Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 now available at ShopBlackBerry

Porsche Design BlackBerry P9982
By Richard Devine on 11 Apr 2014 08:00 am EDT

The inventory at ShopBlackBerry continues to grow with the addition of the Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 to its ranks. Available to purchase now, the P'9982 will set you back a cool $1,990 and it's only compatible with GSM carriers. But you do get a mighty handsome BlackBerry and that unique '2AA' starting PIN.

And for more P'9982 fun and games, be sure to re-live our very own Kevin Michaluk dropping 2-grand on one in Las Vegas!

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Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 now available at ShopBlackBerry


This just makes me think of Eddie Murphy Delerious: You can't affooooord it, you can't afooooord it....

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I want one, but I would never be able to afford it. However I'm glad to see the online inventory grow!

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These should have been based on the Z30.... or some souped up Z10.

Sad that other than the "skin" and a few very minor software tweaks, this is just a 12 month old Z10. Which wasn't really premium when it was released.

This was the case with all Porsche design devices. It was a Bold 9900 and now it's a Z10 and maybe we'll get to see a Q10 version too...

Why are people saying the Z10 isn't a high end device? The quality and features are indicative of a high end device. The specs are middle of the road but apart from the crummy battery it's a great device.

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Because they are hype junkies. It's amazing to see the difference in opinions of the Z10 from a year ago compared to the present. People seem to have forgotten that some of the specs are even better than those found on the Z30.

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I'm maybe the odd man out here, but I don't see the appeal hear - other than ego stroking. The Z30 is much more refined and classy.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Not so much the odd man it seems. I suppose to hold it would be a better way to determine it's quality of feel, hence value. Spec wise, why is it not at the z30 level or better!??

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Love the idea of selling your own devices by BlackBerry.
No, or atleast less, hating carrier that wants a piece of the BlackBerry pie.

Yah c'mon lol, what better way to show you care about us?

It's blackberry, not crackberry that's having money problems right?

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I agree with others that it would have been more interesting to me if it was based on the Z30 (or a Z30 crammed in that Porche Z10 sized form factor). Now that I have a Z30, I miss my Porche clock I loaded on my Z10! I could at least justify paying a bit more to make a rare battery that could do what the Z30 does and get Miracast in a Z10 container..

Oh well maybe that was the plan. Sell the Porche from the Z10 then make a new one based on the Z30 or Z50..

I believe you can side load the Porche clock bar file onto your Z30. I was able to do that with my Q10 and others have it running on their Z30. The only catch is it's a separate/additional clock application. Do a search for "gaspertrix.clock".

That is correct the bar file is somewhere on this site. I have the click on both my Z10 and Z30 using the latest update. Only pesky thing is that I get a update notification every once in a while for 7 MB,which I ignore.

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I wouldn't mind one but I agree that the price is way too high, and they should have used the Z30 or even the Q10 for a porsche model. No way I would pay that much for a prettier Z10.

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Great idea but the BlackBerry store needs work as most things are OOS and customer service is awful.

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I would buy it, if it carried the Z30 specs in Z10. I'm fine with the size, but cosmetics are not going to warrant ten fold the Z10 price.

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Happy to see that all BlackBerry devices are now available for purchase by any and all American Consumers. Why did it take BlackBerry so long to begin selling BlackBerry 10 devices on shopblackberry?

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Next 2chainz flow : " I threw two bands on a bb, now my n@@ga's can hear me ! "

Ps- 2chainz is a very bad rapper
Pps : a band is the street word for 1000$ in 1$ bills, strapped with a band. Used to throw dollars at the gentleman's club.

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I don't know, it is just a Z10 with plastic surgery. No added hardware oomph inside to make it worth the cost to me. But then again, I don't have cash burning a hole in my wallet like some people.

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Not a 100% sure, but I think it has 64G internal memory instead of the 16G on the Z10. I could be wrong


With 64 gb built in and space for another 64 there are no phones that I know of that can manage that.

Still 2k is a mortgage payment. But nice to see it added to the store..

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That is a good aspect. I just had to un-install a bunch of games so that I could rent a movie from BlackBerry world. Frustrating.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I would get one if it had better specs. It's hard to pay $2K when the regular Z10 is about $200. I instead choose to buy many Z10s with custom ColorWare treatment as well as give out loaners for people who want to try BlackBerry 10.

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...Kevin, do not read this, but it is not as bad like the app in Vegas!
...joking man You get what YOU want, support. this attitude.
Wish you all a nice weekend from Paris, France

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Yesterday or two days ago, this was listed as a Z30 at $1,990, there is a thread in the forums.

We wondered, what the heck, had a hunch but now I see, it was just a placeholder for them while they were adding the real thing! The price kinda gave it away...

Curious, if anyone had ordered while it was still labelled Z30, what they would have shipped...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Z30 , then sat around drinking champagne laughing at the poor guy who bought it

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@Richard Devine,

May I ask an off topic question? What's up with the leaves in the article background shot?! Is it fall where you live? I'm in Canada (Toronto) and it's spring here and there are no leaves on the ground so it's really weird to see the article picture. ;)

Looking to see future articles.

Man I'd really need to see and feel this phone in person.. it looks hideous in the pictures I've seen. Sorry.

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I would have designed the variant battery cover slightly larger, but more importantly, in that Porsche duck shape, with the middle being slightly larger, than slope to the bottom. Out whatever size battery can for into that hump.

Kind of like the old Motorola extended battery for the Startac.

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I wish the Z10 and the P'9982 had less bezel. They should have made the touch sensitive bezel much more thinner. That would have made the device really nice.

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It's definitely slick. But for two stacks, yikes. If I ever buy a phone with Porsche's name on it they better give me a 930 slantnose to drive that phone around in. *ahem*

How to buy a phone from crackberry can't see I left a comment in the channel nobody reply please send me a link to my bbm if possible. 2b2b182b thank you

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