Porsche Design BlackBerry 10 device in the works?

By Bla1ze on 30 Jul 2013 12:12 am EDT

You'll obviously have to take this one with a huge grain of salt but over at Tinhte they've got their hands on a rather strange, yet somewhat familiar looking battery door cover for an unknown BlackBerry device. The battery cover itself looks pretty high quality with the BlackBerry logo being stamped into what appears to be a leather and glass weave combination. 

The interesting thing here though, is that it shares some of the same styling as the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981. Of course, it could also be from some other BlackBerry 10 device we've not seen yet or just a straight up fake but alas another Porsche Design BlackBerry would be interesting to see.

Maybe it won't be Porsche at all this time around, maybe it'll be Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton style. If nothing else, it would put some cash in the coffers. The P'9981 sold plenty, even at their ridiculously high price point and there is still new iterations being sold. 

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Porsche Design BlackBerry 10 device in the works?


Well at least this time we won't be complaining about underpowered specs and stuff. Using the Z10 as a base is a much better starting point than what they had with the 9900 (sotty guys, but it still got the clock of death).

I can see some peopel updating from the original Porsche P9something...


I can understand why Kanye etc... liked them (pure bling), but man, they were ugly devices (albeit made with very expensive materials). just wish they had done something better with those high end materials :/

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Kevin's definitely getting one of these bad boys, counting down the days until the obligatory video!

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 and loving it!

Blaze, could you point to any data to help out some of us skeptics?

I'd be pretty interested in knowing how many units of the 'Porsche series' were sold by RIM in their last iteration... particularly the margin on each of these units. Do you have access to this information?

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How many did they sell of these units? I'm assuming not many.

On second note BB is looking to gain market share and obtain their former glory. A hand full of people buying a $3000 phone is not going to bring them back.

I think this is a waste and should have been put on the back burner until they had a more steady foot hold with their BB10 operating system.

Somehow to BBRY this makes sense. Instead of doing something with the PlayBook.

It gives ya something to think about.

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This gives them immediate cash back, which will help with earning calls, etc. PlayBook won't (unfortunately). Makes sense to me.

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Hahahahaha you BBRY fanbois are *almost* as funny as Apple fanbois... I get it... you drank the koolaid.

So before I move on do any of you financial geniuses have any data on how much revenue (or profit haha!!) this organization made on their last Porsche series. Yknow... straight cash, not goodwill in Dubai or some other bullshit.

Cmon.. I'm really interested...

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Yes. Wasting time and resources to update a product and deliver an extremely sub-par experience due to hardware limitations would be a much better decision!

Get over it.


Seriously. WHAT IS WITH THIS PlayBook nonsense amongst BlackBerry users?!?!?

I own 3 PlayBooks.

But it's a bloody 2 year old device!



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Chuckle. Nah.

I use their current and discarded products. I own their stock. I feel qualified to point out their failings.

I appreciate your concern though. Chuckle.

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Why does BlackBerry align itself with high end automakers? They should focus on improving their presence in everyday vehicles.

Don't need a Quad core if you have a good OS. Quad just runs the battery out faster. Look at the speed of the Zed 10. Dual core and amazing speed on QNX

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But that took it's design cues from the Bold 9900 including that big empty space. Why would they put that on a BB10 device?

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Very good question!

Currently we just have 3: Z10, Q10, Q5.
If rumors are true we'll see an A10(or whatever it ends up being called) before the end of the year. Adding this might mean 5 devices, still leaving another slot.

Maybe that's how they are doing it? Mid range all touch(Z10), mid range qwerty(Q10), low end qwerty(Q5), premium phone, high end all touch(A10), and then something else. It could be that the last thing is a high end qwerty, which could be a slider. If the premium phone doesn't count towards the 6 maybe we will also see a low end all touch, akin to the touch Curve of a year or two ago.

Ahh, true, I forgot about the 9720. I'm not sure if that counts as part of the 6 devices though. I remember it being 6 BB10 devices and not 6 devices in general. An article on Engadget says the same thing as well: 6 BB10 devices.

I guess we will see what BlackBerry has in store! I imagine with all the leaks we have been seeing we will be hearing something in the near future.

