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Porsche Design BlackBerry 10 smartphone caught on camera? Looks that way

*Update* - Further information has also suggested this is the device known as "King" or otherwise known as STK100 as noted in this forums post previously.

By Bla1ze on 30 Jul 2013 02:54 am EDT

Just in case the back cover that was suggested to be coming off a Porsche Design BlackBerry 10 device wasn't enough to make you curious, there's now some purported pictures of the device popping up. Shortly after posting up the back cover, over at BlackBerry Vietnam, a couple of shots appeared on the scene seemingly bringing the whole thing closer to reality. 

The images are far from being high quality so it's hard to really tell what we're looking at here but if history tells us anything, we're sure to see more of this device pop up in the very near future assuming all is legit with it. Based off of the information, it seems as though this device might be a rebranded BlackBerry Z10, much like how the P'9981 was a rebranded BlackBerry Bold 9900.



Nice. Leather back with a metal/aluminum finish. Maybe...

Posted via CB10


Like HTC One with a dbrand skin at the back?

Posted via CB10

Anurada Boralessa

Looks like it's Gna be a full touch screen?

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The inside layout pretty much looks like a Z10 to me. Everything's where it would be on my phone.


If we follow history's example, it'll more than likely resemble the Q10 over the Z10, just like the P'9981 mirrored the Bold 9900.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 and loving it!


True, but based on the layout: battery placement, SIM card slot, SD card slot, camera, etc, even the screws holding the screen down, it looks like they've just put a Z10 into a slightly different shell.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."


This, hopefully alittle better hardware.


A qwerty with a z10 screen would be pretty awesome. The Q10's 3.1 inch screen was a major mistake IMHO.

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I agree. The 3.1" screen is too small - had they gone with a 4" screen I think it would have been a complete different story..hell, I would have bought a Q10 instead of my beloved Z10!


Then it wouldn't be a professional device. Q10 screen is perfect. Any bigger, and it wouldn't be usable by a respectable person in a respectable setting. (large phones will be looked back upon with embarassment).

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Plazmic Flame

The rectangle battery... ugh, hate it, waste of space.


Yeah you can tell from where the loading icon is on the screen. It's always centre.

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In white too?! It's like Mr. Heins is just taunting Kevin with this device!

"...I DARE you to spend $3,000 on this thing."

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 and loving it!


What would make this a unique device is that in addition to slick looks is that it has added performance (esp. improved CPU and RAM specs) that better represents the Porsche brand and image.


How about selling some Z10s first lol


Why bother when they can sell a rebranded Z10 for approx. $3K LOL.


Well because Porsche pockets all that cheddar, not BlackBerry. Unless Porsche has to pay them some kind of royalty or commission, but I imagine all they end up paying for is the hardware it's self. I could be wrong about that though.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!


You will be wrong on this, PD and BB will be splitting the profits on these devices, there simply isn't any reason why they would make the device otherwise.


How much does it cost to produce these retooled devices, on the limited scale that they are being sold at? How many will they sell? A high device price does not equal profits - I've seen a number of basis of design products either 10s or 100s of times the production product... just due to the fact it is cheaper to build 1,000,000 of something than it is 100 of them.

I don't believe that do this for device profits, it's more about BlackBerry being seen as a "premium" brand and being associated with another premium brand. It' really just another form of marketing.

Unless BBRY is selling tens of thousands of these... not sure it is money being well spent.


Ehhhh Swag!

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Now this is interesting stuff indeed! :)

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That's sick! I'm excited to see whats its like, and the price. :)


do you know these pictures and A10's pictures are posted by BB company?


Lol really? I just thought some employees sneak around and take pictures to sell or something.

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Calm down, it's just the P10

Marketing is everything


If the design looks hot, it's going to be a winner. HTC One look out :)


Looks like metal finish! Also with smaller bezels? I wish this was Z10. Nice.


BlackBerry certainly know how to be fruggle with their cash on hand. How many of these devices do they expect to sell, maybe 10 at the most!?


We have to remember that it's the Porsche design company that actually purchases these from BlackBerry, remodels them, and then resells them. Based on the sales of the P'9981, I imagine they will buy and sell much more than 10 of these.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!


yeah look like it'll be porsche's take on the z10. wouldn't mind them doing a modified q10

Wireless Gadget

Could this be a variation of the A10?

Jerale Hoard

Now I have another phone to add to my list of BlackBerry's.

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I think Bla1ze may be a little off with the price on this thing. I'm fully expecting a $4-5,000 price tag on this.
It will sell like hell (in its own exclusive way) so I can see the price being almost double that of the previous Porché model.

CB10 on my Z10


There will be fewer ways for them to customise one of these with the screen taking up much of the front, so I would not be surprised to see this one end up being only over-priced rather than stupidly over-priced.


Hmmm... I guess I'm the only person that doesn't like the Porsche designs. Oh well. Not my style. But hey... if the Sell like He77 then great!


The OS startup progress icon is in the middle of the screen, suggesting there is a lot if screen below the image. The top bezel is non-existent compared to Z10 and I see no place for speaker, camera, LED... maybe it is just a very noisy pic but it is also very possibly a hoax.

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So they have a porche Z10 and they take the picture with a curve from 4 years back. Thanks brah lol


Why us blackberry even wasting their time with a another Porsche Design device? They're not in a position to put time and precious resources into these kinda projects. It's not like the Porsche design devices are cheap and secondly they didn't sell a lot of them before. Just thought they were still in the process of tighting their financial belt. First, they said the Q5 was for emerging markets...but obviously Z10/Q10 sales are still not doing as well as they expected. I mean they contradicted themselves but they gotta try everything at this point...even if it means bringing a low end device to North America to try and get some sales.

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Why aren't they doing something actually DIFFERENT for the "premium" device? Slapping a new case on it is so not newsworthy. If it had a 2 GHz CPU and 4 gig ram, maybe, but this is just a Z10 with a different case on it, right?


The kind of person who is throwing down money on over-priced phones is going to be even less interested in specs than a mainstream consumer not more, they will buy this thing or not based on its looks.


What a crappy picture. What's the point?

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But does it make my morning coffee? Looking slick, for a pretty penny.


Don't get me wrong I like this but it reminds me of the P'9981, this is just a rehash of that. I was hoping since this is BB10 PD would make something brand new from the ground up. The stock Z10 should have looked like this, I personally really liked the BBX London concept from 2011. BB should just hire PD to make all their products.

Winston Loh

I guess the first picture showing off the back cover was the first this comes along...hopefully we get fed more and more to kill our curiosity... :-)

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Hm, interesting. BlackBerry sponsors Mercedes F1 team and releases a Porsche mobile phone. Makes perfect sense. :)

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Oooo, Could it be a Blackberry Mercedes (M10) or Benz (B10) device?


Or a rebranded A10!!

Via CB 10 on my T-Mobile Z10