Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 rumored to be launching in November

Rumors, rumors, rumors ...

By Adam Zeis on 31 Oct 2013 08:54 am EDT

We can't say for sure how much weight any of this holds, but the word on the street is that the Porsche Design P'9982 may be launching sometime in the near future. According to various people attending an event at the BlackBerry store in the Dubai Mall, a new device is set to release in the next few weeks and all eyes are on the rumored Porsche Design update. It's being said that a device event is scheduled to take place before November 20th. 

The P'9982 is essentially a Z10 at heart with a custom metal finish and leather back, much like it's P'9981 brother. We've seen rumors here and there over the last few months but nothing solid thus far.

Keep in mind that there's no solid proof that the device will ever see the light of day, but there's still a good chance that it may show up unexpectedly. 

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Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 rumored to be launching in November


I can't wait until Fairfax dismantles this company and fires the decision makers who approved this ridiculous distraction from the 'prosumer' or 'mobile computing' or 'enterprise' market or whatever strategy is in play this week.

And yeah haters. I'm moving on. So did everyone else... RIM...4th place with 1.5%. And a Porsche variant.

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Get the fuck on then,just like an android and iPhone user,just want to be known for stupid shit..all you do is play candy crush anyway, don't Troll on CB ANYMORE, this is for real users, as in I use my phone to actually get some shit done,
And just to confirm it for you, prem is looking to take BlackBerry to another level ashole,and BlackBerry also makes a porsche edition for countries that can afford them like. DUBAI,apple made a phone with fake gold trim and your stupid ass Got all excited, BlackBerry has being doing gold phones for 7 years. Again for dubia and countries that can afford them, did you know Beyonce has a porsche edition BlackBerry ,hey man. Like what you like, but leave us the hell alone if we like BlackBerry, it doesn't cost you a dime...people love the way BlackBerry works, responds, security, and I can go on for 2 days, ,,your. Just mad because, 1.your android or iPhone. Can't do have of the shyt BlackBerry does without an app,and sometime you can't get that(free)
2.you miss not having to worry about shyt in your phone being hacked, 3.now you have to go through iTunes for every damn thing, 4.you android works like shyt,
But your posses at BlackBerry, man FDB


Whatever. Seen any reviews on productivity apps on CB? Nope. Just your fucking games.

Ahhh yes. CB Fanbois... like other fanbois ... except much less successful. Haha.

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You. Mean Me. No I wasn't. I used to take up for the bullied,i hate to see people picked on, so I go after the bullies to let them see how it feels a little


Well said Mrneo, I would just like to add that President Obama has a blackberry. Obama + Beyonce = Blackberry is for rulers

Now there are a couple real leaders. BOUNCE or whatever her name is has only led kids to drugs and booze and hate. And the other one, Jeeze we will send him to Canada no chage. Now that I think about it there are 2 good reasons to get an android.

Alrite. Smart-ass, find an app on your. Bullshit. That will allow you create a saved group text of 200 people ,where you can add attachments, and schedule the time for it to go out,or set it up for monthly, weekly, etc. Successfully, do that on your precious iPhone or Android, and GO SMS DOESNT DO ALL. THAT. SUCCESSFULLY,SO. KEEP LOOKING, And don't come back with that bullshit about "I don't do that and who needs to do that" well. I have to do that all day everyday, I don't play candy crush,i don't do tweeter Facebook, or INSTAGRAM, so I could give. A phuck bout all that, I use the hell out of the business shyt that bb does perfectly, the only reason I have a INSTAGRAM on my bbz10 is to shut tollers like you up quick , always wants bash the phone your not using ,who cares,im the coolest geek you will ever neet,i know of everything about Android, iPhone ect.thats why I choose BlackBerry +100000000,it is the best of everything, and now bbm is on iPhone and Android, well played BlackBerry, letting then get a taste of what we experience, .show. So go take some pictures or something, go beg friends for lives on candy crush or something..leavr BlackBerry the hell alone,we not worried about you all,but y'all Are sure Worried bout us.......hey CB IM SORRY FOR THE CURSING, BUT THESE ASSHOLES NEED TO GET A LIFE OUTSIDE FACEBOOK,INSTAGRAM,AND TWEETER


Might I inquire as to the type of business a gentleman such as yourself is actually in?

As I assume you're not a professional copy editor.

Lemme guess, a troll paid by Samsung? They bust your gig bashing HTC so they reassign you to BBRY? I love the "Posted by CB10"...classic for a troll like yourself.

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I have to say as well that I can't, for the life of me, understand these 'pet projects'. If the company is really in survival mode why are these extraneous project still moving forward?

Was this already budgeted and they're just carrying on with it. Is Porsche paying for it?

I just don't get get it...

Simple. It's a gold mine. These things sell for like 3k each, and even if they sell half a million, that's an awful lot of money in total.

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Half a million...??? Do we live on the same planet? You think they'd sell even 100,000 of these things? 500,000 sold?? Seriously?

They actually sold quite a lot of them to celebrities and the middle east in general...I heard about stores there selling more than 100 units a day a week after launch, which makes sense considering you see at least one a day in Dubai

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"I heard about stores there selling more than 100 units a day a week after launch".

Is this first hand info or something you heard?

If the phone sells at $3000 per unit, a half million sold would only equate to $15mm. BB is a BILLION dollar enterprise. How is that a "cash-cash".

I'm sorry. I would be focusing on more important things.

How do you know how much time and money is being spent on this project by BlackBerry? Maybe the bulk of the design is being done by the Porsche team? Even if it isn't, I'm sure they established the financial viability of the project before giving it a green light.

Posted from my Z10 running

3000 x 500,000=1,500,000,000

1.5 billion.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

It's not for me but if there is a market for it and it makes $ for BlackBerry then how is that a problem?