The first mentions of 6 devices in 2013 did not specify bb10 devices and given that any devices they intend shipping this year will need to be in the shops by October at the latest, it would not surprise me in the slightest if this will be the 6th and final device for 2013. (In countries that are not stupidly slow obviously since they will probably have this one in the middle east or the uk before the a10 launches in the usa)

True Mike

I don't want a $3,000 phone but I do want a BIGGER QWERTY phone. I have the Q10 (and don't get me wrong, I love it) but I'd really like a phone the size of the A10, or even slightly bigger, with a physical keyboard and a large screen, maybe a screen slightly bigger than the Z10.

Perhaps this is something like that? (I wish)

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I hope this will never happen! The phone would be too big for a qwerty phone. A nice 3.5-3.8 screen possibly will hit the mark. But a 5 inch screen plus with qwerty keyboard...no thanks.

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This would probably sell even better than the P'9981 because I'm sure some people might have had reservations about spending that much money on a phone whose OS would look old compared to BB10.

Then again, money probably isn't much of an object to the Porsche Design crowd, so they can just buy this too.

Considering there are dents on the NFC contacts... there's a good chance that they already have their hands on the device.

The black P'9981 was probably on each of the best looking devices I've seen in general. Not that I'd even dream of getting one, but I hope some of that awesomeness is brought to BB10.

As a specialty phone, idk. People with the loot can fill their boots. If it's a device in the six device lineup, gfy.

That would be great for the BlackBerry 10 brand. If they manage to improve on some aspect of the Z10 or Q10 specs with this it would sell pretty well, especially if it is made with high end materials. Porsche should take this opportunity to put some serious hardware in the phone, like a better camera, processor, battery, or memory. They should not just take the same specs and come up with a better shell. There should be more leeway for them to upgrade, although it's possible that would just cause longer carrier testing cycles and delay it for a year.

FYI Porsche the car company and Porsche Design the design company that made the P'9981 are two different divisions. So its very unlike a car company(Benz) will put their name on this new device.

On a side note I am really excited for a Z10 designed by PD. Hands down will be my new favorite BB. I loved the P'9981.

Overpriced does not mean one can't afford it. It means it's priced higher than it should be priced. It doesn't matter how much you can afford. Even the wealthiest person on earth will still end up with an overpriced BlackBerry.

Code for exclusive blackberry. When you've got cash to burn, this will help show it.

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Keep in mind, the market for these phones is in oil flooded middle eastern countries, where phones like these make business.

No more phones, make new features and enhancements! Improve blackberry experience more! Don't try to be next to Android and iOS Try tu surpass them!

P.S I know 10.2 is coming -_- and I just want to see BlackBerry grow and be BIG again...SmH

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Let's see when they start the Porsche award-winning contest.

"Post something nice and win Porsche phone"

I suggest there will be over 10k subscribers ;-)

the future is easy because it doesn't exist

If specs are better than the A10-specs I will buy it... hope it will be priced below 2000 usd

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BB should introduce diamond studded phones for celebrities and gold studded ones for the Arabs :) Atleast there is no competition in that segment and margins are super high. Also Heins can't say that there is extreme competition in that sector ;)

@Huey Newton - With a name like Huey, I thought you would be one of the ones that were buying it? Am I wrong?

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Nice, but hitting a small market of Porsche owners (and pimps) with this.

Here's lookin' for an A10 Dodge Ram edition to get all the rednecks and worker-men on board; or perhaps a Q5 Hyundai edition?


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make it epitome of luxury+specs ,otherwise it will again be big flop show.
luxury should meet technology this time ,it will make a winner and kevin should carry one

Since the P'9981 was a "boxy" design of the 9900, I always thought they should take the "boxy" design of the Dev Alpha C (which is a Q10) and work with that

From a marketing point of view, having a limited edition device is sure to make heads turn. Porsche or Mercedes, either way. I'm sure many Company Directors would love to have a upmarket, diamond studded BB10 FTW!

Z10 Porsche doesnt make any sense at all.
there is no room to play on the front screen besides top and bottom which is extremely limited.

I really see no way even Porsche would want something like that. Q10 by all means but this ? no.