, and I must say it makes a statement that BB is for a business professional much more than the one Kevin has,beautiful!!


I just hope that the price that goes with the Porche models wasn't what Chen meant for BlackBerry making highend devices.

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What do mean? I am sure all five of them will be sold eventually. Perfect way to win over the world, isn't it? :|

Color me poor, but I tend not to get excited about things that are unattainable.

As far as its design, needs to be more rounded like the Bold. Too pointy in the pocket and hand for my taste.

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Now this, I would drop 2gz for this

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CNC machined aluminum unibody, would be nice, big battery removable or not I don't care, bigger screen than the q, and 64gb, the rest they should spec of the z30.

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Tool n Toymaker


From my QNX Fueled Z10 with the sound of my Quad Piped Vmax4 as its ring tone!


That looks like the ideal size for the Q30. It gets rid of the square and makes the aspect easier for developers. It gets my vote!!

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Alright already. These concept speculative

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...articles need to stop. They are a waste of time and blu-baller.

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Love the look, need to understand the aspect ratio. But, what a lustful device... nicely done.

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I like the screen, but the rest not so much. I want a little thinner version of Q10 witht that screen, would be perfect :D


why do concepts come up of screen aspect ratios that won't exist?

"However, future BlackBerry smartphones will have the following screen sizes:

All-touch smartphones: 720 x 1280 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio)
Smartphones with a physical keyboard: 720 x 720 pixels (1:1 aspect ratio)"


This will limit the possible device styles for the future but when concept building why not follow this??

Frank Siedler

Wow, that looks really really good! :-)


That's Beautiful!!!

Sent from the coolest BlackBerry In the world, The BlackBerry Z30!!!!!!!


A Q10 with a larger display, I'M LOVIN' IT BABY!!!!! You know like the oldish guy in the QRay adds.


It would be nice to see BlackBerry ultimately finish what they started, like a new PlayBook with BB10, along with full bridge capabilities for all BlackBerry phones, before starting with the fancy junk...

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It's really very cool. I'd love to have one of these. But practically, given the financial situation of BlackBerry right now, I don't see it happening anytime soon.

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Dimwit Flathead

"We doubt that a P'9983 will ever see the light of day"

What makes you say that, Adam?

Perhaps not exactly as in this mockup, but is there some indication a new PD berry based on Q10 won't be made? I haven’t seen any news one way or the other.

Prem WatsApp

Great design. Wouldn't this be 4:3?

All iPad apps are made for that format, so should not be too dramatic to cover this aspect ratio on a BB10 phone.

Of course 16:9 is a people's favourite, but then you get stuff like the typoBerry.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...


I'm sure that the people at Porsche Design could give BlackBerry a few pointers at designing smartphones .

How about letting them loose on a new PlayBook with the complete BB10.2.1?

Maybe Mr Chen will ask Porsche to design the next budget smartphone.

What harm could it do?

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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Porsche and Budget does not fit together :)

Ericsson GF198(GSM900) im D2 Privat Netz


Looks awesome! Great job on the images.

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I still love how the Q10 looks too though. For some reason.

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My question is why is this why is this phone so expensive.

Shawn Paul

9982 performs real smooth dat 64GB builtin memory really did th job no lags wen it comes 2 gaming. Dats wat BlackBerry needs 2b doin 2 dere own phones. Hope Foxconn can help wit dat. Porsche designs rock totally

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Now THAT phone would be worth $2000.

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I could afford it but why would I want to? A good chronograph could easily last 50 years, so even a few thousand dollars is only the cost of buying a cheap Casio every year. But an expensive phone is obsolete in 2 years. And the Q10, in the flesh, looks better than the Porsche Designs, which seem all odd angles, nothing like the total integration of form that is a 911 - or even a Boxster.

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Now yes, I want it so bad!

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81


Now this I like

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This is the design that should be out on every carrier this year. Such a sexy and powerful device.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.


Oh yes, now that I'd buy in a heartbeat!

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Eduardo S

This is nice, but a black one would be siiiiiiiick!

Pozzzzzted thru my Mystical White Zed10

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With all honesty, it's can't make something better when it's already THE best.

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Great style, beautifull device, Good work!!!

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Awesome design tho!

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I would take one... very nice

From my Z10



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Do want!

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If anyone watched Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, I think they showed something similar to this.

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Looks like the P9981 & I never liked that phone matter of fact the porche design phone aren't my cup of tea at all.

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No no no, I'm still waiting for the Mercedes AMG design to come out!

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Beautiful! I want this!

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I would love to see a Porsche full touch screen

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Yeah Porsche Design fulltouch

Ericsson GF198(GSM900) im D2 Privat Netz

Bacon Munchers

Forget the Porsche design. Why not just call this look 'Special Edition' and offer it on every flagship line.

My gripe is that Ferrari, Mercedes, or you name it drivers are not going to buy a Porsche phone.

BlackBerry is cutting themselves short here IMO.

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I wish that the words 'fan-made' could be included in the title of all these kind of posts, companies produce their own concept designs all the time and it would be misleading if somebody searching for info on one came across things like this.


I would it if that Keyboard is detachable ones. As I'm loving Z series and few will be loving their Qseries. I would suggest that the screen is touch model and a pin is left at the bottom of the screen to connect that Q series keyboard which is given out within the box. I hope u guys understood what I meant!

Touch screen phone with a connecting pin to attach our loving BlackBerry keyboard

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The most beautiful thing I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!

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C00121953 channel for car freaks!!


I need a smoke after seeing that picture!

Thirdie Palma

The BlackBerry Porsche P'9981 was recently featured in the movie JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT. It was used as the main antagonist's phone. Badass! ;)

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I still think the Porshe design looks like Blackberry had a baby with a Playstation 2.

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The screen to keyboard ratio is perfect! That's what future BB qwertys should attempt to create. I just don't like Porche design phones, never have. Love the screen to keyboard ratio though!

Z10. OS: Radio: 1899. Flawless :)


Although I love my Q10 as is, the screen on the this concept P'99_ is fabulous. I would upgrade to a blackberry Q_.

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This is a great looking device !!!!

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If this price-inelastic device is fitted with the modern blazing Snapdragon 810 microprocessor & 55MP camera, it will sell out in hours !

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Elliott Lee1

Love BB. That being stated, saying "If" you can Afford silly. "IF" one can Afford a Vertu Anything, Than that's Impressive

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