Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 shown off more in tutorial images

By Adam Zeis on 15 Nov 2013 12:40 pm EST

It won't be long now before we get to see the BlackBerry P'9982 unveiled at the launch event in Dubai, but for the time being we're left piecing together all the details with whatever rumors we've heard thus far. There isn't too much left unknown at this point however as we've seen the device pictured on multiple occasions. 

Some more images have turned up in the CrackBerry forums that give us another look at what the P'9982 has in store including a new custom clock app. The images are the standard help files from within the OS, but if you're interested in the P'9982 any info is good info, right?

We'll be sure to bring all the details from Dubai when the P'9982 event takes place on November 24th. 

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Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 shown off more in tutorial images


If only the company could justify the resources devoted to producing this latest 'prosumer /enterprise / government' device.

If any posters could point the forum to any financials of how well the previous model sold would be appreciated. Otherwise it's a vanity project like the PlayBook... and a distraction for the teams who should be building the relationships that matter. Like with carriers in the US For example.

But what the hell do I know? I've never destroyed as much wealth as the leaders at RIM/BBRY.

Posted via CB10

Lol all this hate towards the phone kills me it just screams we can't afford it so it's a bad phone, certain things are made for a certain type of people (rich) just for them to feel exclusive and there's nothing wrong with that so quit hating.

Posted by z10 boss

It's a waste of time, is the point of our criticism.

For a grand +, at least slap on a quad core for crying out loud

Posted via CB10

It probably doesn't cost much more to produce these phones compared to the Z10, and they cost three times as much. These things are popular in the Middle East (hence why it's being launched in dubai) and is a sure cash cow for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Chuckle. I can afford it. I wouldn't spend that much money on a phone though... you are correct.

I have a significant issue with the waste of resources on a device whose market is so small, and whose contributions to the bottom line so insignificant... that the financials around the device is unpublished.

It's simply illustrative of how this organization makes their decisions. They will cut half their workforce and cancel their tablet and.... release a Porsche phone? Their current market share of 1.7% speaks to how effective their decision-making is.

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You don't know if BlackBerry/QNX made a deal with Porsche, and in exchange for x quantity of cars sporting QNX software than BlackBerry commuted to make the BB Porsche design.

Do you guys think that clock bar will be compatible with other devices? :D

Posted from my Q10 with only 1GB of RAM

I agree with Cosby I cannot justify a device that has the exact insides of a z10 at god knows how much more

At least fit it with the next generation z10 internals

Hermes bag vs coach bag? To us men it's all the same. But people with money don't care. It's a status symbol for them

Posted via CB10

Meh... The angular bottom is kinda ugly and that appears to be the only thing different. Kinda like the 911 of phones I guess, just change 1 thing and call it good. Well done, Porsche.

Release it where it is bound to sell. Dubai is a great place to start. Rich people like expensive phones. Especially with car brands like Porsche. :)

Posted via CB10

+1 it seems like the people who are against this phone seem seem to not understand that BlackBerry in those countries cater to the wealthy and it is a status symbol!

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I think it's cool, but I don't understand why they would give the Porsche design treatment to any phone other than their latest and greatest model. I guess the only logic I can see is that this is a way to reuse parts from all of the unsold z10s.

Posted via CB10

Designwise is very ugly, and I'm sure it comes packed same as q5, q10, z10, z30, so why, why (?) should I agree of purchasing one when is ugly as a m********r and the price I'm pretty sure is double!!! #Hussle

Considering the P9981 is still retailing at 2K, this thing may be priced even higher. For the price you could buy the Q10, Z30 and Z10 together all off contract. I've got the Z30 and I think it's a better looking phone to the P9982 and larger screen definitely helps.

Posted via CB10

That's why it's being launched in the cheesiest city on earth

If Disney land and Vegas had a baby, Dubai would be their love child

Some of my wealthy friends actually heard or are thinking of purchasing this phone. For you everyday day folks out there with your average income, keep in mind that BlackBerry has a big presence in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. People with that kind of money are brand whores and have a taste for premium products, money is nothing to there people and status is a priority. Lets not forget that BlackBerry is a premium product and not some cheap Android. In those country we cater to The wealthy not the middle class when selling phones of this genre, i.e Porsche

Posted via CB10

It's like handbags for girls do you want the Hermes bag or Coach? To us men they are all the same shit.

