Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 first impressions

By James Richardson on 21 Nov 2013 12:06 pm EST

Hopefully you would have seen our recent unboxing video of the Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 and got the idea that I was rather pleased with the premium new BlackBerry 10 device. Kevin will be doing a full review in due course, as he also reviewed the P'9981, but in the meantime I thought it was worth bringing you a first impressions post. Plus I can make Kevin jealous as I managed to get my hands on one before him. So sorry Kevin, really I am - NOT!

As I said when I did the unboxing video - the Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 will certainly not be a mainstream phone. Mainly due to it's price of £1400 here in the UK and also that there is only a very limited amount of stock being manufactured. That said, the handset is quite glorious and despite the majority of the CrackBerry nation not getting hold of one (or most people at all really) it's clear from comments that people are really digging this prestige new BlackBerry. 

Although it has that whopping price tag we shouldn't forget that essentially the P'9982 is a BlackBerry Z10 is a new shell. Sure, BlackBerry have been kind enough to ramp up the internal storage to 64GB and tweak the app icons along with the clock interface, but that's pretty much the only difference. What you'll be paying for is the name. Oh, and the special PIN which will start with the characters 2AA - although I'm not sold on that as much of a selling point. 

Chances are, like its predecessor, it will only be the rich and famous that we see rocking the P'9982 out in public - pop stars, football players and probably some Arab sheikhs - as you can also pick it up from the BlackBerry store in Dubai. 

So what do I think of the new super BlackBerry?

Taking the price out of the equation I have to say that I have fallen in love. Regular visitors to CrackBerry will know that I have the Z30, Q10 and Z10, but it's actually the Z10 that I still use as my main device. This is purely down to size. I just find that the 4.2 inch screen suits me best. So having a Porsche Design version is like a dream come true for me and I'm pleased to say that when I made a quick visit to my local pub last night a few friends looked at the BlackBerry with wide eyes and said "what's that". Of course I had great pleasure in explaining all about it. 

In terms of design, the Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 is certainly unique and this is what makes it stand out from the crowd. The silver casing makes it look nothing like the Z10 and in addition we get the re-designed bottom bezel - much the same as we saw with the P'9981. Plus the Porsche Design branding across the top bezel is certainly in your face. 

Things get spiced up over on the back too. Beside the camera flash and lens is the model number 'proudly displayed' and we also get a premium hand-wrapped genuine Italian leather battery cover which to look at would appear much the same as on the P'9981, but it's actually softer to the touch - which not only feels nicer, but I found it to give a better grip. In addition there will also be a version with crocodile skin covering the back cover. They should get snapped up swiftly!

One final thing on the software front is that P'9982 customers will find a unique special Porsche carousel in BlackBerry Word. This section will feature relevant apps that BlackBerry believe consumers need and the list will be updated every couple of weeks. 

So, that's the basics and I'm going to continue rocking the P'9982 for the foreseeable future. Yes, it's ridiculously expensive, but it's made for a certain type of person. Porsche Design and BlackBerry have done a sterling job with this one and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to use it.

Keep your eyes peeled for Kevin's full review coming soon. 

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Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982 first impressions


Review unit. He was sad that he will have to give it back, at least he said something to that effect when he made the unboxing video.

Q10SQN100-3/ using CB10

Will there be a contest to win one of these guys?! :) I'm game.. but I wouldn't buy one.. lol

That's a sexy device and I should be getting one... Hopefully! Anyone know if a Z30 Engine would be coming also, would rather wait for that if it is....

His review unit is not the crocodile leather... Just the genuine "italian" leather.

"we also get a premium hand-wrapped genuine Italian leather battery cover which to look at would appear much the same as on the P'9981, but it's actually softer to the touch - which not only feels nicer, but I found it to give a better grip. In addition there will also be a version with crocodile skin covering the back cover. They should get snapped up swiftly!"

Instead of saying Arab Sheiks you could have just said rich Middle Easterns, come on!!

Posted via CB10

Look at the HTC One, iPhone 5s and even the BB Q10. All very premium (some even more than this). Not only is it nothing special, but this should've been the actual Z10 back in January, with the ridiculous "Porsche Design" replaced by "BlackBerry"...


It may be made of better materials, no doubt, think the same as James, but the bezel design just looks ugly... but it's as usual a matter of taste... and apparently a matter of mucho dinero... =D

Ferrari ZetaDieci_10.2.1.1055

The same battery of my Z10...this is the real problem....
For the price it would have to be of platinum....


As soon as 10.2.1 is available for this, it will Rock all kinds of world's! Does it come with any spare battery doors in the retail unit?

