Porsche Design BlackBerry P9981 strolls through the FCC, shows off internals and more

Porsche 9981 FCC
By Jared DiPane on 21 Jan 2012 03:32 pm EST

The Porsche Designed BlackBerry P9981 is no secret, it is for sale in Dubai, we have gone hands-on with it, and we don't even want to know the things our very own CrackBerry Kevin would do to get one for himself. We have seen the outside of the device plenty but what we have yet to see was what it was packing on the inside, and a recent filing to the FCC was able to show us just that. While it sure isn't anything like an iFixIt teardown it does still show us what exactly is running in the device -- spoiler, not much different than what you would expect -- but we all know the nerd in you is loving this. Be sure to hit the links below for more images, and the full FCC filing.

Source: FCC; via: Wireless Goodness

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Porsche Design BlackBerry P9981 strolls through the FCC, shows off internals and more


I agree... I don't want to be an iSheep type of Blackberry fan. Just because it is a BB doesn't mean it is good. I hate this stupid design. In fact, when I hold this on my hand, it feels more like a freaking brick not like a Blackberry phone.

I hate the keyboard even though it has similar, not same, dimension as the Bold 9900.

For everyone. I wouldn't buy it that's for sure. If it was given to me, I'll probably use it for a bit.

The design looks like something out of 2005. No one in the USA is going to pay money for a old fashioned looking keyboard phone. Get with the times BB and Porche.

The fact that it was designed by porsche doesn't mean it looks good. In fact, I think it is extremely ugly, and reminds me more of a Nokia phone than a Blackberry. I hope Porsche paid for designing and actually making that thing, because I wouldn't understand why RIM would spend time and money on something that f'ing ugly and expensive given all the $#!+ they are into right now.

I actually like it ... beauty is in the eye of the beholder ......... look at the number of different shapes of cars on the road

This is too expensive for me! So I have to say it's so "UGLY"!

Alright...I admit I want one. Compared to Vertu, this phone is so much more capable. It is also going to make one so stand-out in the crowd with this phone. If you can buy this in today's economy, you must be one of the world's most lucky guy!

People have called a lot of things ugly and overpriced yet many people still bought them; they're called iPhones.

I so want to see porsche design one of those, if apple ever lets them. Same for android and windows phone devices and nokia devices too.

Now where did I set my spare 2000 dollars? When I set it down I was like, "This is for my got to have it expensive phone stash!" I'll find it one of these days I know it. Kevin won't be able to afford it since he bought that Clock for 500 bucks, while roaming.
Side note: How many people handled this things touch screen? Can't even see it through all that oil.

If I was to buy it, and own it, I would bloody rock it. Since you people can't stand it, don't buy it. For those who would buy it, ROCK IT!!!

Stupid judging. BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER. DON'T JUDGE A PERSON/DEVICE OR ANYTHING BY IT'S EXTERNALS. It shows you are ignorant, afraid, disrespectful and have prejudice.

calm down man. Just like you like it some don't. Just like you everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I think the phone is butt ugly. See how easy that was? Now when this phone becomes available go ahead and get it. You are free to own one. It's ok.....It's ok

I am waiting for Michael J. Fox to pop up on the screen of this Flux Capacitor BB. What was Porsche thinking even trying to design a smartphone. They have turned a smartphone into a "Corky Thatcher Phone".

I'm going to go out of my way and say that this phone has to do with some sort of promotion of some sort. It may be priced that high but who's to say that it's not included in the price of an upcoming vehicle? Porche will be the only car to come out with it's original design phone but with the specs of a secured device. Just throwing that out there

I hate the Porsche Design of the new bold. Porsche should stick to cars. What's next Ferrari redesigning one of the BBX phones (Provided it get's released soon)?

So what! The thing is fucking ugly and it's fucking awesome. Why can't it be both? Open minds people, open minds people.

PS - You have all made my night ;)

It does look like an interesting device (although I wouldn't buy it).

Could they have at least cleaned the fingerprints off of the touchscreen before taking the photo, though?

It cracks me up at how many people hate this device. After looking at the pics that exist of this thing I think it's cool as hell. I doubt it would be a real pleasure to type on in terms of how the keys feel, but I think it's got a real futuristic look about it. All it needs is a QNX powered LCARS interface.

For anyone who likes this piece of Junk over a 9900, I have a Chrysler K-Car that I will sell you for 1999 Balloons.

I would never pay that amount for a phone, and i prefer full screen and no keyboard, but hey that's me , i still like the look, but i'll never have to worry about whether it works or not, like a lamborghinin countach, looks great - but a real pig in the real world, a ferrari designed phone sounds like a great idea ! - the italia (sexiest car on the road - well maybe equal to the new jag and the aston ). Me, i'll just stay with my storm 2 and 1 series M coupe for the moment.....
But april comes, the samsung note, S III are looking interesting, i can't wait till october or whenever the BB10 is due.....

Shouldn't that be 99 luft balloons ? (an old song)

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