Porsche Design P'9983 appears once again in OS

By Bla1ze on 23 Jun 2014 08:39 pm EDT

Ever since BlackBerry OS 10.3 arrived for developers we've been digging through the files to find bits and bobs of other devices BlackBerry is potentially working on. one of the device we've been tracking is the Porsche Design P'9983 or as it's referred to in the OS, the BlackBerry Khan to go along with the P'9982 otherwise known as King.

Previously it was just a name within the files but it appears BlackBerry may still be working on this device as it has appeared once again in the Dev OS It's not much and there's no telling if it's still in the works but it's still there and according to the image it could be rocking dual cameras on the back.

Aside from the image, there's also several references to it within the app settings files and such but that's where it stops. Will we ever see it? We dunno. What device will it be based off of? Again we dunno but it's certainly still there. We'll continue digging through the OS in the meantime.

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Porsche Design P'9983 appears once again in OS


The Porsche design is nice ...but the Porsche design clock would do me just fine. :)

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once again? seriously Bla1ze??? where is the previously shown post ? where?.. like pretending CrackBerry leaks the best info... "Once again CrackBerry leaks the porsche, and all the previously leaks are crackberry"

Omg I would love to have this on Verizon. Would be so bad ass I'd be first in line :)

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Most of the subsystems (BT, WiFi, graphics, etc.) are duplicated or shared between the P9983, Q10/Q5 and Classic. Besides, Khan has been in development since November 2013 at the earliest.

Given that there is already a white and gold Q10 variant, I don't think it would make sense to do a Porsche based off this but let's see.

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Sweet, hopefully not just a dressed up Q10 then :-)

Even if it was just a dressed up Q10 i'd still want / need it!!


It's probably not dual cameras, the other one is probably the flash.

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I really want to see a Porsche Design BlackBerry PassPort. Its such a quirky looking phone to begin with and so intriguing. I want to see what Porsche can bring to highlight an already amazing design.

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I agree. The Passport is so unusual that it's intriguing. I'd love a Porsche Design Passport! Now, if only I could win one...

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Have to say, loving the extra attention Bla1ze is able to give to CB. Careful that you don't set the bar too high though.....pace yourself. :)

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I did some work for a product engineer at BlackBerry earlier in the year (at his house) and he was using this new porsche 9983, with some reluctance he handed over his phone, very, very cool, he would not allow any pics to be taken, but for me a once in a lifetime chance to hold new stuff before it's release! If it ever gets produced.

I think the porsche design is nice, but it really should have specs aboce and beyond other smartphones out.

Build a phone that has a ridiculously fast processor, excessive RAM, and a 20mpx camera. For how much it costs, it should have so much horsepower to turns heads outside of the BlackBerry base.

why don't they release porsche design versions of new releases and release them alongside the standard version? I guess that would be a hassle, but I'm not much interested in two year old hardware with a fresh coat of paint.

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Odds are, anyone who wants a PD BlackBerry is an early adopter who will buy a Classic or Passport the moment they come out, and then buy another PD BlackBerry once that is released. I'm trying not to fall into that pattern myself.

So you mean all those people who bought PD BlackBerry phones in the past were early adopters. You don't understand who these are for

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Actually he's right, and that's the reason I too would love to see a PD Passport. Can't take that long to just put a new hull around it, can it?

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Dunno??? Please consider using don't know. Sounds MUCH more professional.... as an editor in chief should sound ;)

Otherwise, thanks. Love reading information such as this.

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This is actually the first I've heard of this one.

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Looks like it'll be some nice hardware. I just really want to see if BlackBerry is going to make another tablet...

My next phone! I'm so glad the rumour mill is running on this PD phone before the Classic and Passport came out. Now I'll wait for this phone instead!

The Wrath of KHAN!!!!!!

Love it, love the name, just not sure I'm going to be able to afford it.

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Indeed Q10 based, but I guess the keyboard will be altered enough for that not to happen.
Remember, against all rumors there haven't been any bricked 9981s at release back then.

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As a couple of posters said earlier, it isn't dual camera. One round, one square. Round one is the camera lens. Square one is the flash. Set further apart to reduce red eye.

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Looks like one of them will house the flash for the camera...unlike the 'dual' cameras mentioned in the post

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I really hope they skip the Q10 porsche design version and make it for the Classic instead.

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Blackberry should release the P9983 along side the passport and classic not 6 months after their release !!!

Porsche design Passport would be icing on the cake for me !

Passport comes with stainless steel frame, 64-bit microprocessor, 4G support & 453 PPI.

Can P9983 outdo it ?

Upon a return inspection after reading the banter.... it seems Z10 sized. So since the Z10 was allready done , I'm guessing Q20. That would really be cool to release both at the same time. Probably get a lot of BlackBerry chatter going as a result. Win win

I would love to see the led flash surround the camera. Unique identifier for a BlackBerry.
Disclaimer : I have never seen this before on other phones. If done before, then resurrect it and own it.

Looks like it's based off of a Q10, and seeing the release schedule for these Porche phones, leads me to believe it as well. It sucks because I would LOVE a Porche designed Classic myself but oh well what can you do...

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Am waiting for the PDQ!

Miss the old PD Bold. Would love to see a larger, non-square screen. However, not a deal breaker. Silver, lots of metal and weight like the Z30 would be great. As would the latest version of specs.