Porsche Design BlackBerry Z10 internals shown off

By Adam Zeis on 16 Aug 2013 11:36 am EDT

The Porsche Design BlackBerry Z10 isn't set for a public release anytime soon but that hasn't stopped the rumors from floating around the net. Today some more photos have shown up that show off not the outside of the Porsche Design Z10, but the inside. 

While the internals of this model aren't very special compared to the standard Z10, we do get a look at what makes the $2,000 device tick. Things match up to the Z10 for the most part, the only big difference being the casing. The Porsche Design version still has dual-core processor, 2GB RAM, 8MP rear camera and the usual microUSB and HDMI ports.

We'll keep an eye out to try and find more info on this device, but I wouldn't bet on it hitting store shelves anytime soon.

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Porsche Design BlackBerry Z10 internals shown off


Still no Miracast ;)

And who says it's not going to be released any time soon?!? We're probably a month away.

Actually, there's a chance it might.

The reason the Z10 doesn't support Miracast is that only one hardware version has the right WiFi chip. BB has elected not to make Miracast available on ANY Z10 to avoid confusion.

However, if the new PD phone only uses the one system that does support, it COULD support Miracast. We'll see.

If it makes a profit--and the P'9981 was apparently VERY profitable--how does that make it a "waste"? It leverages engineering work that's already been done.

I hope it is. They have had all this time to update it. They should only use high end if they are going to charge the high price tag lol

Posted from My Z10 via CB10

...by the time Miracast likely becomes something mainstream, the Z10 will be due for a replacement...which will likely have a nicely polished version...

It's all over Nigeria...personally I think it's an overpriced POS. Older men with too much money seem to think the more costly a phone, the better it is...which is plain stupid if you ask me

Via my sexy black Z10 ;)

Better question, name one practical application of this new miracast technology and/or how many tvs actually support this. Or name something miracast does that DLNA, Wifi direct or hdmi-out can't do. Can't stand these comments anymore, "if it doesn't have 1080p or miracast it's dead on arrival." That covers a large portion of current smartphones available.

Posted from my incredible Z10

I personally have no clue. I use the HDMI output quite a bit but that's it.

And I agree with your commentary on missing features and applications.

So would now be a good time to mention Netflix or Instagram ????

(...insert evil Vincent Price laugh...)

(Disclaimer: I don't use Instagram, nor do I use Facebook or Twitter. And if Neflix comes to OS10, I'll gladly use it but until them, I'm doing just fine.)

You people have no fin clue! Miracast is available for every TV with an HDMI port. I have used it countless times on other devices for games and videos and FB while sitting on my couch. My wife uses it for cooking vids and recipes. DLNA is really glitchy and only does music and videos and my TV doesn't have it. It does however have 2 HDMI plugs.

Wow, that just because I haven't needed the technology...

I can go to the store and purchase a MiraCast adapter just like anyone else. In fact, BestBuy has one on sale for $29.99 right now. However, I do not have any devices (that I am aware) of that can transmit to MiraCast so I haven't explored it.

I just happen to do wireless the other way where the wireless part is the keyboard and touchpad and the device has a continuous source of power. This happens to be my preference.

1magine, based on your experience with MiraCast, I'm curious what is your observation of latency and operating range?

I ask because at the office, we use a proprietary high-end wireless video transmission system with one of our products that works quite well over long ranges. My only side comment on that system is there is some (manageable) latency between a key press and when it shows up on the remote display.

There is definitely some latency. Not allot, but I notice the lag, it's like forwarding to the next song over blue tooth. Range has not been an issue for me - ever. But I never felt the need to test it beyond my couch. I was hoping to test it on an HDMI projector outside this fall using my Z10, but ....

NFC is great. Buy a dozen tags for about $10 and go to town! I hide and use them all over the place. Mostly for setting profiles: leaving the house; arriving at my desk; got one outside my office sends my wife an email that I've left; one in the car...

These are Smart Phones folks. But like a computer, they are only as smart as their users. They can make your life so much easier, and add so much to your 'experience', but you have to do some of the work in understanding what they can do for you.

Hey not sure about US and Canada, never seen the previous Porsche design there, but lots of people buy them here in the middle east. Sales should be fine, probably even better than the z10 itself.

What I don't understand is what the point is. A Porsche is more about the horsepower and performance advantage over ordinary cars, less about the looks.
This reminds me more about a ordinary Chevrolet with a body kit and a Turbo badge on the trunk lid, but nothing done to the motor...

Posted via CB10

This isn't being designed by Porsche the car company, although Porsche Design Group is a subsidiary of Porsche.

The new housing should be quick to develop and put it to production.

But I believe this is not a simple housing change, they are also twinkling with OS UI, which will make it more exclusive.

