Popular RSS reader Web Reader makes its way to the BlackBerry PlayBook

Web Reader
By Ryan Blundell on 7 Oct 2011 09:05 am EDT

If you haven’t been using Web Reader on your computer, you should know that it’s one of the most amazing powerful RSS readers available. Not too long ago, Webreader made its way onto your BlackBerry PlayBook as one of the smoothest RSS readers I’ve seen – in either portrait or landscape mode. It’s not only about reading, it’s about management. You receive notification of new articles being posted, mark articles as read or as a favourite or even share and article through Facebook or Twitter.

Web Reader offers offline support so you can still read your RSS feed when you are not using your BlackBerry Bridge or connected to WiFi. I loved the little things, such as being able to sync with Google Reader, video playback support and being able to get a full screen view when I tap on an article twice. If you’re worried about the security of your Google account, Web Reader uses oAuth protocol; which provides clients with a way to access server resources for an end-user, without the end-user having to provide their login credentials. This RSS reader should have been on the PlayBook since the beginning.


  • Keeps you informed in any domain
  • Get notified whenever new articles are available on websites
  • Safe and secure authentication with Google
  • Gets your favourite news in one place
  • Syncs with Google Reader
  • News articles preview
  • Star, like and mark RSS feeds as read
  • Discover and subscribe to any news source or RSS feed around the web
  • Share your favourite news stories via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail
  • Performance optimized for minimum memory and battery usage
  • Video playback support
  • Auto orients
  • RSS and atom feeds supported

Web Reader for the BlackBerry PlayBook is available for $2.99 from BlackBerry App World

More information/download Web Reader for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Popular RSS reader Web Reader makes its way to the BlackBerry PlayBook


Jesus yeah, the heat keeps coming! It's incredibly exciting to see more and more great Apps arriving in the App World, lately: Box, Evernote, QFolio, Press Reader (for reading newspapers), cool 3D games from EA, Gameloft and the likes. And look what's still in the pipes, like some Unity 3D greatness, more cool stuff using the NDK, hopefully Amazon Kindle and, of course, Tablet OS Update 2.0 giving us some TAT-powered PIM love! :D

And this App fits in as well, seems to be nicely done! Loving my PB more now every day :)

First post, BTW. So, hi everyone!

I was ranting just yesterday on the GeeReader thread about still waiting for a decent rss app. May watch the comments here today or just take the plunge later and see for myself. Thx!

It crashed on me several times while trying to refresh manually. Not sure why but my wifi connection right now is slow. I'm loving the GUI so far. It has all what I loved in GeeReader and more (specifically the interface). Plus, it refreshes feeds automatically. It has a cache which you can adjust the size for offline reading. i think for $2.99, it's a good deal!

Update: It has a bug. At some point even if you set it to display just your "unread" feeds, it still lists all of them after let say you do a manual refresh. I hope they solve this ASAP.

Anyone who downloads/installs this, please do a comparison between this application and the News application RIM released.

After paying for Pipeline Pro and the application turning into pure disappointment, I am hesitant about paying for another news reader that does not perform.

The BlackBerry News app is great but doesn't sync with Google Reader. I'm currently using GeeReader and it does the job but this sounds like it may be worth the $3 to get a nicer interface, auto-refreshing, and notifications.

I don't see a "notification" anywhere whenever there are new feeds. @Ryan Blundell can you clarify please?

I think i have bought every news reader out there. This is by leaps and bounds the most responsive and best use of screen space. GeeReader is ugly in my opinion. Pipeline barely works and is sluggish. Newspile is cool looking but wastes a lot of screen space, also i've had trouble updated feeds in it. Web Reader so far blows them all away...

bought it and it doesn't work. for set up it provides a code that you enter into another box, so i copy and pasted it into that box and nothing happened. closed my playbook restarted and the app doesn't work at all now?

i've uninstalled geereader already. this is faster, more refined, and marginally an overall better reader app. no contest with geereader.

Does this require a Google account to store the RSS feeds? Will this operate even without a Google Reader account?

..the follow up is, will this app die when Google Reader is shutdown on July 1st?