Posted via my sexy white Z10 STL100-2/

I can only give you the first 3 digits... 2AA-


Posted via CB10 on my Q10 (Q10SQN100-3/

So 500 people who have probably made their money by shafting shareholders like the BlackBerry BOD did, get to wave their wealth in front of others with this overpriced gimmick. Another sign BlackBerry marketing is out of touch with the everyday consumer, who buy millions of phones a year.

Posted via CB10

AMEN MGDonia, Amen! What is BlackBerry thinking...? your absolutely right, this definitely demonstrate a fundamental disconnect between marketing and the end consumer. I am still a diehard supporter BTW, but someone in BlackBerry marketing needs to pull their head out of their #$! Over this one!

Posted via CB10

This is a Product Management decision, not marketing. Product Managers would also be responsible for 'guessing' they would sell almost 1$B of z10s which were written off.

So yeah. They were wrong. They are talentless hacks.

Posted via CB10

It's both.

Product management designs and estimates market need, sadly not based on metrics in this case. Premium market branded devices do well if you have the market share and clout; I don't think they do.

You can have the best product on the market, but without marketing it properly it will fail. Likewise, you can have the crappiest product on the market and the best marketing, resulting in sales galore.

Sadly BlackBerry still haven't learned this yet.

Posted via CB10

That device looks comically ugly. Are you all serious? Who in their right mind would pay $2500 for this? Do any of you honestly believe this device is worth it?

The same can be/has been said about the Porsche auto. There is a market for it, and I'm sure they'll all be snapped up.

You guys kill me with the car/smarthphone cross-comparisons.

Let me give an anology using the same logic. What if I took a Dodge neon, stripped the factory frame and replaced it with a Porsche frame, changed the interior to all leather and marked up the price tag to $450,000. Would you buy it? Of course not because you know its a Dodge neon.

There is no market for this device. Maybe tech sites will pitch in to buy'em. I doubt that even 100 of these sell at the *current price.

The "car/smartphone cross-comparison was a natural one because both products carry the Porsche name.

Your analogy is questionable as I wouldn't consider the Z10 to be the Dodge Neon of smart phones -but I get your point. A better analogy would be the common auto industry practice of pricing similar models differently based on the perceived prestige of the make. Dodge stealth/Mitsubishi(dont recall the full name) is a better example from a few years back. Many auto makers do this and the additional cost is in large part due to the more prestigious line. There are many who will pay the extra to drive a Jaguar that is quite similar to a Ford Taurus under the hood these days. The same goes for the Lincoln MKC vs the Ford crossover.

But sticking with the Porsche theme, I suspect if you took a lower level Mercedes or BMW convertable and threw the Porsche 918 Spyder body on it, you would have some willing to shell out $450K - it's actually closer to $1M all told.


Btw, are you suggesting that no previous Porsche wrapped BlackBerry models were purchased by their targeted market? I wouldn't buy your suped up Neon, my suped up convertable, or this phone - but I wouldn't be included in the targeted market for these products.

Fair points, My analogy was a bit exaggerated to show that anyone can make an analogy, but it still doesn't justify such a ridiculous offering.

And to answer your last question, The P'9981 is still currently being offered, even though it was made with a very limited supply, and released months ago. So I'm pretty sure the market for such a ridiculously priced *Blackberry* is dwindling. This may have worked circa 2007, or even 2009, but not anymore.

@Genghis2k3- The Mitsubishi 3000GT was the "sister" car to the Dodge Stealth. I think it was the better of the two. ;-)

Posted via CB10

Would you buy a 1200 dollars ferragamo key chain? Answer your self cause I would not. Sane thing here, there are people who will buy this phone cause they can without even thinking about how much they've spend.

Posted via CB10

No its not worth it but as many as they had available they sold out at Harrods in the UK on the first day according to JT of Blackberryos.com. UAW oil money, businessmen, celebrities and athletes will do that.

After watching the unboxing video, I downloaded brushed metal wallpaper onto my Q5. Now if I could only find a metal case... I am afraid this is the closest I will get to a PD.

I'm not really a fan of expensive smart phones. especially if it functions the same way as the current devices. But if they have the money. Go ahead and buy it. Nice looking phone..

This is the kind of thing you spend money on to show people you can spend a lot of money.

Posted via CB10

This a total fail on Blackberry's fault!! Why would you pay for a 2,000+ phone that is already has a mirrored counter part with almost the same specs, but with a deifferent design and not to mention extremely cheaper! Seriously Blackberry!! Focus on giving the common people good phones!!

