Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 unboxing video

By James Richardson on 19 Nov 2013 03:00 pm EST

It's not every day that BlackBerry officially announces a new device, then again the Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 won't be the average consumers smartphone due to it's £1400 price tag and the fact that so few will be on sale. 

BlackBerry were kind enough to send one over to us today and what a little gem it is. Hardware-wise the P'9982 is much the same internally as the Z10, however we do get some extra storage with the premium model - taking it up to 64GB which is a bonus. Apart from that it's really a Z10 is a new shell, but what a shell it is. It feels glorious in the hand and I'm hoping this one will be a real head turner when I take it out to play. 

There are a couple of minor aesthetic changes with the software. The app icons have had a very subtle facelift and unless you study them closely you probably wouldn't notice the difference, but they have a square shape to them - as opposed to curved on all other BlackBerry 10 devices. The other thing that sets this apart is the clock application. Porsche have given it a big overall in its look and as you will see in the video it's rather special - although it still does just the same job. 

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet as it's all about the video. We will of course have some further coverage on the P'9982 in due course but for the moment I'll leave you with the unboxing and me feeling rather special! 





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Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 unboxing video


Nah. The distributors will send back to blackberry when they don't sell.

And congrats again for shitting the bed blackberry... once again the marketplace has spoken and sent your stock price down for your lack of focus and hubris: releasing the Porsche phone. How much stock could I buy instead of the Porsche phone? Chuckle. Which purchase would hold its value better?.

As a shareholder I look forward to the company being broken up to spin off a free BBM app company and the rest of the company sold off. Canadian government won't be able to stop it. Sigh. Finally. Hopefully in the next 6 months before they run through their cash pile paying off failed executives, jaunts to Dubai to announce loser phones and licensing agreements made in better days.

We all know they don't plan on using this cash pile for marketing anyways....

Posted via CB10

LOL I was thinking the same! I saw another video and that person was very gentle and had no problem opening packages. Video is on phonedog.com

I disagree with you on that. I think it is a fine handset! Only 500 being made which will sell out. It is for the elite types who do not care about bragging about the kind of specs it has but how it looks and feels. Oh how I wish I had a few bucks more lol

I agree. Also, I would have liked to have seen more detail on the earphones. He made a point to say the earphones on the original Porsche phone were bad, and then didn't examine the new ones at all. :/ They looked like they may have been in-ear phones, but I couldn't tell from the video.

Shame on BlackBerry

Nothing new than Z10 other than 64G and a new shell.

This garbage took BlackBerry 8 months to develop. Research in extra slow motion now.

Rest in peace BlackBerry

Posted via CB10 with Q10.

Heh. Well I'm jealous of your new Porsche BlackBerry so finding a typo evens things out a bit. =). Congrats.

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Does this mean we will now have series of articles... how to set an alarm on the p9982, how to open the browser on the p9982, how to use the camera on the p9982........

Posted via CB10

Hrmm.. maybe porshe Z30 or q10. Don't see why they did this to the z10? Having said that..... gimme one!

Posted via CB10

As much as I do like the P'9982 I was wondering the same thing. The Z10 is definitely considered a flop in my opinion, not really worth having a Porsche Design Version. They would have been better off making a Q10/Z30 version instead.

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Don't play with it too much or you will ruin it for the final user or better say the contest winner lol

Posted from my zeta diez

Mmh! Guess Europe and the Middle East must be the target market for this device. Not sure I would spring for this device, thought it would be a little more special than what it seems.

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Just a thought, is it going up on instagram and twitter. I mean a picture? Why the hell don't BlackBerry do that? Is marketing that brain dead?

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I really hope the rumoured Z50 packs a 64gb internal storage plus expandable memory. If not the Z10 they should of at least done that with the Z30 or at the very least give us a choice.

However if I had £1400 lying around I would probably buy the P'9982 lol

Posted via Vader10

An Audi is a VW with a new outer coating.

But costs twice as much.

Owning this device says you don't care about the odd 1400 GBP I guess. And they're exclusive.

Although the way things are going, anyone with a BlackBerry has an exclusive.

Remind me of my friend who owns a lotus.
When he first got it he was like "okay, so now I have an exotic car, lets get to the track and race ! "

I have a c63....the poor guy didn't know he paid too much for a overly modified Toyota Camery.

Posted via CB10

Would be nice to see a few "upgrades" like better camera, more ram or something that differentiates it and hints of things to come. Oh well, I am sure it will sell out.

