Porsche Design BlackBerry P9981 Hands On Video

By Adam Zeis on 27 Oct 2011 08:49 am EDT

After the release of the BlackBerry P9981 today, tbreak managed to get a quick hands on video with the new device. It's good to finally see it live where we can actually get a good all around look at it up close. The BlackBerry P9981 features a stainless steel front, leather back and custom Porsche themed OS. I'm still not totally sure how I feel about this one, but I know many of you would love to get your hands on one. Check out the full hands on video above, then drop a comment below with your thoughts.

Source: tbreak

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Porsche Design BlackBerry P9981 Hands On Video


i heard something thousands of dollars and then the video ended right before i could rewind. guess they were shocked too.

Its definately NOT worth 2K, but the more I look at it, the more part of me wants it. I'm not sure why lol. I'd spend $700-$800 on it

Was considering buying it, then I heard 2,000 dollars. The phone is made for people who can afford Porsches in the first place i guess.

definitley a different looking phone but for 2 grand damn ....i wouldnt even pay that much for the playbook if it was made with gold...o yea Adam theres been a youtube video out on this phone for over a month now a 7 minute preview but its in chinese.

Why is 2k for a cell phone shocking? Look folks don't ya think its a little wierd that people that drive around in $500,000 cars and have million dollar yachts use the same $500 cell phones that you do?

I'm not in that income level... but I'm a 1 percenter and 2k for a cell phone is fine with me if its a sweet phone.

I totally agree. The only problem I have is that no specs got expanded. I mean for that price crank it to dual core, 8 pixel hd, bose speakers, front facing camera, built in 250 gigs of memory, finger print access security, car keys, can opener and built in hunting knife.

Look at that subtle off-white coloring.
The tasteful thickness of it.
Oh, my God. It even has a watermark...

I think 2 000 is a fair price, its not ment for everyone amd they definately put some time and redisgn this so ofcourse they want to get paid. If i wasnt so hard on my phones I would dish out the money for it. If ur an office exec. this is def sweet.

It's actually uglier in the video. ...wow.

The width of the phone is awesome though.. i wonder how the keyboard stacks up.

I thought wow thats different i wouldnt mind trying that out.....then i heard 2,000 and just thought I sure cant wait for that 9900 to drop for att lol

When it was leaked I thought it was ugly and cheap-looking. BUT when i see the buttons lit up and the finished model getting hands-on that is actually quite nice.

The trackball crosshair is kinda lame tho overall the 5 black buttons could really be more "flush" u know like the 9900 (call and BB button as a piece - trackball - back and end button as a piece). Oh well I can afford 2k but would I spent that amount for a phone? unlikely....

The way he guide us to the video is priceless lol. at first oh well its nice very good bla bla... when suddenly "you know... TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR...." Someone could make a cereal guy meme with that and post it on 9gag

Did anyone liked/LOVED it? I didnt much, its different? Yeah, but breathtaking design? Neh!looks like a fake made in china Blackberry, like those "blueberry" they did a couple of years ago.

that looks sick , why didn't they make phones like that when i was with blackberry . wouldnt matter anyway , i couldn't afford it

Sounds like it's restricted to Porsche owners anyway since it will be sold in Porsche dealerships? $2k for something that is basically a Bold 9900 done up different, not worth it for me. I like the leather back though, I wish the 9900 had a leather back option like the 9000.

not Porsche dealerships, Porsche Design Stores, where you can purchase Eyewear, Wallets, leather thingies and some of their other handsets... Generally Porsche handsets have been seen in the same range, just as Vertu handsets (though those can go far faaaaaaar more than $2k lol.)

Wow this looks way better in the video than the leaked photos. I think it's the backlit keyboard. Not worth 2K, but still very nice.

Starting to grow on me....I do like the leather back. It's the one thing I wish the 9900 had. I miss the faux leather of the 9700 (not as big a fan of how it looked on the 9000)

btw even though I like it better then I did B4 when I couldn't see the entire thing, it's still not my favorite phone....it still has that ugly keyboard

lol. people are only saying it's nice because they found out porsche designed it. such is the power of branding

I still don't get it. Crank the ability of the phone and even I would sell my flat screen to get a phone with crazy specs but really? The same exact phone with no crazy specs for 2k? I'll just keep saving up for the car ha.

It would be cool if it was built to interact specifically with the Porsche dash interface in the vehicle. Sort of like bluetooth, but more customized to the specific vehicles, to really take advantage of the brand tie-in.

It's a Porsche. What do you expect?

Of course it cost $2000.

$500 for the Blackberry and $1500 for the name Porsche.

Porsche also sells Bicycles and it cost $13,500.

Do you guys expect anything less? Seriously?

a bike costing 13,500 is feasible, i've seen bikes go for 20 bikes. But this is just a 9900, with a cooler case. It's a tad ridiculous, even for Porsche.