Popular iOS/webOS game Caveman coming soon to PlayBook and BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 16 Jun 2012 01:48 pm EDT

I met a nice chap this week at BlackBerry 10 Jam who goes by the name of Aaron. Aaron's application, Caveman, has been around on both iOS and webOS for sometime now but it will be in App World for the BlackBerry PlayBookwithin the next four weeks or so and it will run on BlackBerry 10 also later in the year.

As you will see from the video the concept of the game is similar to the traditional Lemmings game from years gone by. Aaron actually said that Caveman runs smoother on the PlayBook than on either of the other two platforms, which is rather encouraging. Why he chose BlackBerry as his next platform of choice is quite simple. Because RIM has made it so easy for developers. Did you hear that iOS and Android devs?

Anyway, the demo video is just a preview of what is to come and we will have a full review of the application prior to it hitting App World. Watch this space.

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Popular iOS/webOS game Caveman coming soon to PlayBook and BlackBerry 10


as i've been active on twitter lately and i met James independently while attending the #bb10jam as a senior technical evangelist for RIM. key point - i did this independently while transitioning to my new role in the company - i figured if i do it myself, i know how to help other developers!

to give an emphasis of how easy it is to port (official blog)


i am an independent developer; i went through the process of porting, packaging and submission to appworld so i will know exactly what you will go through - i have worked with over 14+ mobile platforms over the years (1999-now) and i can tell you that blackberry 10 was the most easiest to support, the second being web os! no custom SDK's, no funky new languages - the tools work well and the documentation is getting better every day.

PS: i've always wanted to support playbook (just, never had time!) - we fixed that!

// Aaron Ardiri

First, Aaron really glad to hear you say that. It means alot when it's coming from the mouths of developers themselves.

Second, James: "Did you hear that iOS and Android devs?"

Unfortunately, no they didn't hear that b/c iOS and android devs are not on crackberry.com. Posts like these should make way to the sister site iMore and android central where enthusiasts and developers for those platforms are more likely to be.

"Posts like these should make way to the sister site iMore and android central where enthusiasts and developers for those platforms are more likely to be."

Although true, I doubt the iMore or Android Central crowd would appreciate a post about how easy it is to develop for the PlayBook. Look how several in our own community responded to the New iPad post from Rene's review.

So this isn't an android port but a native app??? If so that's awesome!! We get a native version before android ?? Whoo Hoo!!!

this is a C/C++ application - no "runtime", pure pointer madness against low level API's of the platform. when android is worth developing for, (ie: fragmentation, monetization issues get resolved) - then i'll consider it.

// Aaron Ardiri

Sure hope more developers start coming around to your way of thinking!! Go BlackBerry!!! everyone says RIM & BlackBerry are dead and you cant make money but android has all those issues!!! iOS is getting really long in the tooth and the only reason for all those apps is no real browser but blackberry is finally being shown some love and we are catching up with current game offers in a timely manner(i know not all versions can be released at the same time due o the different programing issues but close helps and here we are ahead of android). People are bitching BB10 is leaving all these devices behind, ios6 most features are only for 4S & new iPad bye bye 4 and earlier. Android hell even if the hardware could upgrade the OEM's have moved on to their next device before you can even buy this weeks flavor. But BlackBerry get the complaints its the same every platform!! sorry end of rant!!! :)

SCEE owns the copyright to Lemmings; they are investing everything into the PSP Vita; basically - an android device under the Sony name. why would they want to support other platforms? (iOS, webOS, playbook) - been there, asked them. they said no. IP (intellectual property) whores - buy out the IP and say "you must use our devices only".. nintendo does the same.

// Aaron Ardiri

Thanks Aron for your comments. Really nice to hear them from actual developers. All the best and yes you have our support. Just keep us posted on your latest apps