To pay around 1500€ for 48GB more storage (in comparison to a "normal" 16GB Storage of a Z10) seems to be very sick.... No way!

What 'annoys' me about this model is the memory. Basically it is a Z10 but recalling the unboxing video it has more than 16gb storage. This indicates to me that for all this time the Z10 could have been sold in varying memory configurations. Look at what Apple sells the 5c for. 16gb is $99 and 32 jumps $100 to sell at $199. As we all know there is no way the chips cost them $100 above the chips to give 16gb . So that is all high margin profits.

How many people would have bought 32 or 64GB Z10s? I know I would have.

Posted via CB10

It's so stupid to make that expensive device, with only memory change!
For that price should be super mega duper z10!!!

Posted via CB10

Well, I could never understand how can anyone buy Vertu with its ridiculous specs but after I sold one received as a gift for more than 4k bucks I began to think that the world is full of rich and extremely stupid people. So 2700 cad is not that high price.

Posted via CB10

This phone is the biggest case of mutton dressed as lamb that ever existed in mobile. Hopefully its abysmal battery life will put the rich and stupid off Porsche Design BlackBerry phones for ever so that no more are made.

Posted via CB10

seriously all you people complaining about the price of this phone. It's a limited version i.e. maybe no more than 1000 phones, which will be bought by obviously wealthy people, who will flaunt the phones a status symbol. Oh and as far as the design being ugly, I will re-post the quote from this article "When I made a quick visit to my local pub last night a few friends looked at the BlackBerry with wide eyes and said "what's that". Of course I had great pleasure in explaining all about it." So what that means is the the first impressions of the device was good, because they didn't know it was a Blackberry, so they gave an unbiased opinion. Obviously all you Samdung enthusiasts are not going to give an unbiased opinion. Blackberry is not abandoning other users so get a grip and stop trolling.

to johnnyuk Your comment is the biggest case of nonsense! Why are you so adamant that Blackberry not make this phone since you have no interest in it. Like is it any of your business. Does anyone tell you how you should spend your money!

To Johnnyuk, hopefully you installed the latest update of the OS which has corrected the battery life issues for the Z10.

How can this dying company spend R&D time and money on an overpriced concept phone??????

Oh yeah this is the same company that spent $2M on the dumbest Super Bowl commercial and $29M on a private jet.


Posted via CB10

Hi Guys, why underestimate BlackBerry users or yourselves, $2500 is not crazy expensive, considering even a vacation can cost more than that. How many CEO, CXOs are there that are using BlackBerry? They can all afford them plus all the celebrities etc.

Posted via CB10

Spec is a let down. I expected a lot more than just 64GB of internal memory and premium looks and styling. It's nearly 8 x more expensive than a Z10! To warrant it's high price tag it should have had higher resolution camera and a faster processor.

Posted via CB10

You pay a lot extra for the brand. The people who buy these don't care about the cost just the fact they have something exclusive. Someone bought one of the million dollar ipads with a diamond and dinosaur bone chips inside of it. They really don't care I don't know why that's so hard for people to grasp. Its a different world they aren't the type asking for $5 rainchecks at WalMart...

This is the Point. If I were rich I want something special too and the PZ is special.

Posted via BlackBerry Z810

The design is Not Bad, But plz why, why the he'll BlackBerry need almost 1 YEAR to release a Z10 with Stainless and schoco leather??? It has the old internal expect 64 GB woow. If it has the same internal like Z30 with Z10 size it would be ok than.

Posted via BlackBerry Z810

I would buy one in if it had z30 specs. Great design and gui enhancements.
Oh and if it was marked down to $1200.

Posted via CB10

Camera lens and sensor has also been updated - why doesn't ANYONE research this, ma'an!!!
5 element lens - the Z10 does NOT have this!
OIS has also been emplemented!!

These are HUGE improvements ... basically using the Z30's camera system in a Z10 for the P'9982.

I wonder if this one will be featured in the next season of "house of cards" like the P'9981 was and sadly dropped out of the car and left on the side of a road to rot. Will there be a P'9983 Qwerty model?

Posted via CB10

See now that is what I had envisioned for the icons right from day one. I like those icons better than the current ones. Especially if they absorb the background colour as well.

I like the build look of this device. I just wish the bottom was shaped like the Z10 and not pointed. If the price was a LOT lower I'd buy one.

Without wanting to point out the obvious (well it is to me anyway), the P9982 looks distinctly like the original designs for the BB10 London, before they made it look more.... "basic"


Hunkered in their bunker, living in a fantasy world where people would buy this junk, even as the opposition close in. These are the final days of Blackberry I suspect, and it is sad.