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

According to several sources, this has been canned.
If not, it'd be better to base on the Z30 instead of the Z10.

Still, looks nice. Let's hope BlackBerry work the kinks out of the OS.

And tbreak had it before them. Welcome to the internet. Needless to say, I don't think anyone was REALLY in a rush to post a rumor about an overpriced Z10 with a bit of rebadging that hasn't even gone official. 98% of the comments are gonna say it's ugly and they'd never buy it anyway. Lol

2k for a phone that sells for 700 isn't that bad, it's designed for people with lots of disposable income. Complete status symbol.

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Listen they have been doing porsche edition for. Years,they didnt just start because iPhone 5sgold came out they made that phone to copy BlackBerry


Well according to people like you who keep promoting this, BlackBerry has been dying for years..... I wonder how many more years until people stop saying that?

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How much of the last one did they even sell? If it's barely any (and not surprised since it's 2 grand for a BB) why make it again?

Forget about the Porsche stuff. They need to release a 'Q30'.

So many people have been waiting for a BlackBerry QWERTY with a modern sized screen. The Q10 screen is just way way too small for this day and age (though a minority of people admittedly don't care about screen size).

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Forget the Q30, they need to release a Z5 as their next phone (whenever that is). An all-touchscreen BB10 phone priced at $300 will have enormous mass market appeal.

Posted from my Z10 running

Very late for this device. Why not a Porsche Z30 variant? Seems like they are just throwing stuff over the wall waiting to find out their fate.

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I agree the standard BlackBerry keyboard is what's kept BlackBerry in the game for so long. Some people are old school and that ok. I'm on a Q10 but would love a bigger screen (especially wider). I was very surprised that the screen on the Bold 99xx devices is wider than the Q10. I don't like how my keyboard sticks out at the sides of the screen. I hope that gets improved on in the future. I actually miss a lot of hardware and software features from my Bold 9930, keep bringing updates.

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I just got back from Dubai, i saw a group of diamond covered range rovers driving together, i saw Vertu stores selling phones for $25,000 USD, this phone is pocket change for them even if it's priced at $2,000. One thing i know for sure, every time I looked to see which phone ppl were using, i would say 60% of ppl had a blackberry, the other 40% was iphone/samsung. This is not a solid stat, it's just based on my observation walking through the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates.

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AND, it some cases i even saw people carrying 2 phones! And it was always an older BlackBerry with a samsung, everyone that carried bb10 carried it solo.

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Z10 size with all the Z30 features and a fully functional DROID runtime with a past quoted cost of $1500 would be nice. I hope that will be product to justify the cost.

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Why would they bump up the RAM? 2 GB seems to be more than sufficient for BB10, now or anytime in the near future.

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The country is called (UAE) united Arab Emirates which is in the middle east bordered by Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain, and other middle eastern countries.
The city is called dubai and the capital is abu dhabi

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I still don't understand why they don't supe up the hardware. You're going to charge a few grand for it, you can afford it

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what the fck is this, seriously, as much as i love Keyboard phones and bb10 operating system,
blackberry is a ridiculous company

porsche design release, Right now? with the company on the verge of death??

seriously guys this company is ridiculous, with a capital R

Last I heard, the company is NOT ON A VERGE OF DEATH. You can blame the misleading stories in the media for mongering that rumor. Until blackberry goes private, that bullcrap won't stop. If blackberry was dead, we wouldn't even HAVE a Z30.

I'm not on any iPhone sites trolling,im not on any android sites trolling, because people have a right to use what they want for what ever reasons . So. When I see "knob knockers" on CB basically talking shyt to us because we refused to "DRINK THE PUNCH" I GOTTA GIVE WHAT THEY CANE HERE FOR /AND THAT'S THE BUSINESS ,(IN GHETTO TERMS,I FUCK EM UP)


I'm going to agree that this should have either been a Z30 variant, or at least should have undergone some hardware revisions to put it's internals on par with the Z30. Six months ago this would have been fine...

But having lived the lifestyle where you throw away money like toilet paper, it isn't about what the device can do, it's about demonstrating that you have so much money that you can drop a couple grand on a cell phone that essentially does what a $49 on contract phone does, and nothing more.

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We need people to chase these MotherF out of CB, Yup is all Bullshit. Leave us alone. Is Halloween day here in the US. Happy Halloween to everyone. BlackBerry forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't really respond much to posts . We should just ignore the trolls with no response. They just like attention because of...... it doesn't matter. You guys get my drift. I don't go on iMore or android central to bash them. To each their own and mine is BlackBerry!!

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To this day I still want the matte black P'9981. In my opinion the best looking blackberry ever. I would also love to get my hands on one of these swell.

Man I really hope that you're wrong. This Porsche design deserves to have multiple sapphire crystals for camera lens, also more internal storage, and well hopefully a larger battery capacity.

Z10 Porsche could be a success if they priced it at no higher than Z30 price.

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If it's a smart design where a market for it exists, I encourage BlackBerry to bring it on.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Is this going to be another hideous design for a device that will be over prices and won't sell? Why bother? Do fanboys serious get a hard on over a phone from their favorite vendor that is rebranded for another brand of luxury motor vehicle? This is a ridiculous concept.

Pancakes and pork chops are delicious! For a minute I was freaking out because I ran out of sausage. Oh yeah, go BlackBerry!!

I checked out this phone earlier and the chrome trim really stood out. I can't imagine paying 2k for it though.

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Actually...not really impressed with the Porche Design concept. I find the look very dated and ugly. That's just me, though. I like the way the Z10 looks now...PD didn't need to go all Bizzaro on it. Definitely not something I would pay ignorant amounts of money for. That's just stupid.