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Looks nice! Will be interesting to see if the ATT LTE version that went through the FCC becomes available soon. I have the Z30, Z10, and Q10 phones. I still prefer the size of the Z10, but would like a premium metal frame like this. Just wish that they did more to the Porsche version such as upgraded the wifi or bluetooth chips, but that would make it less likely to receive OS updates and such (wondering whether Porsche differences will be in the leaks.) Hoping to see better hardware soon, or some partnerships with other companies who make great hardware.

Oh you dirty dog you James!! So you are the lucky one to be able to rock this around huh? I hope CBK doesn't make an "Executive Decision" and pull rank on you to get his hands on yours ;)

I don't know about you but I would pretend...Deny deny deny!! lol

So sad it would have to go back though :( play with it like you stole it then!

Could you tell them you would set up a lucky draw for this P'9982 for all Crackberry and BlackBerry fans? That would create a huge buzz for BlackBerry. I promise to make 10+ tweets and share 10+ facebook posts if I win this one. And I could travel around and show this thing off. Please.

What on earth about this minor face lift takes the essential item at the core from being something they can't even give away (the Z10) to being "worth" L1400? It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. They should try spending their energies on something worthwhile... not branding horseshit for the handful of people both rich and dumb enough to buy one.

"they can't even give away"

I think they can give them away. I'd have a few if they were giving them away.

"Rich and dumb". Has to be an oxymoron right?

Can you tell me why the pin is special? What the difference? Do you any p9982 or p9981 pin number? It would be nice Porsche###, but that would be too big.

Posted via CB10

It starts with 2AA so you know that the person you are talking to on,say, BBM is rocking a Porsche Design unit.

Posted via my sexy white Z10 STL100-2/

No case? No interchangeable backs? I'm sure I read it had all of these out of the box.

Posted via my sexy white Z10 STL100-2/

I wish a Z10 with 64 GB internal storage would only cost 100$ more than a normal Z10. No Porsche Design needed over here but the storage would be great. :-)

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what a joke, how much please come on its a bloody phone with porsche written on it. no wonder blackberry get so much grief from android and iphone users!!! it looks crap to!!!!!! will stick with my z10 thanks!

I wonder what sort of royalty deal BlackBerry has with Porsche each time a new edition gets issued.

Does Porsche use QNX? Must, right?

James so beautiful! I love it! Why All the negative comments about it being a Z10? It's the Brand you buy,Porsche! Z10 is a great device only poor battery but so have my my IOS7 and S4 all have got poor battery life.

Posted via CB10

Dunno why people are cussing the fact it's over priced.

It is a beautiful handset and I can imagine what it will feel like in the hand!

I would have one any day!

Posted via CB10

I think its beauty is questionable-not my cup of tea, but I agree it probably feels amazing in hand. The price is comically high.

Did I read somewhere that they are only making 500 of these? Or is that a really special edition?

Posted by Dr. Emmett Brown from my Google iBerry Cranial Implant

My oh my, hurry up to get an insurance for that!...phonejacking Good Lord! OK, no more cynical jokes, but am seriously thinking you should cover your purchase with an insurance. Read it carefully, had my phone stolen in the Subway, made a report at the Police station nearby, insurance refused my application, they did not cover item stolen IN the Subway, at least you report it to the Subway Police...anyway, enjoy that piece of art, looks nice and as other Porsche items, design meets ergonomic and beauty. Best regards.

I want 64 GB option on the next BlackBerry 10 phones. 16GB is not enough with all the apps and games!

Posted via CB10

I don't want a Crocodile phone, nor a Porsche phone. I want a BlackBerry phone, at a sensible price! And I want the same for ALL BlackBerry lovers, not just for some rich fat hands. If this is all what BlackBerry can do for $2400, then I am waiting for the iPhone 6.

if after all that Apple has done hasn't scared you enough, the fact that you'll wait for the next piece of crap tells me..... nothing really. goodbye, have fun.

Do I have to pick a fight with fellow BB lovers? Now I see the attitude is not just within BB's management team. It has permeated through and through.

any chance of that porsche design digital clock setting being able to be used on normal Z10s? I need it.

What a beautiful piece of machinery. I'd rock that all day every day... It would never see the inside of my pocket. LOL!!!

6510, 7520, 7100i, Storm 9500, Storm 2, Torch 9850, PlayBook 64gb, Z10...