Posted via CB10

Hahahaha, all those calling the phone ugly are grieving over the fact that they can only buy it in their dreams, you spend over 500 bucks to buy a Z30, hope u know there are ppl who call that waste too. Ppl who will not spend more than 50 bucks on a phone. So u see we are in classes, just be in your lane and keep quiet

Exactly, I payed $280 for a mint condition q10 and to me I got a good deal but a few of my friends think thats way too much for any phone. Even the cheap gingerbread androids are too expensive for them. To everyone saying how they would never buy this phone just remember that blackberry never expected you to buy it in the first place. This phone is not for the average joe.

Posted via CB10

I hate that people are saying this device is ugly comparing it to the Z10. This phone follows the design language of other Porsche Design products. I personally think this looks a lot more premium and a lot more thoughtful than the Z10 does. People on the street definitely won't be getting this confused with Android devices or anything else. I hope they make a Q10/Z30 version as well.

Posted via CB10

I can afford the phone but what's the point? I could also buy a few dozen vertu phones but wtf is the point? I have a bbQ10 because it makes sense...

Posted via my Q10, USA

A probably 2k phone with a special clock... Wow. Yes, this is sarcastic and it is meant so. This is so..... Nuts!

So equate that to a Porche, Ferrari, Lamborghini - and all other exotic car photos that adorn your wallpaper or many teenage boys' walls - or maybe the Breitleg or Omega watch, or maybe the Calvin Klein or Pierce Cardin or Hugo Boss suit vs the wallmart. How about a mansion vs a regular house that has just enough bedrooms and bathrooms for the members of your family hey how about your family has two members that share 1 bathroom.

Catch my drift?! It's the way humans are.

Posted via CB10

Does anyone know of this phone will have a different OS skin than the Z10(i.e. Like the 9981 had a different OS skin than the 9900)?

Posted via CB10

I just don't get this phone why spend the money on an over exaggerated z10 when you could just buy a Z30. What makes this phone special.

Posted via CB10

I hope you guys do realise that this is actually a good idea. It costs not much more to make than a regular z10 and is being sold for 10 times the price. Belive it or not, there is a market for this kind of smartphone. Just go to the Porche Design Store on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood, they sell ''tons'' of P'9981 every week.

You are right "pat bis". But is this the right way to go when BB is in big trouble? What about concentrating on cool smartphones for the folkes?

Yeah, but Blackberry are currently the only (as far as i know) contenders in this market, they cant just give it up to some other guy like Samsung or Apple that easily...

Saw one of these at the BlackBerry kiosk here in Toronto under government building on wellington

Posted via CB10

And give it to us on crackberry ;)

Posted via the awesome keyboard on Z10STL100-1/ using CB10 App

This is exclusive phone for those who can afford and it will help in the value of blackberry.

Posted via amazing Q10

Porche Design logo appears on Lacie hard disk drives ... they are good looking aluminium enclosed devices and very reasonably priced in the market. If this indeed is a Z10 in drag, here's hoping they follow the Lace approach and the final retail price ends up being only slightly higher priced than a vanilla Z10.

Posted via CB10

No one collaborated on anything, simply put blackberry got a license from Porsche to have their branding on a Z10.

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For something that I hold in my hand for so many hours of the day, I would 100% purchase this if I could afford it. There are plenty of people that can afford a device like this. I just wish the whiners would quit their whining and realise that some people have a high regard for aesthetics.

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When the first Porsche Design phones came out, everyone thought they looked great.
I think this is beautiful too. I can't afford a Porsche sports car either but I acknowledge it's good looks.

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People keep saying the device will cost double or triple the Z10... No this thing will likely go for $2000-$2500 just like the previous model sold for. It's not about internals. It's about externals. "I have a porsche design BlackBerry" "it cost a few grand " "I am special"