Porsche Design P'9981 in matte black available from Harrods tomorrow

Porsche Design P'9981in matte black available from Harrods tomorrow
By DJ Reyes on 1 Jan 2013 05:56 pm EST
Following a forum shared photo of the matte black Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry, we got confirmation of it coming soon and now you'll be able to get your hands on one come tomorrow. If you're interested in one, it will set you back £1390. It will be available from Harrods, London from January 2nd, 2013.

When the Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry first came out, it was said that Harrods sold out of them pretty quickly. Harrods are anticipating the same high demand again and are making this a first come, first served process. You will not able to reserve one, neither will it be available from Harrods' online store.

I must say, the matte black version does look sexier than the original. The Porsche Design line is, of course, not for everyone but if you're in the U.K. and you're interested pop into Harrods from 10am tomorrow if you'd like one.

Thanks Hussa! 

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Porsche Design P'9981 in matte black available from Harrods tomorrow


Firts time I heard it was 2,300 then 2000 but my friend says the final price will be 1500* this phone was created for jayz lady gaga or p.diddy for wealthy people*

no, no one cares as OS10 will not run on the java based old devices, making them worthless, in say, 3 weeks time when OS10 is released you spastic

bloody retard your post is a waste of time more like

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The finish difference (gloss and matte) and color scheme (or lack thereof) makes this phone look attractive. I disliked the original version. This one actually looks good. I can't afford it, but, nevertheless this color looks good.

Some funny posts up in here.

I think its the best looking P9981 so far. Its a shame that it is only just being released, not that I have a problem with os7 but with BB10 around the corner...

This design has grown on me and with the new colour it's quite a nice looking phone. It has a sort of masculine look to it. Bb10 on this would be great.


I don't find this phone attractive, unlike the elegant design of the 9900-9930 this one just looks brickish. of course just a matter of opinion.

This a stunning device. The all matte black looks sleek and elegant. RIM will be well served to follow this color scheme for the upcoming BB10 qwerty. Ditch the white, and give us the all black look!!!!!!! Simply stunning!!!!!!

I agree with previous sentiments expressed that this phone SHOULD be the qwerty BB 10 OS released....seriously is a no-brainer and makes absolute no sense otherwise.

I'd purchase this phone over the new touch phone if given an opportunity. Just a stunning phone.

This Is the part that confuses me with RIM this to me and a quite a few others seems to be a step backwards releasing a phone with an OS which is soon to be obsolete for an over the top price simply because of the Porsche name brand ..RIM i like many have been a loyal customer for many years now take a leaf out of Apple concentrate your efforts totally into BB10 and leave this silly luxury market alone it is just a waste of resources and time.

It's not a waste of time at all. BlackBerry 7 is still going to be maintained for 7 more years or more, so you calling it "obsolete" doesn't make sense at all. Besides, it's NOT for the north american region, hense the QWERTZ, not QWERTY.

Also, RIM didn't design it, PORSCHE did.

Looks awesome in (matte) black. I wish the final BB10 QWERTY device will have a similar, new design compared to the last gen Bolds RIM created.
If it wouldn't be so god damn expensive, I'd even "upgrade" to this P9981 from my 9900 Bold - even though it won't have BB10.

I've always liked this Blackberry device and now even more in matt BLACK. If the BB10 wasn't going to be released in a couple of weeks, I would get one

If I could swap this one for a QWERTY model, I'd go for it. But I'd have to save up allot. :D

That aside, I'll save up for a 225 mW green laser instead. ;)

The standard German keyboard layout swaps the position of 'Z' and 'Y' on English keyboards; the standard French layout begins with the sequence 'AZERTY', etc. The currency key in the photo also seems to be a Euro symbol.

I urge anyone planning on buying this to wait for the BB10 device releases. As far as I heard no OS 7 devices will be getting the OS 10 upgrade; they simply don't have the hardware to support it. The release is just around the corner. It'll be worth the wait !

I don't get it. Why would anyone want the old model phone with the new body.
One month later the new BB10 phones will come out and obsolete this phone.

I hated the original, but this is actually quite sexy in the matte black. I still don't get the need for such a high-priced 9900 though. And I don't get why they're releasing a year old phone, and when BB10 is just around the corner.

i like the design, the looks, sexy appeal and the color. but to buy one of this. is not just really for me.. Wayyy to much....

My brother has had one of these black ones for about a month now, it is way nicer than the original grey ones.

When he first came home with the grey one a few months back I thought 80's calculator, when I saw the black one I thought now this is nice, the way it should have come out from the beginning.

The thing weighs a lot though, very solid, like you could shoot it out of a canon and still use it with no problems. =)

Still not worth anywhere near what theyre charging for it, but then I guess thats part of the exclusivity of it.

I say remove the row of buttons, and expand the screen into that freed up space - and SHABBAMM - that would be a hell of a X10!

i have a company i like to buy lots of this phones , but in harrods they giving only this company who pay him exta mony from side , i men they taking camishon from companies and its not good feedback for
porsche design
manager of porsche deaign MR alex is very bad man hi always need some camishion
hi giving ALL stock giving 1 aur 2 companies which give him camishion
i m wating from last 2 weeks to buy P9981black arabic but they not giving me they say we sold out
but i m every day in harrods and i see 1/2 companies taking stock in quantity and when i ask this companies how they give u stock so they tell me TRu , they giving camishion to MR Alex
i m very disappoint
porsche design a big name and big brand and they have staff like MR alex