Hong Kong launch the BlackBerry P'9982 in style

By James Richardson on 31 Jan 2014 06:51 am EST

We've seen the swanky Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 launch in a few countries around the world and while most of us won't be getting our hands on one due to its price tag the good people of Hong Kong can now pick one up for $16,888HKD ($2175). 

As you'll see from the photographs above, BlackBerry and Porsche held a launch party for the prestigious device and in attendance were the CEO of Porsche Design and Country Director of Blackberry Taiwan and Hong Kong, along with famous local celebrity Moses Chan - TV and movie star. More interestingly for me, there were some rather nice models on hand - not that the P'9982 needs in help in looking pretty!

If you're in the market for the BlackBerry P'9982 and missed our initial unboxing of the device you can catch up here. It sure is a beauty - but an expensive one. 

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Hong Kong launch the BlackBerry P'9982 in style


The BlackBerry Z30 is "far and away the Best Rated and Recommended" phone on Verizon...better than iPhone 5S and much better than Galaxy S4.....check it out....96% of Z30 owners would "Recommend it to a Friend"...

Amazing and Chen needs to get the word out on this and continue to have BlackBerry make high end Superphones for me and you.

CB10 from the Z30

They should do the same in other Asian countries and give out a Z10 porsche phone to top local #1 celebrity or film director or famous family to keep the momentum going.

Went to see the movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and the Porsche BlackBerry makes an appearance twice in the movie.

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Yea, the movie prominently featured the blackberry and the windows phone. Best part of a mediocre movie.

I also saw it in Jeff Winger's hands in Community episode "Herstory of Dance" (S4E8). They didn't show the BlackBerry logo, but it us definitely the Porche Design BlackBerry. Jeff regularly uses various Blackberries.

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Yeah I think he had an iPhone for a while unfortunately, but the Playbook has even been shown on occasion.

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How much is $16,888HKD in real American Dollars? ;)

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Landing once on Boardwalk with a hotel and then landing on Free Parking with lots of Luxury Taxes paid!

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Do you mean the old gold dollars, not the blown-out-of-proportion fiat currency? No idea. Pre-Bretton Woods or pre-1971?

Interesting question.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I bought P'9982 with the price HK$16,888 (about US$2,175) together with leather pouch (HK$920) on 26 Jan from Porsche Design Store here in Hong Kong. I like this phone very much although it's a Z10 re-designed phone. The Corning Gorilla Glass II is far nicer feel than Z10 glass, and the rear camera lens is anti-scratch glass (in English called Sapphire Crystal?), which is different as Z10. The stainless steel bezel makes me feel it's a very solid phone and of course beautiful. The feeling is different if you hold it on hand. Initially I feel it's not much different as Z10 by looking at picture, or even display in the store which is not that attractive... however when I hold it on hand I love it immediately (how did you feel, Kevin?). In my humble opinion maybe it's overpriced from some opinions but as long as the owner likes it and happy with it then it's an arts rather than technical specification alone...

I don't get it.

The Z10 is essentially a year old now, and this version has been out for a while as well. Why are they still having launch parties for what is essentially an old product?

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First people complain about lack of marketing. Then people complain when there is some sort of marketing.


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Launch parties for a year old product are not marketing, it's confusion.

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Seriously, I can see BB10 users now complain about an 1 year-old phone how outdated it is, just exactly like Android users LMAO I thought you guys are different.

Awesome. I think BB shouldd give all the love at asia,a big market here. And if you win asian hearts,it will sure love BB bigtime too.

#TeamBlackBerry / Q10 / / If you want to get things done,swap to the black

Truly said bro...and please blackberry invest some money and time in promoting your devices...we're heck better than idiotPhone n samshit...

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In my honest opinion,BB's marketing here in asia suck. I think they should do some serious stuff here because if they can gain a decent market here,it will give BB a big push in terms of sale. And on present BB owners,i think BB should give what the customers want (apps and shit) because its what BB lacks against ioshit and android,apps the masses need. But im sticking to my Q10 all the way. Good thing the 10.2.1 update came,able to install the apk files,but for me,nothing beats the native apps because of its integration. Being mr.chen on the helm (asian),i think he will be able to bring some serious BB love to us here. :)

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Hotfix, in all honesty I have to disagree with you on the point of "old" device. The Z10 technology is by no way old. Had this been a 9900 based phone I would agree with you on it but it's not. This is BlackBerry currently released phones we are talking about here. We as a society in general has been far too carried away my specs on a paper and been numbers hungry for far too long. When I read this is points me to the car manufacturers.. do they redesign a specific model on a yearly basis? Why do we demand new phones with so called better specs every four months? If it works and suits the needs of the buyer then so let it be.

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You missed my point, because I was not saying the phone was old our out of date.

My point was how do have a launch party for something that has been launched multiple times and is the same hardware that was launched a year ago. How many times can you "launch" the same thing?

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^ This
Look at Android users now, they can not stop compliment their flagship devices until next 4 months when a better one comes out lol one you start running for specs you get outdated every single DAY

The so-called "P'9983" (Q10 Porsche Design) had better be up BlackBerry's sleeves as the rest of the world gets exposure to this current modified Z10 iteration.
THAT BlackBerry phone would be a true head-turner if it made it to market. The concept of it was in one of these CB articles a couple of weeks ago.

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Beautiful phone BUT too expensive. Also watched Jack Ryan today and the phone really stood out. Have now seen a total of 3 people using Q10s in HK. Nil Z10s on the streets, only a couple of used ones in the shops. Have seen a few people using the BB Porsche phones (but not this latest version).


I'm still waiting for the Mercedes AMG design! They sponsor Mercedes AMG racing I don't know why they even have any other type of design?

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^ Noticed in the link provided above that the Z10s at the promotion had different back covers available such as the solid black and carbon fiber. Are there covers available for purchase anywhere?

A real CF back cover would be nice.

It's promotional party, not launch. Nice mini review by KuaKHA. Art indeed. One of those pleasant surprises.

Love the Porsche but blackberry will be forced to change the price tag if it wants an American audience. If not, we'll we'll just stick with the Z30! Yea baby!

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Good stuff.

Publicity is always a good thing. And celeb exposure can't hurt.

Who would want to carry any ordinary phone if you can rock something like that? Z10 is great, but the Porsche phone is another class.

I'd love the Gorilla Glass and the Sapphire camera. Too worried about scratching the there things.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

almost every android phones now using Corning Gorilla glass, they break just as easy as typical 'glass'.