Just like any Porshe car, it will too expensive for my limited wallet size :(

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The phone will sell plenty here in Dubai no worries. My only guess on why they might be focused on making such a phone is that it's a quick source of cash

It appears as though BlackBerry is just fine with the status quo...

Keep pumping out phones that the majority of people don't want, or in this case, can't afford.

Way to go, "RIM."

Posted via CB10 w/ the Z10

This is such a missed opportunity. BlackBerry is/was synonymous with business and by association upper class. When you think of flagship you think of Porsche or BMW. But a slightly different exterior skin and name association doesn't equate with being a flagship. This phone should be the Z30 amped up (double storage, waterproof, etc.). This would be the phone people desire and it's associated with a brand people also desire. Imagine if BMW marketed this phone as having special connectivity with their vehicles (just need phone for access or to remote startup) and came with all new vehicles? This type of partnership can be extended to other brands like Armani (special casing, cases, etc.). BlackBerry is a niche product and needs to go back to that to become successful (like Apple once was and did) then let the general population desire and begin to accept it again.

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I think this device is going to be awesome. If I had an abundance of money to spend, I would be certain to pick up this version of the Z10. I would definitely buy one if I could and keep it forever, as a collector's item. Only use it every once in a while for special viewings or occasions.

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With the future of RIM uncertain, I'm debating whether to get the A10 never mind the over-priced Z10. After so many months of bb10 being out, they still can't get their act together.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I wish they would have boosted this up to 4 gig ram and the latest processors. Make it at least somewhat worth $2000.

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If BB would have delivered a brushed aluminum body and leather back to begin with, maybe market share wouldn't look like it does. But given that they cheaped out on the Z-10s wifi and audio (DAC) chips, no real chance of that happening.

hahaha "omg no miracast" you haven't had miracast from day 1 why are you complaining now. Just find a HDMI cable and problem solved, more tvs support that anyways

I love the z10. It's not overpriced in my opinion. I've had loads of iPhone and a few androids and none are as capable as the z10 as a tool for day to day tasks. I don't really need apps like I did for the iPhone because the browser is so good.

The porche designs BlackBerry was never much more that any other luxury item. It's a status symbol. Nothing more, nothing less.


Why the hell they waste tímє building phones of 2000$. Definitely not worth it. And ḭ would think everyone agrees that the phone is ridiculous overpriced. jʉsŧ the casing. ḭ mean ḭ would expect ţǫ ĥảvẻ a quad core at least 8 gb of ram. And minimum 5ghz processor. Now that could be worth some 800$ not more. But 2000 for a z10 with a stronger casing and some other features is jʉsŧ a waste of everything
.its ɱƴ opinion

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So confused abut this whole Porsche Design situation.

Who gets the extra money? BlackBerry? Or do they pay Porsche Design a huge fee? Is this driven by BlackBerry and using BB development resources or is Porsche Design doing the heavy lifting? Basically who is licensing whom? Who sits back and gets the major slice of the $2000 and who does all the work?

Second is ... what is wrong with people? To spend $2000 on a $600 phone that just looks different but doesn't really give you any new functionality is absurd. If you have an extra $1400 burning a hole in your pocket buy your friends Z10s or donate it to a Food Bank or charity.

This would be akin to buying a Chevy Malibu or Honda Civic that Porsche put custom fenders and dashboard on ... it's not a 911 and its not a premium product. The guts are the same. I see absolutely NOTHING of worth in this phone over a Z10 ...

Are you the type of person who does not understand why some pieces of art can sell for large sums? Some people will pay for beautiful things. It is not just about an object's function that makes it valuable.

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I have a painting on the wall that cost me $100 and its beautiful. This painting would not be more beautiful if it cost $2000 instead. More expensive does not mean better ESPECIALLY when talking about art.

And a pig in a dress is still a pig.

Don't care about miracast. Do want them to do a Q10 version. Pleeeeeese! If BlackBerry stock does well enough, maybe I'll even be able to afford one by the time it releases! I guy can dream right? ;)

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

BlackBerry is representing on Last Man Standing. Looked like Tim Allen had a Porsche design and one of the other characters had a white phone.

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Is Z10 low quality even expensive? What the........... other fruit more better even low spec but high quality, do you think so?

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Nice. I might write to them and ask for a 24 carat gold version, presented in a hand-finished mahogany box, delivered to my good self.

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I think luxury without its worth,that is Porsche design for you,waste of money and resources for blackberry.

Not getting anywhere with the mass market, may as well go for the niche market with such phone. Make it 64GB/128GB instead of 16GB and Louis Vuitton designed battery cover with many LV colors and patterns. If possible, add OIS to the camera sensor to improve photo quality and sapphire crystal camera and/or screen covers.