Porsche Design announce the Gold BlackBerry P'9981

By James Richardson on 22 May 2013 08:44 am EDT

BlackBerry 10 may be all over the news most of the time these days but Porsche Design have brought yet another edition of the P'9981 to the table and this one is going to be expensive. We've already had the silver and black versions but this new gold version will be limited to just 25 handsets worldwide which will be available in certain Porsche Design stores in July.

In terms of design, the gold P'9981 is much the same as the previous editions but material wise this thing is premium. It is made up of a stainless steel case with a gold-colored titanium coating. The case is also finished with a 24-carat gold layer. The limited edition number is on the camera cover on the backside of the smartphone, and is milled from a solid block of 24-carat gold.

Specs wise the gold P'9981 is identical to the earlier variants so if you are prepared to pay out for this thing it will be purely for the bling. As it stands at the moment we don't yet have a price but I dread to think what it will be.

With BlackBerry 10 becoming so popular do you think that Porsche Design should be focusing on a special edition Q10 or similar? Let us know in the comments.

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Porsche Design announce the Gold BlackBerry P'9981


Looks 5 years outdated.

Does run off OS10? How does it gets updates? Do you buy a new one if this was a lemon? Do you call Porsche for a tune up? lol silly ugly phone. I wouldn't purchase it if I was billionaire. Looks cheap.

To a point I can see where both brands would want to cross promote but it would make more sense using a Q10. So I have to follow the crowd on this one and ask them WHY?!

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The previous designs must have sold well for them to still make special editions. Only if I had the disposable green

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this will cost more than a bb10 device but will underperform it substantially. Just don't get it. If someone has the money, get a newer device and customize it with live diamonds or something.

Definitely should have made a porche designed Q10 or Z10 this seems kind of pointless to me as it is not upgrade able to blackberry 10 so in my opinion it is unlikely people will pay that much for what is technically old hardware.

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Like Kevin said when the first one came out (I think it was Kevin), there are people out who will be drawn to it because it's expensive. It'll be a statement of status for some people. Like someone said above, it'll be a collector's item too - for a hard core BB fan and/or someone just that much into gadgets / phones.

I'm sure a P 10,000 is coming with BB10 on it. They probably already had this one in the works and wanted to finish it off. That may be the reason for only producing 25. Either that or the limited edition is the excuse for them to charge even more than they planned for it.

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This is kind of like the first hardware partner for blackberry (kind of like android). It even has its own unique skin over the bb OS. This could be an (expensive) example of what's to come from Samsung, LG, etc. down the road if bb licenses the OS.

Why would you not do this in BB10? T his phone is a complete waste

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WTF is the Porsche Playbook? OMG I said the dreaded word. Playbook.

Mobile computing, blah blah Mobile computing :D Yes agreed a complete waste, nothing OS7 should be made in 2013.

Don't you dare do that! The PlayBook is awesome. It's not a failure. What's been the failure is BBRY's marketing of the PlayBook, and BBRY nearly losing itself in the process, creating uncertainty and getting folks to shy away from the PlayBook. They still don't have a strategy for tablets worked out, yet their customers are begging for a BB10 PlayBook!

Oh dear that is ugly. Looks better in silver. White Gold perhaps? Yuck. Ya bring on the Porsche Design Q10 I would like to see that.

This is one of those things you buy when you want to show ppl you have money and that you can do whatever you want with it, regardless if you look like a complete fool! I would buy it if i could lol

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There are people out there who prefer OS7 over BB10. I'm not one of them but this being said, this gold P9981 is horrific imo.

The matte black P9981 is one of, if not the coolest looking BlackBerry, this gold version is at the opposite end of the spectrum. Win or bin?...bin!

I say win. There are people who will buy it. When there's only 25 being made, it becomes RARE. Damn thing will sell likely for 56K on ebay!

The silver and P9981's look good, but this limited edition gold one just looks horrible and tacky in my opinion. As said by others, BlackBerry and Porsche Design need to get an exclusive BB10 device in the works, rather than old OS7 hardware.

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I wouldn't say it's old at all. Marketing blows it away into the old yard section, but it's still a damn good blackberry.

Well, its not about performance or practicality. I like it. If I was stupid rich, I would have one.

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BlackBerry 7 was outdated...2 years ago lol. We should be doing limited editions on BB10 only and focused on updating BB PlayBook to 10.

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Something to put in a glass case and brag about. Sure glad I don't have to use it instead of my Q10 though!

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What on earth is the point in this? Not just the phone but it's not even news worthy. Limited edition, mega expensive and an old OS. Nobody outside of stupid people with too much money to spend will give a toss about this.

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Love my P'9981, but even I wonder why a gold variant now? The vanity of having it's rarity displayed perhaps is enough for collectors. With only 25 being made I'm sure they will be snapped up VERY quickly.

I would laugh if they release it.everyone walks by it in the Porsche stores and then Porsche releases a press release a month later. " it appears this cross venture with BlackBerry was a loss. We have not sold one of the 25 premium phones. We are scratching our heads as we were sure someone out there wanted a legacy device pimped out and BB10 freshly installed with touch Screen"
I would buy it if that were the case. But clearly its os7

Oil sands Fueled

Doesn't matter if you are stupid rich, the phone will still clock face and leak memory. Not a good look if you are a baller. If you stupid rich then get a Q10 stupidly overdone via a one off custom make. Now that would be balling.

Mine runs like a race car. Why? Because I keep it lean and mean! (wipe the databases every so often and keep what's important, THAT's how.)

"Two year old phone". Yeah, TWO YEARS. Now if it was 20 years old... It's still a great blackberry for those that don't give a shab about apps at all and JUST want it for the great communication device it is.

If they ever make a BB10 Porsche Design BlackBerry, I will be all over that thing. However, this.... I would say is a huge waste of money.

I will not buy the Porsche designer phone BUT I have saved all my BlackBerry phones. Curve, Bold, torch, 9860 Bold 9900. They will all be framed as a 'box set'. That is all I can afford. I applaud the really big fans of BlackBerry who can afford any iteration of this iconic brand they can get.

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This is so unnecessary! Just another big name company throwing money around for nothing. OS7 phones are done, zero value in purchasing this phone even if you had unlimited financial resources.

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BB7 is NOT zero value or worthless. I use it still, I love it. Think about those less fortunate that could use them. Hell, this god damn world is so brainwashed. More waste? You want more waste? Yeah...

Nice, now let's see a Porche Design Q10.

Key word being see. Those of us wondering how much phones like these cost can't afford them. :)

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so many of u guys said only when u rich and stupid then u will get p9981 whatever version (silver/black/gold). come to think of it, how can u be stupid when u can afford it lol. which is mean that u are smart therefor u cant afford it. i know u will say u can afford it just being smart for not purchasing something old and outdated tech. some ppl will buy this just for pure fun, i wouldnt buy one coz i dont like gold color. I'll get one if they have it in white gold :)

I love P9981, I have it in black and silver, Im not stupid rich most of u branded me with. I know what i buy, I have Z10, Q10 lying around in my work table. Not showing off, just trying to say that if its not for u then dont buy it.

cant wait for any Porsche Design with OS10. I love blackberry, I love my P9981, keep it coming lol

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