Porsche Design P'9982 launch event set for November 24th

By Adam Zeis on 13 Nov 2013 11:14 am EST

If you thought it was all still just a myth, think again. Invites are going out for a special Porsche Design event on November 24th. The event will take place in Dubai and mark the launch of the BlackBerry P'9982 that we've been hearing much about lately. 

No specifics on what it will entail, but it should be a good one regardless. It's an "exclusive preview" for select guests but we're sure there will be plenty to see when the action goes down. 



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Porsche Design P'9982 launch event set for November 24th


I think these porsche phones are a waste of time and resources. Very few only buy them for what? All the internals are nothing special. BlackBerry needs to smarten up

Does BlackBerry even have a part in this beyond supplying parts for these phones? I'm under the impression that Porsche Design does all the design and implementation themselves. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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You're wrong. They collaborate with Porsche Design, but it is completely manufactured and finished by BlackBerry. It's still their product.

Exactly. Just like Porches contralto does with Adidas and has for their shoes and many of the athletic wear lineup.

This is great news... this actually will actualy.help.Porsches brand more than BlackBerry however it will help BlackBerry as well. I'm hoping for two simple things... better camera lens optics and not too exclusive on the price.

If available at the poor schedule store on Bloor in Toronto I will be purchasing one after Christmas for nostalgia and that prestige.

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They are an incredible waste of time and resources. Yes.

The teams working on an exclusive 'Porsche ' phone and its partnerships could be working on other, more relevant initiatives. Instead... BBRY has a relationship with S4BB and has called it a day.

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Many detractors said the same about Adidas working with them and yet their collaboration has helped BOTH firms! In tires of revenue and further products.

I'm hoping this leads to a much more fruitful relationship. As it stands this helps BlackBerry clear out parts inventory which leads to.a.cleaner bottom line so.stop.complaini

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BB makes a mint on these. They're extremely high margin, and they elevate the brand profile. What's wrong with that?

I hope they can surprise us a bit. I don't see the point of a Z10 in different clothing being worth a premium just because it says Porsche on it. Is the Hardware specs finalized?

LOL at how I can buy this phone in a different case for £150 now in the UK.

As long as this BB10 phone actually makes BlackBerry some money for a change then I don't really mind that they made it. But if it doesn't then they deserve to go bust.

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So is this a gussied up Z30 or Z10?

This is a supremium device so I'm expecting it to be mega-expensive... really hope it's based on the Z30.

Would pair well with porsche vehicles (they use qnx don't they)

We rollin' rollin' rollin'... (yeah, I'm old!) :-)

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The invites and freebies will be for the rich and famous who can easily afford to buy one anyway.. For us peasants it'll be expensive!!!

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Apparently 5+ inch screens are showing up everywhere. 21% of all phones sold these days have 5+ inch screens. There is a need for BlackBerry to launch another 5 inch device next year, but I seriously doubt it will be a Q30. The weight of the screen portion of the phone will make it difficult to type comfortably.

AGAIN wasting precious marketing dollars. No one shall buy this piece of shit...worlds most expensive plasticy phone with crappy software. $2000 USD give me a break. Use these dollars instead to more intensely market the unsold Z10 and Q10s. Heins should have been sued for saying we shall sell tens of millions of Q10. My @$$

Actually it's made of brushed steel and carbon fiber, this is no $700 "plasticy" iPhone. Second have you ever been to Dubai? I'm sure there are a few customers willing to pay that price. And lastly, which crappy software do you speak of? Surely not BlackBerry 10 cause I've been using it for months now and it's fantastic.

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Why the negative response? Can't you just read and shut the flappers up? Be a positive influence on our world. If people want to spend their money on a phone that's overpriced in your opinion then that's their choice and won't be affecting you in one way or another. Read and move on man.

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I love that Porche theme! I had it on my 9900, I loved the fonts!

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

"State of the art". More like "state of last year".

Unless they updated the chips. Which I hope they did. But they probably didn't

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Come on guys the phone is being launched in Dubai. Those guys can afford to buy this phone so just relax. You will still have your Z's and Q phones to buy. And what's the big deal maybe this is the phone that will keep BlackBerry on the map. And I am sure that it's not just the phone being offered but maybe other packaged deals that will make you feel better about spending such large sums of money on it.

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I think it's a good strategy, its not going to make millions for BlackBerry, but it will help with their image problem, which is what these stunts are all about.
You need endorsements.... celebrity endorsements to be exact, with this crap you have a higher chance of luring high profile people to carry these
For regular joes like us it's utter crap of course, but that's how this stuff works

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I will be open to the new phone, I hope there will be enough features to compel me to upgrade my z10 which I am satisfied with.

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The Q10 has an outstanding anodized steel frame with a glass weave back and a build quality right up there with Apple. It's priced like a regular, high end phone. Now we have a Z10 with a steel frame and some kind of upgraded back. But now, it's some kind of massive luxury for thousands of dollars? Shouldn't the Z10 have come to market with this kind of build from the start, just like the Q10? Confusing...

I want to believe that the decision to make this phone is based on the performance and revenue obtained from the previous model. I hope this phone at least breaks even given.

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Lame! What a buzz kill after reading about all the long overdue features of 10.2.1. Porches may cost a lot but they're driven by some really cheap people.

I figured the Z30 would have been the model to be "Porsche-ified", with it's larger screen and updated specs. ;-)

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BlackBerry should make the internal specs for this phone superior to Z10, otherwise it's just a Z10 in different casing. Not worth that margin of a premium. And probably should launch it with 10.2.1, and some concierge service like Vertu, preferential pin numbers just doesn't cut it in my opinion.

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I NEED one of these in white gold, because my wife is a demanding bitch who expects me to earn a pretty penny or two.

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