Did you know that you can actually take all Z10's to 64GB or more of internal memory. Plus the SD Card. Oh you ask how? Quite simple actually but it will set you back about $479.00 for the 64GB or 1179.00 for 128GB. Yeah lots of extra money, but the best part is that the company that does this upgrade actually provides a full year warranty on the entire unit as a result, perhaps because of the upgrade they have to do. Came across the firm a few weeks ago. EUROCLASS Memory Xpanders. Haven't personally dealt with them but just passing the info forward. Personally I am NOT paying that much money.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

I change my mind. It isn't b/u/t/t ugly. Something about that battleship grey wall paper really pulls it together. I think the appearance improves quite a lot when it is in hand, not on the tabletop.

Why wouldn't I buy the Z30??? It's gud they launched this phone but they surely went bonkers on the price :/ Nothing more than 1500$ is worth it

Posted via CB10

Wow! This design is slick!
This design should have been the Z10 at launch, and maybe things wouldn't be so bad for Blackberry. But don't get me wrong, I still love my Z10.

That's a lot of chargers (I know, for different countries) for a single phone... I'd expect conversion plugs

James ... you do reviews for BB and for Crackberry yet you didn't even noticed that not ONLY are the icon outside box is square, but that's what 10.0 builds had by default originally.

PS: read before tapping so as not to make the mistake like choosing the BB10 default digital clock vs the Porsche's digital clock that you where after ;) just some friendly advise.

You also didn't look into the camera as well featuring 5 element lenses that the Z10 doesn't have and only the Z30 has.

I wonder if it has enhanced reception to answer calls if you're underground. You know, like if your head is buried in the sand... lol

U better work on your Apps before BlackBerry decide to think of any new device. And I suggest u limit the number of device to only 3-4 model Q10 and Z30 is good actually. I won't be BlackBerry new device customer unless u make your App and accessory more attractive.

Posted via CB10

Good grief BlackBerry this is an embarrassment. You should have upgraded the internals and made it an actual premium device.

Posted by many monkeys on typewriters

How does a struggling company that is bleeding market share, have time to develop a niche concept device that is over priced. Time is money and Blackberry has very little of either in comparison to the competition that is kicking their arse!!!

Posted via CB10

Must of been a high demand phone for the rich and famous to bring this phone back.

Or BlackBerry was smart and put a little bling to a z10 or z30 and remarket it as a high end device.

Posted via CB10

Spending a microsecond on this device is a colossal waste of time and energy for Blackberry.

James, I noticed the hardware version is STK100-1. Is it something similar as STL100-1?
In that case, it would be TI OMAP CPU, and no LTE... Or it runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon, as STL100-2, -3 and -4?

I don't know why they even make this phone and only make 500. Unless they will take make more if more people wants it ... Either that, or spend the resources on a well design regular consumer handset that will appeal to the masses .... It is a nice phone but it won't change where BB needs to improve...

It sure is ugly, but I don't understand all the complaints about it. They will sell out, and the project will more than pay for itself.

Posted via CB10

This morning I saw the news headlines...and once again BlackBerry was in the crosshairs...the release of "the high-end Z10" (Porche design) was announced and then in the same sentence... the fact that BlackBerry shares were down once again!?!?

I swear if this company starts literally to shit gold, those fucktards on Wall Street won't be satisfied.

I hope Mr. Chen won't fall for all this bullshit, will keep his head down and follows the course HE envisions for this moribund company. That is if he has one, or if one is even still possible at this point in time.

I'm getting the distinct feeling that the longer he's looking at this company, the clearer it becomes to him that he is shit out of luck.

Too much time has passed, to much damage had been done. BlackBerry's crucial year was 2011, if any turnaround was to be achieved it was then . To me that was the threshold which if crossed the point of no return would reached. I hope I'm wrong, but unless BlackBerry suddenly brings forth some technological breakthrough that will make it the hottest new commodity and catapult it at the top once again ... I just don't see much hope. In lieu of that, if this company manages to snag some unknown marketing genius who can make BlackBerry devices must own, I see little in the form of a light at the end of the tunnel. And I want BlackBerry to survive and to thrive!

Having the Cryptkeeper aka Pringle Watsahisname and Fairfuck Financial hanging around your neck can't be easy either...

We will reach a time, if we haven't already, when we can't polish this turd...

PS Why is Frank Boulben still employed at BlackBerry?! Oh and Jon Chen's monetized package, i.e. whatever attracted him to BlackBerry is rumoured to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $90 million dollars!!!

Cartman says: Screw you guys, I'm going home!