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Porsche Design opens their first retail store in Canada and CrackBerry was on location

By Zach Gilbert on 18 Jun 2012 08:11 pm EDT

If you’ve been hunting around Canada trying to find a Porsche Design store, you can officially end your hunt as the first Canadian store is now open. Porsche Design stores carry a huge selection of clothing, watches, kitchen knives, and now even a BlackBerry device -- all of which have been meticulously designed. The store had their grand opening on June 14th 2012 and we were on hand to capture not only the talk about the BlackBerry P’9981, but also their whole design philosophy of how they create their products. During the opening, Porsche Design also announced the availability of the BlackBerry P’9981 in Canada. You can read the full press release here.

Check out the video above and hear speeches from one of the managing partners, Khalid Kadrie and CEO of Porsche Design Dr. Juergen Gessler as they welcome the brand into Canada.

Reader comments

Porsche Design opens their first retail store in Canada and CrackBerry was on location


Lol, cool phone but the Pen....pushing a button or twisting it to start writing can be complicated. I guess it can be for people with more money than brains.

do they have keyboards for the playbook? just watching the rollout of the new microsoft tablet/keyboard and noticed that they'll be shipping before the playbook keyboard is generally available. maybe there's a porsche design one that can actually be purchased before rim goes fins skyward?


We have cases for the BB Playbook but none that include a keyboard. I'll followup with the Design Team to see if they have anything in the pipeline

Porsche Design is just sad and lame with how bad their products look while their cars are such stellar performers from a driver enthusiast view. Douchey lifestyle products.

man, i couldn't stand the guy talking. you would think they would hire someone with more confidence.

anyway, good news to us canadians!